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Dental Retainers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Dental Retainer Cost

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A Symmetry of the tooth plays an essential part in making the smile attractive, it is also vital to be assured that the teeth aligners perfectly. Get a smile makeover and shine all day long by getting Dental Retainers in Abu Dhabi. 


Are you done with your treatment of orthodontic? The candidate might require retainers to keep the outcome. Don’t feel nervous, in the page we will sort all your concerns and discuss the different types of Dental Retainers in Abu Dhabi. As mentioned earlier, orthodontists are not completely accomplished once the braces are eliminated, after examining the condition the dental surgeon will recommend retainers. This is the final stage of the method.


As per Enfield Royal Clinic, to get the perfect and astonishing smile, the initial step is to get dental braces and wear them for the time recommended by the dentist. Soon after the dentures are aligned, the braces are eliminated to balance the procedure of orthodontics. Moreover, the doctor will suggest a detachable or non-detachable retainer. The outcome of the method lasts for a longer time and is completely cosmetic restoration.

Kinds of Retainers:

There are multiple types of Dental Retainers in Abu Dhabi, the dental surgeon will suggest the candidate with the available options, but the final decision will be based upon the individual that perfectly suits them and what they desire. Below are mentioned the different types of retainers:

  • Fixed: It is a metal wire that is placed in the back of the teeth, in the upper & lower arch, from canine to canine. This is not seen from the outside, in addition, it will take some days for the individuals to get used to the enduring retainers, but as they are extraordinarily thin and do not make the individual uncomfortable while making the process of retention really smooth and pleasant.

    Arrangement: After the elimination of braces & plague or any caries. The teeth are polished and shined and uneven edges are smoothened if required. After this, the surgeon makes an impression on the jaw and makes an apparatus of retention. On the incisors, the arc is then placed with a filling material. The last stage of the method is polishing.

    How to Look after: It is not seen by others but it requires complete care. Apart from using a toothbrush to clean, flossing & utilizing an irrigator can also be helpful. Beneath the arches, food debris must be eliminated. Moreover, professional teeth cleaning must be done after every 6 months.
  • Removable: They are beneficial as they can be eliminated at any time for instance while brushing or eating. They permit the candidate to continue dental hygiene without any interference. Furthermore, the period of transformation is much faster, particularly if the candidate has utilized it before.

    Arrangement: The dental surgeon will assemble the surface of the teeth for wearing a removable device. The doctor will cleanse and sanitize if it is required. After this, the doctor will take impressions of the dentures. As soon as the retainer is placed and settled, the less likely the tissue of the bone mobility is.

    How to Look after? If they are wearied continuously, they are cleansed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to refrain from the development of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, any heating procedure with a hot stream or water that is boiled is not recommended. Moreover, it is required and recommended to rinse the mouth prior to placing on the appliance.

How Long is it Required to Wear a Retainer?

They are to be worn every day. But it varies on the type of dental retainer the individual opts for:

Fixed ones after the treatment are the same as their name suggests, the clients will be required to wear them permanently. Whereas Removable ones are to be worn during the day and night, except while eating and brushing. They are further worn out for as long as the dental surgeon has prescribed. Furthermore, below are mentioned various other elements that affect the durability of the utilization of the retainers:

  • The candidate’s age is an essential factor as, after the age of 20, the durability of the procedure enhances.
  • The level of removal of the teeth.
  • The severity of the problem.
  • How properly the guidelines are followed.
  • Whether the procedure was carried out with or without extraction.
  • Most importantly the period of retention will stay for up to twice as long as the procedure with braces, standardly it takes 4 to 7 years.


Following are the amazing benefits:

  • No impact on speech
  • Will not get last
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Teeth are kept in place permanently
  • I protect the oral health

How to Keep them Clean?

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, most individuals wonder how to clean them, the permanent ones do not acquire any special care. They are cleaned when the candidates brush their teeth. Whereas, short-term retainers require a little care. It is prescribed to them after every removal and before placing them back with cold water. It is recommended not to clean them with toothpaste but with a neutral soap to remove bad odors.


According to Enfield Royal Clinic, the charges range from AED 900 to AED 1199. The cost will be variable on many elements which will be determined by the doctor at the initial meeting for instance the complexity of the issue, location of the clinic and so much more.

Make Your Smile Great Again at Enfield Royal!

Dental Retainers in Abu Dhabi play a vital part in maintaining an individual’s teeth for a long period of time. Book us right now by filling out the below form. If you have any further concerns, feel free to let us know. Stop wasting your time by visiting here and there, we are offering the most effective and affordable retainers at Enfield Royal Clinic.

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