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Thyroid Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Thyroid cancer is now treatable due to advances in technology in minimally invasive treatment. There are a lot of options available for thyroid cancer that involves the surgical option but all these are in use for years and are traditional ways to treat cancer. Sometimes your doctor performs two treatments at a time for cure. With the Thyroid Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi, your cancerous cells are destroyed and your symptoms are reduced keeping you safe. For the proper results, you need to choose an expert doctor. Read below to know more about the disease and its treatment. 

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid is a gland present in the neck region that is responsible for regulating the metabolism. It releases two hormones called thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine. Many functions of the body are controlled by this thyroid gland. Blood pressure, heartbeat, and metabolism all are maintained by the thyroid gland. Problems with the hormone secretion in the thyroid can cause different conditions called hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and even cancer. 

What are the Causes of the Disease?

People can develop cancer because of many reasons like the ones:

  • Radiation exposure can lead to cancer 
  • People who have a history of thyroid cancer
  • Individuals who are getting aged and are over 40 years
  • Any surgery in the past can result in the cancer too


When a patient has developed the disease he/she would have the following symptoms:

  • You are having pain and irritation in your neck region 
  • Swollen neck area
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Hair loss
  • Tenderness
  • Dry mouth 

When a person is facing such symptoms, it is necessary to consult your doctor. 


To complete your diagnosis your doctor will do physical exams, MRIs, and biopsies. First of all, during your consultation, your physician will examine the lumps in your neck region. Then after the physical exams, the doctor will take imaging tests to make visuals of the thyroid and other surrounding areas. 

Through these blood tests, levels of thyroid hormones and other substances are measured.  To check the working of the thyroid gland sometimes your doctor takes a part of your thyroid tissues to examine it under a microscope, the process is termed a biopsy. 


The treatment that your doctor prescribes depends on the cancer type and extent.  Different types of surgeries are available for treatment but they are conventional and have long recovery times with different side effects. After proper analysis and examination, your doctor will prescribe a certain procedure. The treatments described below are being done by our expert doctor. 


The transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the patriot of the thyroid through the mouth. The doctor will do the process without any external cuts. A tiny hole will be made in the oral cavity to insert the endoscope and to see the thyroid gland. There are many benefits of the procedure such as it is less painful and has less risk of infections. Dr. Kadir Koray is an expert in handling these procedures. 


The transoral endoscopic parathyroidectomy vestibular approach is a procedure for parathyroid gland cancer treatment. This minimally invasive treatment withdraws the part of the parathyroid from the mouth. The treatment does not cause large scars and cuts. The recovery of the process is quick and fast.

Traditional Ways of Treatment:

Lymph node removal in the neck:

Lymphadenectomy is a procedure in which the lymph nodes are removed from the neck in a surgical way. The procedure is done as a part of thyroid cancer. 


The treatment uses radio waves to treat the cancer cells and to shrink the tumor cells. DNA cells of the patient are destroyed so that they can stop their growth. A linear accelerator is used for the procedure. 


The process that is used to kill the cancer cells to stop their growth. Oral medications are given to the patient to treat the disease. Chemotherapy is usually done with radiation therapy to treat cancer. 

Radiofrequency ablation:

High-frequency radio waves and electric waves are involved to destroy cancer cells and abnormal cells. A tube is used to treat cancer with a camera and with ultrasonic waves and X-Ray. 


A probe to apply radiowaves to the abnormal and cancer cells to treat this medical issue. Ultrasounds and CT scans are done for proper imaging. 

Take a Step Towards a Healthy Life Now!

When you are having trouble with your metabolism and having symptoms of the disease you need to consult a professional so that they can treat your condition with a pre and after-care guide. Our doctors will give you thyroid hormone replacement therapies to make up for the part of the thyroid that is removed. So get your treatment and proper consultation now with the Thyroid Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi in Enfield Royal Clinic. Book us right away by completing the form that is present below!

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