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Diamond Crowns in Abu Dhabi

They say diamonds last forever, the same goes for your smile. Diamond crowns in Abu Dhabi can simply be regarded as symbols of luxury made possible through dental mastery. They are the pinnacle of aesthetic brilliance to make your teeth flawless, in turn bestowing upon you the confidence that you deserve. 

On this page, we will provide facts on this marvelous procedure that puts alluring smiles on the faces of those who crave perfection. So join us on this journey, at Enfield Royal Clinic as we will take you to many destinations that entail both aesthetic beauty and optimum health.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 5000 AED to 15000 AED
  • Results: Long-term.
  • Back to Work: Immediately.
  • Duration of Treatment: About 1 hour.
  • Type of Procedure: Minimal-invasive.

Diamond Crowns in Abu Dhabi:

Rather than using a metal base with ceramic, we use specialized and strong, diamond-like materials that are used to give you a pleasing natural look.  It only takes about 2 minutes to get detailed information in the highest resolution available. Most often, a temporary crown is fitted until the day when a permanent diamond crown will be applied. 

Needless to say, the diamond crown provides optimum quality and longevity. Due to advanced techniques and ideal care, you can rest assured that you will get a crown that will be the envy of everyone.

When you need it!

When a tooth gets damaged to such an extent that conventional filing is not a viable option anymore, then a dental cap is placed on the tooth which is often referred to as a crown. The crown is firmly cemented on the teeth thus increasing its integrity, without compromising the aesthetic value of your pearly whites. It is made to resemble your natural teeth so you may smile without any concern for any irregularity in size and color. In the past, this whole procedure was a little conspicuous. 

Why do we Differ?

  •  We use advanced digital scanners to get precise dental impressions.
  • Akin to the use of modern techniques, our crown blends seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.

No Compromise on Quality:

Our concern for the quality of the crown does not end there. Even if it looks excellent and feels great, there can be dormant issues that may need proper consideration. Hence, we thoroughly document every procedure to ensure the reduction of any errors. If you follow the subsequent instructions for maintenance, we assure you that the crown will last for at least five years.


Getting a dental crown is a very simple procedure that involves a couple of visits to the dentist. It is a hassle-free procedure that does not cause any stress on the part of the patient.

Initial visit:

The first visit to the dentist involves an initial examination to assess the condition of the teeth and the subsequent treatment. By utilizing the latest scanners, a high-definition impression of the teeth is taken. If a crown is considered a viable option, the dentist files down the teeth to make room for the crown. A temporary plastic crown/cap is placed on the affected tooth. This crown serves as a substitute until a diamond crown is manufactured.

Second visit:

The second visit entails the procedure to put in the permanent crown. After a diamond crown is fabricated in our lab, it is made readily available to replace the temporary crown. It is fixed in place through an adhesive cement and further polished to make it more appealing. Generally, any discomfort experienced by the patient is taken as a sign of readjustment. Even if not the case, our dentists take special precautions to monitor everything with exceptional care.


The aftercare of a crown is very similar to taking care of your natural teeth.

  • Be consistent and regular in maintaining teeth as always.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Floss to remove food residue stuck between the teeth.
  • Make a habit of rinsing with a mouthwash.
  • Schedule a visit with your dentist at least twice a year.


Our clinic caters to the specific needs and desires of the patients. There are many types of crowns such as Ceramic Crowns, Gold Crowns, Metal alloy Crowns, and Diamond CrownsHence, the cost of the procedure can vary depending on the condition of the teeth, the selection of the material, and the type of procedure. In general, diamond crowns cost in Abu Dhabi can be estimated somewhere between 5000 AED to 15000 AED.

Factors that affect cost:

The factors that affect the cost are as follows:

  • Clinics in the posh area charge more due to maintenance costs.
  • Well-known and experienced dentists charge more for consultation.
  • The number of implants also determines the cost of the procedure.
  • The extent of damage to the teeth and enamel determines the extent of the procedure and charges.
  • The selection of the material for the prosthetics may also be proportional to the increasing charges.
  • Any further procedure and subsequent appointment will cost more.

Best Dental Clinic for Diamond Crowns:

Dental health is something not to be taken for granted. At Enfield Royal Clinic, you will get the most advanced treatment at a fraction of the cost that you would pay elsewhere. Our staff is competent, dentists are well-reputed, and the equipment is state of the art. We cherish a professional and warm environment where the patients feel comfortable rather than vulnerable. 

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So if you desire the best Diamond Crowns in Abu Dhabi, give us a call and make an appointment, you will not regret it.


They offer durability that is absent in other ceramic materials.

Yes, they are completely safe for application as they don’t cause any allergies.

No, they require general care, the same as maintaining natural teeth.

Yes, you can eat whatever you want just as before. Just refrain from any food that harms dental health in general like acidic and sticky food.

Our Doctors

Dr. Samar Goda
Dr. Samar Goda


Dr. Ahmed Naji Attiyah
Dr. Ahmed Naji

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Lara

Dr. Lara

Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr Louis
Dr. Luiz Toledo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Hany Chidiac


Dr. Kadir

Dr. Kadir Koray

Endoscopist Surgeon

Happy Clients & Feedbacks

Fatima AlBarashidi
Fatima AlBarashidi
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The nurses are so welcoming! Love coming to the clinic. The girls at the reception and all the nurses are lovely, its not only the attitude, also the services' quality.
Rabia Adnan
Rabia Adnan
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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
Shahzeb Zaidi
Shahzeb Zaidi
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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