Best Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Mouthguards Cost
Best Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Mouthguards Cost

Invest in your protection to be safe from injuries!

People often suffer both in eating ability and in looks due to damaged and malocclusion teeth. These teeth can be protected by means of these latest mouthguards that can correct the tooth shape and smile. When the teeth will be covered by these devices, the teeth will get secured from plaque, germs, false bites, and injuries. By utilizing this technique individuals can get strong teeth in a small time as compared to the older teeth protecting methods. Know about the Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi by reading the webpage given below!

What are Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are made from different materials to give protection to teeth. This safeguard provides two kinds of shielding whether it can be athletic protection or some medical support.

These coverings protect the teeth of athletes while they are running or swimming. Also, they are worn by people who have grind and bite problems. 

These are easy to wear and very supportive similar to the shape of teeth and can be of distinctive nature. Depending on the kind of gum guard you are utilizing they will work consequently.

You can also get mouthguards for TMJ (a condition when the locking of the jaw occurs causing pain, mouthguards provide strain on the jaws and hence allow the treatment)

Variety of Mouthguards:

Athletic Mouthguards: 

To protect the mouth and avoid mouth injuries athletic safeguards are used. These are recommended to wear whenever an athlete is in sporting activities as these reduce the risk of damage and injury. 

Falling while running and having a colliding incident will not result in severe oral damage due to these protectors.

Custom-fitted mouthguards:

When talking about the protection of teeth it’s also important that they properly fit your teeth. Because proper fitting will better support the teeth. 

Properly customized teeth are the most satisfactory ones and can ameliorate the impact of harm and tooth damage. These will protect you from the night grinding and clenching issue. These are better than the other mouthguards as they are specially made for individuals’ teeth size and requirements.

Boil and bite mouthguards:

Safeguards have the ability to acquire a molded shape when they are exposed to high temperatures. The material that is utilized to make these mouth guards are affordable and effortlessly obtainable resembling clay.

These gumshields are not that reliable, compared to the above-mentioned safeguards. These are used by boiling in water first and then they get cool in ice water after which applied to the teeth.

Boxing Mouthguards:

A protective layer will be formed among the teeth by these guards which will shield the teeth from different worst face punching during boxing, also after falling on the boxing ring, it won’t hurt you. These safeguards are strong and safe.


When Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi are on the teeth, they protect them from mouth impairment, injury, and harm. Save from dental trauma and other incidental damage.

Advantages of Mouthguards:

  • Protect teeth from injury and damage
  • Reduce teeth grinding
  • Size similar to your teeth 
  • Perfect shape 
  • Reduce jaw fracture
  • Invisible, so look aesthetic
  • Easy application
  • Easy to wash as they can be cleaned at home with hot water
  • Comfortable and odorless
  • Cause Teeth alignment
  • No pain / No downtime
  • Inexpensive 

Perfect Candidate:

  • Individuals who take part in sports tend to use these, to protect themselves from injuries and to get better protection.
  • Patients with bruxism can opt for mouthguards to avoid the grinding and clenching phenomena.
  • A person who wants to reduce the gap between the teeth and to get an accurate bite.
  • To get symmetry in the teeth.
  • To treat TMJ disorders you can get mouthguards.


The mouthguard for grinding teeth will be prepared by an expert dentist. For the preparation of this protection, proper measurement of teeth will be get and the doctor will review the signs of diseases and swelling of the jaw if any, then the final model will be displayed on the screen to obtain verification from the patient. Afterward, safeguards will be transmitted to a certain lab for their formation and then final application to the teeth.

How to Protect A Mouthguard?

Before the application of the mouthguard clean your teeth properly. Also, the mouthguard should be washed with hot water to kill the germs and bacteria present in them. Using plastic wrap or a cover box for the mouthpiece can protect them. Avoid exposing them to the sunlight. Do not place these safeguards in a dirty atmosphere.

How long Does the Mouthguard Stay Useful?

The lifetime of a mouthguard is several years. The time period for which it stays useful can be less or more depending on the kind of mouthguard someone is using.

Some mouthguards need to get replaced after some months others need years for the next buy.

Price of the Mouthpiece:

Mouthguard price in Abu Dhabi varies from AED 999 TO AED 1999. The price of these mouthguards depends on the factors like:

  • What kind of safeguard you are going for
  • Quality of the gumshield
  • Dentist fee for the treatment
  • Location of the clinic from which you are getting therapy
  • Standard of the clinic

Get A Free Discussion From Enfield Royal Clinic:

We are providing these Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi at a reasonable price for everyone with a quality that protects the teeth from different invasions of bacteria and germs. Our skilled dentists will advise you on the better care of your teeth and also how to take care of the mouthguards. We are proud of ourselves as we have made it easy for a lot of people to play sports without risks. Contact our clinic to get the mouthguards of your desired type.

You can get a complimentary talk from our doctors on  Mouthguards in Abu Dhabi to get yours!

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