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Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments in Abu Dhabi

Healing Begins with the Proper Cancer Therapy!

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disorder where specific body cells multiply and spread to other body parts. In any one of the billions of cells that make up the human body, cancer can start to grow anywhere. Human cells typically increase and divide through a process called cell division. This happens to produce new cells as required by the body. As cells age or are damaged, they die and are replaced by young cells.

Furthermore, new tumours can develop as a result of cancerous tumours spreading to other body parts & infecting nearby tissues, it is a process known as metastasis. In addition, cancerous tumours are also known as malignant tumours. Continue to know more about Cancer Treatments in Abu Dhabi.

What are the Causes of Cancer?

According to our knowledgeable Oncologist in Abu Dhabi, it is a complex disease that can be brought on by a variety of factors, including underlying medical conditions, lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, and genetic changes. Some common risk factors for cancer include tobacco use, exposure to pollutants, poor food, inactivity, infections, and radiation exposure.

Symptoms of Cancer?

Following are mentioned the symptoms of cancer:

  • Bleeding suddenly.
  • Bleeding from gut/pee.
  • Increase in weight loss.
  • Changes in the voice.
  • Observe difficulty while swallowing.
  • Mouth or tongue ulcer for over 21 days.
  • Blood coming from mouth while coughing.
  • A new mole or changes from an existing mole.
  • Constant cough especially if the candidate is a smoker.

Different Types of Cancer:

Our clinic is treating different kinds of gastrointestinal cancers:

  1. Colorectal Cancer Treatment
  2. Stomach Cancer Treatment
  3. Thyroid Cancer Treatment
  4. Liver & Pancreas Cancer Treatment

What are the Techniques to Treat Cancer?

There are many different methods for treating cancer, which further depend on the type of cancer and its stage.


Medicines are used in chemotherapy. It is a type of cancer treatment, to damage the cells of the cancer. Chemotherapy causes rapid cell division and multiplication while interfering with or slowing the growth of cancer cells. There are two uses for chemotherapy:

Treat cancer: 

Chemotherapy can treat cancer, decrease the chance that it will ultimately return, or stop or delay its progress.

Ease cancer symptoms: 

Tumours that are causing pain and other issues can be reduced by utilising the following therapy.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone treatment is used to treat breast and prostate cancers that depend on hormones for growth. The natural hormones of the body are blocked or clogged by surgery, medicines, or both. This assists in delaying the expansion of cancer cells. The ovaries or tests are the two organs that will be removed meanwhile the procedure.

Hyperthermia Therapy

Hyperthermia is a type of treatment in which bodily tissue is heated to as much as 113 °F to help injure & kill the cells of cancer with little to no harm to healthy tissue. The method is done through a needle, that is inserted into the tumour. Heat is given from a machine outside the body. There are two types of hyperthermia:

External hyperthermia:

Tumours that are on the surface of the skin or just below it are treated with external hyperthermia.

Intraluminal or endocavitary hyperthermia:

Tumours that are inside or close to bodily cavities, such as the oesophagus or rectum, are treated with intraluminal or endocavitary hyperthermia.

Tumours that are deep-lying in the body, for instance, those in the brain, are treated with interstitial hyperthermia. 


This is a form of cancer treatment known as immunotherapy that depends on the body’s capacity to resist infection. The molecules are used that are created by the body or in a lab to boost or target the ability of the immune system to fight cancer. This assists the body’s elimination of cancerous cells.

Laser Therapy

This is a very concentrated, narrow beam of light utilised in laser therapy to kill cancer cells. In addition to shrinking tumours that are blocking the stomach, colon, or oesophagus. Furthermore, the therapy can also be utilised to treat cancer symptoms including bleeding.


Cryosurgery, another name for this therapy, uses extremely cold gas to freeze and kill cancer cells. The cells that are pre-cancerous, that could develop into cancer, are occasionally treated with it.


This is a cancer treatment to destroy cancer cells and reduces tumour size with high doses of radiation used in radiation therapy. Moreover, the radiation is utilised in x-rays at low levels to examine the inside of the body.


This is a procedure in which a surgeon removes cancer from your body to treat cancer.

Targeted Treatment

A type of cancer treatment known as targeted therapy targets the changes in cancer cells that promote their growth, division and spread.

How much is the Cost? 

The standard Cancer Treatment cost at Enfield Royal Clinic is not fixed. As there are some factors that will impact the real price of the treatment for instance the type of therapy being carried out, the name of the clinic, the experience and skills of the Oncologist, and some other expenses. Anyhow, the real cost will be decided at the initial consultation with the expert.

Hope Begins as We are Here to Battle Cancer!

Book us right away for the most effective Cancer Treatments in Abu Dhabi. We assure to provide you with a very friendly environment and effective results. Anyhow, if you have any further concerns, feel free to consult with our experienced doctor and get the innovative treatment to brighten up your future!


Surgery involves the removal of tumors or cancerous tissues. It is often used as the primary treatment for solid tumors and may be followed by other therapies.

Hormone therapy alters hormone levels to slow or stop the growth of hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Managing side effects involves a combination of medications, lifestyle adjustments, and supportive care.

The development of cancer involves a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Mutations in the DNA of cells can lead to the formation of tumors.

Yes, cigarette smoke is a well-established cause of cancer. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of lung cancer.

Early diagnosis of cancer is crucial for effective treatment and improved outcomes. If cancer is not diagnosed at an early stage, it can progress and spread to other parts of the body.

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The nurses are so welcoming! Love coming to the clinic. The girls at the reception and all the nurses are lovely, its not only the attitude, also the services' quality.
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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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