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Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt?

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt Hair Transplant AbU Dhabi

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt?

Everyone wants to avoid the pain factor in medical surgery. We know that you also desire to get the treatment without any inconvenience. For this, you’ve always asked the question Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt? Well! The answer to the question is a short one. When the procedure is carried out the patient is under anesthesia so that he can not feel any pain. The doctors proceed with the process in the most comfortable way possible. But to get more details about the process. You should read the blog that is presented below!

What is Hair Transplant?

A surgery in which the hair follicles from the healthy part of the scalp are taken to be transplanted on the area where hair is thin or completely absent. This process does the restoration of the hairline. The results that this process gives are permanent. 

The process is of 2 to 3 hours and does not cause any pain. The age at which the hair transplant should be carried out is not exact. 

How Painful is a Hair transplant?

To your question Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt? The answer is, the pain factor depends on the team of doctors that are carrying out the process. More skilled doctors will do the process more efficient and will make small incisions that result in less aching.

The process is not a painful one in general. But, the measure of pain also relies on the type of procedure you are going for. Depending on this, the recovery period of the patient also varies. 

Whatever the process is, as it is a surgical procedure and incisions will be made in the scalp the patient will feel some sort of discomfort. 

To lessen the pain and discomfort the doctor uses 

  • Local anesthesia
  • Pain-eliminating medicines
  • and adopting different techniques ( music, controlling temperature, and aromatherapy)

Which Hair Technique is More Painful?

If we compare the level of pain between the FUE and FUT procedures the pain is a bit more in FUT than in FUE. Because in the FUT technique a small patch containing the hair follicles is taken from the back of the head which can cause more pain. 

While in FUE, the hair strands are taken one by one and then transplanted to the frontal area. This is less invasive than the former one. Both procedures are carried out under local anesthesia to avoid pain as much as possible. 

What is the Recovery Time After the Procedure?

The rehabilitation period of the process varies with the method for which the patient opted and how many grafts were transplanted. Scarless Hair Transplant is one of the procedures whose recovery period is the fastest and it does not cause any scars too. 

Well, the aftercare that a patient is doing also decides the healing time. Better care will speed up the recovery of the process. 

The overall recovery period of the process is around 6 to 12 months. 

How To Speed Up The Recovery After Hair Transplant?

To get a speedy recovery after the procedure the patient needs to do the following:

  • You need to sleep at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Swelling and redness can occur after the treatment so take some anti-inflammatory medicines for some days
  • Cold packs can aid in healing too
  • Do not touch or apply pressure on the treated area

If you will follow all the instructions your recovery will be really fast. 

Get the Treatment from Expert Doctors:

Hair Transplant in Enfield Royal Clinic is the best treatment you can take. We work 24/7 to provide you with the results you are desiring. Our doctors do the process using techniques that result in the least pain possible. You will be advised for the post process too. So, if you want to transform yourself and desire to gain thick and strong hair do not wait for more just grab the treatment. 

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