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nasogastric tube at home

Have you ever pondered how improvements in medicine can improve the lives of those who are less fortunate? Nasogastric tube feeding at home has become a very popular and dependable therapeutic option in Abu Dhabi. This ground-breaking method guarantees that patients who need nutritional help get it conveniently in the convenience of their own homes.

Quick Facts:

  • Minimal-Downtime
  • Risk-free
  • Affordable

What is a Nasogastric Feeding Tube:

A relaxed, thin tube is put through the nose, down the throat, and into the gut. Bypassing the typical eating and swallowing process, it acts as a conduit for supplying vital nutrients, liquids, and medications directly into the stomach.

Ideal Candidate:

It is appropriate for those who have trouble eating orally or have medical issues that prevent them from getting enough nutrients. Ideal patients for this therapy include:

  • Patients with neurological conditions that impede swallowing
  • People who have suffered head or neck injuries
  • Those whose ability to eat regularly is affected by their cancer treatments
  • If you struggle to gain weight or have severe malnutrition
  • Having illnesses that make it difficult for them to digest or absorb nutrients


The many advantages of this treatment at home contribute to its popularity in Abu Dhabi. Let’s examine how this therapy choice improves the comfort and well-being of patients:

  • You can obtain vital nutrients without having to frequently visit the hospital thanks to home nursing. They are able to continue living independently and with a sense of normalcy because of it.
  • Better nutritional status is achieved by using a nasogastric feeding tube, which guarantees that patients receive all of the essential foods, fluids, and medications right into their stomachs. Their nutritional status is optimized, and overall well-being is encouraged.
  • To ensure individualized and optimal nutrition administration, healthcare experts customize the feeding schedule in accordance with each patient’s unique demands.
  • Aspiration pneumonia, a potentially serious consequence that can occur when food or fluids enter the lungs, is less likely with nasogastric tube feeding.
  • By offering a cozy and familiar atmosphere, home-based tube feeding helps patients feel less stressed and more at ease in general.

Types of Nasogastric Tube:

There are various types of nasogastric tubes, each created to meet the criteria of a certain patient. The often employed kinds include:

  • Fine Bore Tubes: 

These tiny tubes are perfect for short-term use and are frequently employed for nutrition support and drug administration.

  • Large Bore: 

The tubes, which have a wider diameter, That are perfect for individuals who need long-term nourishment support.

  • Gastric decompression: 

They help to remove extra fluid & air from the abdomen while also relieving gastric distension.

  • Orogastric:

This is inserted via the mouth; these are inserted through the nose.

Purpose of Nasogastric Tube:

Depending on the needs and medical state of the patient, nasogastric tubes have a variety of uses. Typical objectives include:

  • Giving people who are unable to eat or drink orally nourishment and hydration Giving patients access to drugs that cannot be taken orally
  • Promoting gastric decompression to alleviate abdominal discomfort
  • For some medical procedures, administering contrast chemicals
  • Emptying the stomach of extra liquid and air to ease discomfort

What to Expect at Home:

Patients in Abu Dhabi who choose nasogastric tube feeding at home can anticipate a helpful and easy procedure. What to expect throughout the procedure is as follows:

  • Professional Direction: Trained medical experts will lead you through the procedure, making sure you comprehend how to take care of the tube, provide feedings, and handle any potential issues.
  • Routine Monitoring: Follow-up appointments will be organized on a regular basis to keep track of your development and make any required dietary adjustments.
  • Patient Education: You will receive in-depth instruction on how to feed yourself through a tube, good cleanliness habits, and how to resolve typical problems.
  • Emotional Support: The medical staff will offer emotional support, addressing any worries or issues you may have, and assisting you as you adjust to tube feeding.

Cost of Nasogastric Feeding:

The exact cost of the treatment will be decided upon the initial meeting, But the cost dose depends on various factors that are:

  • Distance to your home
  • Expertise 
  • Service quality 

Embrace Wellness by Booking an appointment!

We are delivering Home Healthcare ServicesHome Healthcare Services to comfort you and providing nourishing recovery to attain this by booking a home-based tube feeding in Abu Dhabi.


Even though there is a chance of minor discomfort during tube placement, feeding shouldn't hurt after that.

Oral intake is often limited while using a nasogastric tube for feeding in order to ensure optimal nutrition.

Depending on the patient's health and the recommended course of therapy, the length of the nasogastric tube may range from a few days to several weeks or more.

Does nasogastric tube feeding necessitate trips to the hospital?

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