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Perineoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Perineoplasty

 Rebuild the bridge present between your vagina and anus

When the supporting part of woman genital present between the vagina and the anus area get loose and its natural consistency changes than it leads to disorders like less sexual pleasure, not proper support functioning and the contraction of muscles there. These problems arises from the birth of child, ageing phenomena, and weight changes. To solve all these issues treatments like Perineoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi have been prepared for you. This causes improvement of the area resulting in more enhanced relationships and better life. To know more read the webpage given below!

What is Perineoplasty?

A part present among the anal part and vagina of the woman is perineum. The process which causes the reconstruction of the outer vaginal & perineum part of a woman sugically is called perneoplasty. This makes them tight and improves the functioning of the genital areas. The surgery works properly in combination with the vaginoplasty. This treatment is done to treat the medical conditions of the vagina. Unwanted extra skin is cut from the genitals to make them compact.

Causes of Perineum Damage:

There are different reasons for the damage of perineum and these are as follows:

Weight Changes:

When the weight fluctuates and get increased this genital part loose its originality and become sagged or droopy. When the body of a woman gain weight because of other factors like medications, diet and hormonal issues results in the sagging of this area. The perineum part can get tight with Perineoplasty.


Giving birth to a child can cause damage to the perineum area due to its complications. For example, sometimes during delivery time perenial part is cut to ease the childbirth. Also, the pressure which is applied on this part due to birth of baby, effects its natural shape and function. Because of this the perineum does not appear the way as it was before the pregnancy directing


When a woman get aged its genital parts get saggy and loose resulting in dysfunction that can be treated by the above mentioned process.


The impacts of the treatment are permanent and remain prominent. The sexual desire and appeal improve by the procedure. The treatment effects mainly depend on the expertise of the doctor and how sensibly the process is carried out. 

Perineoplasty Benefits:

The advantages of the surgery of perinial area are as follows:

  • It cause vaginal tightening
  • Increase the sexual pleasure of a woman
  • Less sexual pain during intercourse
  • She will be able to achieve the orgasm with intensity
  • Elevated self esteem
  • Reviving the perineum
  • Decreased gapping of genital

Ideal Candidate:

When people desire to achieve aesthetic as well medical solutions thsy can go for the Perineoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Also, the characteristics that make a man perfect for this specific treatment are:

  • Saggy and extra skinned area b/w the vagina and anal part
  • No sensation during sexual activity
  • Feeling shy or embarassed in front of partner
  • Urinary issues and bowel complications
  • Woman who had episiotomy during their childbirth
  • Female suffering from vaginal introitus 
  • Presence of hymenal ring make you a perfect nominee for the treatment


Before any procedures are carried out the doctor will set a meeting to have a talk with the patient in which the patient will be advised about the therapy and the diet which she has to take so that the recovery time speed up and no complications occur in the surgery such as the sonsumption of alcohol is restricted before the treatment and the patient should stop smoking prior some days.Moreover, the Perineoplasty anesthesia will be bought and arranged for the treatment.


Perineoplasty will be performed under the local and general anesthesia regarding the condition of the patient. Specific markings rexembling the V shaped design will be done on the vaginal area to cut that excess skin and spots. The incision made during the therapy will be large starting from the vaginal hole to the perineum site. After the removal of unwanted muscles the doctor will again close the vagina by perineoplasty stitches. Finally the ointments and creams will be applied to start the rehabilitation period.


After the surgery is finished it is prohibited to do sex till 2 months. Do not do cycling and take rides so that the recovery occur speedily.  Doing hard activities and heavy lifting is strictly restricted. Use of tampons and soaps at the genital part will effect the healing. You may feel discomfort and irritation in days post process. You will heal properly when you follow all the post-op instructions given by the gynecologist.

Recovery Time:

The overall healing period of the Perineoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi is around half a month.

After this you will get perfectly normal.

Perineoplasty Cost:

The fee for the procedure is almost AED 15000 and it varies depending on the site of the clinic, services provided at the clinic, the number of sessions required also the condition of the patient. ‘But the final cost for the treatment will be decide by the surgeon when he will when the individual will visit the clinic.

Perineoplasty Vs Perineorrhaphy:

When the perineum is treated for its disorders like sagging and lose of shape as well as function then a surgery is done which is called the perineoplasty whereas the sewing process of perineum when it is breaked or damaged is done through perineorrhaphy. Both involves the repair of vagina and anus.

Treat your  Perineum with Enfield Royal Clinic:

Get your treatment from the Enfield Royal Clinic and recieve best service with our expert sexologists. Our staff is really friendly and the facilities present here are different from other clinic as you can get a comfortable environment here. We know that the genital part is the sensitive area so the surgeries are carried out sensibly.

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