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Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi

Embrace your ears without fear with Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi!

The formation of ear tags is natural and very common. IT can be made up of skin, fat, and cartilage. In some cases, these fall off naturally. However, in other cases, these need to be treated to get rid of them. It is often just a form of cosmetic abnormality but sometimes it can also cause hearing loss. If you feel bothered by that pesky appearance, we are presenting the most innovative solution called ear tag removal or preauricular tag removal. With minimal downtime and impressive results, this technique will eradicate your tags like they were never before. Just read on and learn more!

Quick Facts: 

  • Target: Unsighted ear tags
  • Results: Permanent
  • Gender: All genders 
  • Full recovery: In 10 to 15 days
  • Downtime: A few days
  • Back to Work: Depends on individual health
  • Duration of Treatment: 40 to 50 mins
  • Type of Procedure: both surgical and nonsurgical

Preauricular Tags:

Before taking treatments to remove preauricular tags, it is crucial to understand what are they:

What is it?

Preauricular tags are small fleshy outgrowths of skin located in front of the ears, neck, and cheek. They are developed during childbirth and may vary in shape and size. These tags are considered benign cosmetic concerns so individuals try to remove them as soon as possible. 


During pregnancy period, some ear parts don’t come together right and form tags. Sometimes it may happen due to genetic factors and sometimes occasionally. 


An ear tag resembles a little bulge or mound. It sometimes connects to the skin via a slender stem. Ear tags are painless and can occur in either one or both ears. Most babies with ear tags are in good health. A youngster with an ear tag may occasionally have hearing loss.


  • Simple Preauricular Tags: These are small outgrowths of skin that are harmless. The texture of these tags are flesh colored or pigmented and they can be removed easily.
  • Complex Preauricular Tags: These are large and irregular-shaped tags that are associated with congenital anomalies. These tags require extensive treatments and evaluations because they can grow back.
  • Bilateral Preauricular Tags: They occur symmetrically on both sides of the face. Their texture and size vary because they indicate genetic predisposition. 
  • Unilateral Preauricular Tags: These tags occur on one side and are usually benign and can vary in shape and size. 

Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi:

Preauricular tag removal is a range of procedures that aims to extract the tags from their roots. Different surgical and nonsurgical procedures are employed and the right procedure is selected according to the condition of the tag.  The therapy seeks to permanently remove the ear tags. The procedure is quite safe, and they do not reoccur once cured. However, the development of new tags remains possible. In such circumstances, they can be removed or treated.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Any person who has an ear tag and wishes for it to be removed
  • An individual who is healthy and does not suffer from any serious skin condition or disease
  • Is anyone conscious about the appearance of ear tags
  • Women who are not pregnant or lactating
  • Infants are also ideal for the treatment as it is better to be removed at an early age
  • Someone who is mentally prepared for the treatment


The results of the treatment are guaranteed, permanent, and desired. The time taken to see the results depends on the technique used by the dermatologist. Some results are instant however with other techniques the results may take some time to be visible.

Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi Preauricular Tag Removal


The technique used by the dermatologist and the time taken for the Preauricular Tag Removal in Abu Dhabi depends on what skin tag is made up of, the number of tags, and their complexity. The doctor first takes a thorough examination of the ear tag and then accordingly plans the treatment. The method used can be either surgical or non-surgical

Surgical Excision:

In the surgical procedure, the doctor first cleans the area of treatment and then uses a local anesthetic to numb the area of treatment. General anesthesia may also be used depending on the doctor’s preference and the type of tags to be treated.

Once numbed, a small cut is made on the base of the tag and it is removed from the skin some millimeters below the surface. In this way, the bump is avoided. The cut is then closed with removable or dissolvable sutures. It is then bandaged to avoid any risk of infection.

A scar is left behind on the treated region that will slowly fade and become light with time.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

The non-surgical procedure is not instant and takes several days or a month depending on the tags to be removed. The doctor may put a string around the tag(s) or staple it from the base. This is to stop the supply of blood to the tag. With time, the tag dies away and falls off. It may however result in a little bump on the site.


Freezing the ear tag is also an ideal and effective treatment to get rid of the tags. During the procedure, liquid nitrogen is used that is applied to the ear tag to freeze it. This causes the skin to freeze and with time it dies. It takes several sessions and days for the results to be seen.


Post-op care instructions are provided to the patient or in the case of infants, their parents are provided with guidelines on how to care for the treated area according to the method of treatment adopted by the dermatologist.


The cost of prearicular tag removal ranges from XXX to XXX. The actual cost depends on the number of tags a person has, the complexity of the treatment, and the expertise of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. It is determined by the doctor after initial consultation and a thorough checkup.

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The Enfield Royal Clinic has the best and most experienced doctors and surgeons who use the latest technology and modern techniques to provide guaranteed results. It leaves the clients and patients satisfied with the treatments. The trained of staff is well-trained to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to the patients. Our patient-centric approach makes the clients our number one priority. We believe in the equality of all our clients and in dealing with them with dignity and respect. The Covid 19 protocols are strictly followed and the clinic is kept clean and hygienic.

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