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Low Testosterone Treatments

What is Testosterone?

This hormone mostly develops in the testicles. They help maintain men’s bone density, fat distribution, sex desire, sperm production, face and body hair, mass & muscle strength, and red blood cell production. Learn more about Low testosterone treatments in Abu Dhabi and book us right away!

Quick Facts:

Treatment: Non-surgical

Results: Long-lasting

Cost: Affordable

What is meant by Low-T?

Low T, or low testosterone, is a condition that affects many older males. Numerous symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in muscle drive, can be caused by it. Fortunately, we have treatments at our clinic that can help to reduce these symptoms and improve quality of life.

Signs of Low-T:


In adults who were born male but have low testosterone, there are a number of symptoms that include:

  • Reduction in sex drive.
  • ED.
  • Failure of hair in the underarms & pubic.
  • Testicles Shrink.
  • Hot flashes.
  • Minimal or nil sperm count.
  • Depression. 
  • Infection. 
  • Having a problem with memory.
  • Rise in body fat.
  • Gynecomastia
  • Removal of testicles due to cancer.


Low-T before or meanwhile puberty for male children can result in:

  • Their height growth becomes slower.
  • Hair on the pubic area grows less quickly.
  • Testicles and penis growth become slower.  
  • Less voice expansion.
  • Strength becomes normal.

Who is affected by Low-T?

Low T is also known as male hypogonadism, it is a medical disorder that can impact many individuals with testicles at any stage of life from birth through maturity.  It mostly impacts individuals who:

  • Are more senior.
  • Have obesity.
  • Diabetes type 2 is poorly managed.
  • Occurrence of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Have long-term medical issues, such as liver cirrhosis or kidney disease.
  • Have HIV or AIDs

The Pre & Post-care Guidelines

Below in the table are mentioned some essential guidance that is required to be put into consideration.

Pre-care Post-care
  • Avoid blood thinners.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol.
  • Go through the blood tests.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Routine checkups.
  • Maintain your weight.
  • Increase physical activity to lose weight.
  • Lab tests every 6 months to a year.
  • Monitor the side effects.
  • Safe disposal of used materials.
  • Routine follow-up sessions.

Examinations to diagnose Low-T:

To learn about the low-T, the expert in the therapy will mostly perform a series of evaluations, such as:

  • Medical history & physical evaluation: The healthcare expert will ask about the symptoms and medical history and carry out a physical evaluation to look for any indication of low-T.
  • Blood test: This is a typical method to examine low-T. 
  1. Total testosterone level: This is mostly done early in the morning when the levels of testosterone are at their peak.
  2. LH- Luteinizing hormone: This is done to assist to decide if the reason of low-T is a problem with the pituitary gland or not.
  3. Prolactin: Raised levels of prolactin may be an indication of a pituitary problem or tumours.

What are the alternatives for the Process?

Multiple treatment options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy- TRT are available at Enfield Royal Clinic, these include:

  1. Skin gels: These gels can be administered daily on clean and dry skin. 
  2. Intramuscular injections: The treatment expert will administer injections into the muscle every 7 or 14 days. 
  3. Patches of testosterone: As directed, these patches are required to use daily on the skin.
  4. Pellets of testosterone: The expert of the process will implant these pellets beneath the skin every 3 to 6 months. They deliver constant & ongoing dosages of testosterone.
  5. Oral: This comes in a patch that the candidate is required to place above their incisor. This is a kind of tablet that the candidate will not chew or swallow. The medicine will be released after 12 hours.

What are the Benefits of the Procedure?

There are numerous benefits of the therapy, some of which are as follows:

  • Energy and motivation are increased.
  • Improvement in sexual function.
  • Muscle mass and strength are enhanced.
  • Enhancement in bone density.
  • Reduction in signs of sadness & anxiety.
  • Assists to reduce fat in the body.
  • cognitive function is improved.
  • Sleep quality is improved.
  • The formation of red blood cells is increased.


The therapy has shown improvement in sexual function in men, including an increase in the sex drive and enhancing the erectile function.

The frequency is variable on the individual and the type of therapy used. However, regular monitoring is required to assure that they remain within a safe and effective range.

The candidate is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle to assist in improving the levels of low-T. It includes eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, getting proper sleep, and reducing stress.

Yes, the therapy can assist in improving the signs of depression in men.

Are there any side effects?

There are minimal risks that will subside in a few days:

  • Redness.
  • Puffiness.
  • Minimal pain & inflammation.

Who are not Eligible for the Procedure?

The candidate is perfect for the process if they have the following history:

  • Prostate cancer.
  • Unexamined lump on your prostate.
  • Heart failure that is uncontrolled.
  • Sleep apnea that is untreated.

How much is the Cost?

The Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Abu Dhabi Cost is not fixed as there are some elements that will impact the real price. Therefore, the actual cost will be decided at the initial meeting with the expert on the treatment.

The Influencing Elements of Cost:

  • The type of treatment.
  • Age of the candidate.
  • The skills and expertise of the doctor.
  • Geographical location and name of the clinic.
  • Sessions or dosage required.
  • Some other expenses.

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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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