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Chemical Peel in Al Ain

Sun Damage or Acne Scars? Chemical Peel in Al Ain Can Help

This treatment will introduce you to the new and radiant skin underneath. The treatment is famous for treating any skin damage, especially sun damage and acne scars. Chemical Peel in Al Ain will change your looks and bring youthful skin back after the treatment. If you are suffering from any type of skin damage then this is an ideal treatment for you. The treatment will treat any medical skin issue along with an enhanced look to the face and treated skin. At our Enfield Royal Clinic, you will get the best skin care treatment read below to learn more about this treatment, and book us now.

Definition of Chemical Peel:

This is a cosmetic treatment that uses a safe and controlled chemical solution to remove the top damaged skin and when the treated skin is healed the new skin is more radiant, better, and young. 

Addressed Concerns:

The treatment can address any kind of skin damage some addressed problems of this treatment are mentioned below:

  • Any Dark Patches.
  • Uneven Skin.
  • Rough Skin.
  • Damaged Skin.
  • Damage from Sun.

Essential Elements:

  • Price:  The initial price of Chemical Peel starts at 699 AED with 5 % VAT.
  • Aims at: This promotes the newly healed skin and removes damaged skin.
  • Category: This procedure is a cosmetic treatment.
  • Consultation: You can book a meeting by filling out the appointment form below or chat with us now.
  • Specialist: Dr. Lara Raed is our expert skin care treatment and dermatologist. She will help you with this procedure.
  • Follow-up: Yes, additional appointments are important, the specialist monitors the treatment progress.
  • After-effects: There aren’t any severe side effects, but you will feel irritation or redness may appear after the treatment.

Chemical Peel in Al Ain:

The main reason this treatment is done is to bring the younger skin beneath above and remove the top layer of damaged skin. It is like scrubbing your face and removing dead skin, but this peel treatment goes deeper and extracts the damaged skin from the targeted area. The benefits of this treatment along with the depth needed are explained below. 

Benefits Unveiled: 

  • Wrinkles will be gone. 
  • Sun Damage problems will be solved. 
  • Acne Scars are reduced. 
  • Beyond the basic improvement for disorders like hyperpigmentation.

Choosing Your Perfect Depth:

The depth is decided according to the situation and requirements of the candidate. The type of depth for a peel is mentioned below:

  • Light Peel: This will give you a gentle refresh.
  • Medium Peel: This will help unveil smoother skin.
  • Deep Peel: This procedure will give a dramatic transformation.

Special Eid Offer:

Chemical Peel Price in Al Ain at our clinic starts from 699 AED. This is our special Eid offer for now and you can book a free consultation for a skin care specialist at our clinic right now.

Visible Outcomes:

The treatment has a very high success rate and you will be able to see the results of treatment within the first week. The images below explain the results of Chemical Peel:

Before and After Chemical Peel in Al Ain Chemical Peel Before and After Chemical Peel in Al Ain Before and After

Charting Your Course to Glowing Skin:

The Consultation:

  • Expert Guidance is Essential: It is very important to seek a qualified dermatologist or experienced practitioner in Al Ain for your chemical peel consultation. 
  • Unlocking Your Skin’s Secrets: The consultation delves into your unique needs. This might involve discussing:
    • Skin Type
    • Skin Concerns
    • Desired Outcome

The Treatment:

The Chemical Peel Process involves the following steps explained below:

  • Setting the Stage: 

These pretreatment steps might involve cleansing and possibly applying a topical anesthetic depending on the peel depth.

  • The Peel Process: 

The chemical solution is applied to the skin and the controlled “tingling” or burning sensation some may experience depending on peel depth.

  • The Reveal Begins: 

The treated skin might peel or flake off over the following days, revealing the new skin underneath.

The Post-Peel Care:

After the treatment, you need to take care of your skin to aid the healing process and recovery.

  • Sun Protection is Important: 

Applying sunscreen (SPF 30+) post-peel is very important to protect the new sensitive skin from sun damage.

  • Gentle Skincare Routine: 

It is very important to maintain a gentle cleansing routine and avoid harsh products that could irritate the newly revealed skin.

  • Managing Discomfort: 

Depending on the treatment some peels might require cool compresses or soothing moisturisers to alleviate temporary discomfort.

  • Realistic Expectations: 

The downtime and healing vary depending on the peel depth, and following aftercare instructions is key to optimal results. You will have to wait for a week or more for visible outcomes.

Choosing the Right Specialist:

At our clinic in Al ain, our specialist Dr. Lara Raed will help you in the treatment process and she will be there for you throughout the procedure. She is our expert in the field of skin care treatments and dermatology. You can rely on her for the rejuvenation of your skin at our clinic.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right clinic and doctor for a chemical peel is very important. We offer you the best treatments and costs for this treatment at Enfield Royal Clinic. When you choose our clinic we offer you different benefits along with the positive outcomes of the treatment. These benefits include:

  • Customer Loyalty.
  • Careful Treatment.
  • Instalment Plan.
  • Insurance Plan.
  • Better Results.

Book Us Now!

We encourage you to book an appointment now for this skincare treatment at our clinic by filling out the form below or you can chat with us right now.


There aren't typically strict dietary restrictions after the treatment, but there are some recommendations to promote optimal healing and minimize irritation given by your doctor.

Yes, the procedure is completely safe with fewer complications and pain.

No, there aren’t any severe risks or side effects of the treatment. But some minor irritations and redness in the treated area.

Yes, you will need to revisit the clinic to monitor the treatment progress and healing progress of the skin.

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Fatima AlBarashidi
Fatima AlBarashidi
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The nurses are so welcoming! Love coming to the clinic. The girls at the reception and all the nurses are lovely, its not only the attitude, also the services' quality.
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Rabia Adnan
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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
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Shahzeb Zaidi
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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