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Nutritionist & Dietitian

Nutritionist and Dietitian in Abu Dhabi

Are you curious about your increasing weight and find yourself lost in different diet plans? Are you looking for some help and guidance for a better and healthy lifestyle? Well, you have arrived at your destination and we welcome you to our clinic. Whether you’re looking to shed those extra pounds, boost your energy, or simply embrace a healthier lifestyle, our nutrition experts are here to transform your aspirations into a reality. Continue reading to learn more about our Nutritionist and Dietitian in Abu Dhabi and schedule an appointment now.

Who is a Nutritionist and dietitian?

Although mutually nutritionists and dietitians possess expertise in nutrition, dietitians experience extensive education and training. Below, we provide straightforward descriptions of both:


A nutritionist is a certified healthcare professional with particular training in the nutrition field. Their primary focus revolves around aiding individuals in making well-informed dietary choices to attain and sustain optimal health. Nutritionists evaluate their clients’ nutritional requirements, offer personalized suggestions, and impart knowledge about wholesome eating habits.


A dietitian, frequently referred to as a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), represents a highly skilled and accredited healthcare specialist. Dietitians hold a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and have accomplished a supervised internship, concluding in the successful passage of a national examination. They operate under the oversight of professional boards and adhere rigorously to ethical and professional standards.


Key Features of Nutritionists and Dietitians:

The table below explains the main features of both professions:

Key FeatureNutritionistRegistered Dietitian (RD)
EducationBachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related fieldMaster’s degree in nutrition or dietetics and 1200 hours of supervised practice through an accredited program
CertificationNot requiredRequired to use the title “Registered Dietitian”
Scope of practiceProvide general nutrition advice and educationProvide medical nutrition therapy and dietary counseling for individuals and groups
Work settingsPrivate practices, hospitals, clinics, schools, food service, wellness centers, and moreHospitals, clinics, private practice, public health agencies, research institutions, and more
Typical job dutiesAssess clients’ nutritional needs, develop and implement meal plans, provide nutrition education, and counsel clients on healthy eating habitsAssess clients’ nutritional needs, develop and implement medical nutrition therapy, counsel clients on healthy eating habits, and provide nutrition education

When should you Consult a Dietitian?                                                      

A dietician could be consulted at any point in your life. In fact, it’s better to have a personalized diet plan developed by an expert dietician before your health deteriorates. But if that time has passed and you’re faced with a condition that requires some specific changes to your dietary plan, you should immediately consult with an expert nutritionist.

What to Expect During a Consultation?

  • During the first appointment with the Nutritionist and dietitian in Abu Dhabi, the patient discussed their problem areas and concerns.
  • The patient’s medical history is reviewed 
  • Blood tests may be suggested to check if the patient suffers from any serious condition or disease. 
  • The eating habits and lifestyle of the patient are also discussed.

Once the initial checkup is complete, the doctor creates a customized diet plan for the patient. This diet is important to restore any deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The patient is advised to follow the doctor’s instructions and guidelines to lead a healthy lifestyle and to overcome any type of deficiencies.

Methods of Diagnosis:

Nutritionists employ different methods to diagnose the problem facing an individual. First of all, nutritionists prefer to generally analyze the body for the presence of various types of parasites. Different ultrasound procedures are carried out in this regard. Secondly, nutritionist attempts to examine the condition of hormones. Finally, they carry out different other tests like immunograms to check the strength of the immune system, and electrocardiograms to ascertain the nature of the heart’s electrical activity.

Services offered at the Royal Clinic:

The nutritionists at the Clinic offer several services to the patients that are discussed below

Nutritional interventions

These are structured and tailored to the needs of each patient including things like tracking the success of a diet plan. 

Courses in nutrition

These are customized according to each individual depending on their cardiovascular illnesses, lifestyle preferences, stage of life, age, and level of obesity.

Body Composition Examination and Analysis 

This assessment is performed to offer specific recommendations for weight loss, enhancing athletic performance, and other goals.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Adequate nutrition is crucial if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life. It helps people age healthily and preserves a high quality of life.

Meet Dr. Rasha Alahmad: Your Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian

Are you prepared to commence a life-changing expedition towards achieving peak health and overall wellness? Allow us to introduce Dr. Rasha Alahmad, a Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian in Abu Dhabi, boasting more than half a decade of specialized expertise within the nutrition world. Dr. Alahmad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and her dedication centers on equipping individuals with the tools to assume control over their well-being through tailored dietary strategies.

Our Commitment to You:

At the Enfield Royal Clinic, Dr. Rasha Alahmad is fully devoted to delivering top-tier care. Her unwavering dedication to remaining at the forefront of the most recent developments in the field of nutritional science guarantees that you will receive modern, research-backed advice. Your overall health and wellness are her primary concerns, and she is enthusiastic about embarking on this transformative path alongside you.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Health:

Dr. Alahmad advocates for a general perspective on health that goes beyond just dietary recommendations. Her proficiency extends beyond nutrition, encompassing the incorporation of lifestyle practices and physical activity into your path to well-being. She is dedicated to crafting personalized exercise and dietary plans that synergize, developing a complete approach to enhancing your overall health.

Nutritionist and Dietitian in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Alahmad understands that health is not just about what you eat but also how you live. To ensure that you receive well-rounded care, she collaborates with healthcare teams and fitness professionals. This collaborative effort addresses both your medical requirements and lifestyle aspirations, ultimately leading you toward a healthier, happier you.

In the capable hands of Dr. Rasha Alahmad, you’ll find a compassionate and knowledgeable partner who will guide you toward achieving your health goals. Together, you’ll work towards a better, more vibrant you, embracing the power of nutrition, lifestyle habits, and exercise integration. Your journey to optimal health begins here, with Dr. Alahmad by your side.

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The main difference between the two is there education. Dieticians are the ones who specialised in the nutrition and is over the nutritionsits.

People suffering from chronic diseases can get advantage from the nutritionsits. Diseases like diabetes and blood pressure can be treated by the nutritionists. 

Nutritionists are responsible for the diet plans of the patients. What to eat and what to avoid will be told by them. They mainly work on the food behaviour for the body fitness. 

If you are feeling any issues in your food consumption and nutritions then you need to consult a human that is experienced and educated for the food conditions.

Sometimes, the nutritionists or dietitians may be covered by insurance but it depends on the type of insurance plan and the provider. It also, relies on the condition type. 

Yes, both the Nutritionist and Dietitian will give some personalized plan to their patients depending on their specific needs. 

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