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Non-Surgical Facelift in Abu Dhabi khalifa City & Al Ain

Get a youthful appearance with our best nonsurgical treatments!

A person may start looking tired with increasing age. This is because with age the eyes start to descend. It causes a decrease in the natural lift of the eyes and eyebrows. The formation of dark circles with age also makes a person look tired and old. Little adjustments can be made to the face in order to get rid of all the signs of aging and tiredness.  The procedure of a Non-Surgical Facelift in Abu Dhabi helps a person achieve this. It is carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon to give a natural effect to the individual so that the treatment is not overdone.  

Essence of Treatment:

To achieve a revitalized appearance, skilled estheticians adopt non-surgical techniques such as dermal fillers. This is among the most popular treatments, and it is particularly common among users whose features begin to lose bulkiness as they get older. The treatment basically works by reducing the signs of aging in an individual.

This is done by a non-invasive procedure where a person does not have to wait long for a long recovery. It is a cosmetic treatment carried out in a clinical environment.  It is a combination of a number of procedures carried out on the face. Some procedures add volume to the face, while some only work by lifting it.


There are dramatic results of the treatment as it rejuvenates the face and enhances the appearance. It gives a person a vibrant and revitalized appearance.

Each treatment is customized to the person’s specific requirements. Slack skin, deep wrinkles, blackheads, thinning lips, dark circles sunken eyes, big pores, and the loss of face volume are all addressed using a range of nonsurgical treatments.



There are a number of benefits of the treatment:

  • The duration of the procedure is less than that of surgical treatments making it a very quick procedure
  • It is more economic than other treatments
  • The procedures are reversible so if the recipient is not satisfied, the doctor can reverse the procedure.
  • There is no downtime and the results are instant
  • The risks involved are very few
  • The signs of aging are addressed
  • No anesthesia and hospitalization is required for the procedure
  • Provides results that are very natural

Ideal Candidate:

  • A person with moderate skin problems that can be addressed by facelift procedures
  • An individual who is self-conscious about their selves and want to address the signs of aging or other skin problems
  • Somebody with realistic expectations of the procedure as it does not transform a person’s face, it only enhances the appearance
  • A person with no serious health or skin issues

How Does it Work?

The Non-Surgical facelift in Abu Dhabi works by addressing the aging signs faced by individuals. Apart from providing volume to the face, these procedures also address the issues of hyper pigmentation or discoloration. It is customized according to individual needs and requirements. It makes a person look refreshed and happy.


The cosmetologist first has a detailed consultation with the recipient about their concerns and expectations with the treatment. Then after a thorough examination of the current condition and also of medical history and past aesthetic procedures, the cosmetologist suggests the type of treatment options available to the recipient.

The individual and the doctor then come up with the treatment plan. According to this plan, the patient is given instructions that he needs to follow, in order to prepare for the procedure.  

One of the most common preparations for any procedure is to avoid smoking for some weeks before and after the treatment and also stop taking blood-thinning medications.


There are a number of different ways the facelift procedure can be carried out. Some of these are listed below  

  • Dermal fillers: These are injections that work by providing the lost volume to the face. They are recognized for smoothing creases, filling up sunken regions of the cheeks, and diminishing acne marks. It plumps up the depressed regions and also removes dark spots, giving the face a fresh brightness. They also give a person a wrinkle-free, smooth appearance. They also keep the skin moisturized by retaining moisture and also protect it from injury. Fillers’ firming and flattening effects can last anywhere from six months to over one year.
  • Botox: These are also injections but these are toxins that work by temporarily relaxing the muscles. This results in smoothening of wrinkles. There is a downtime of around 2 weeks with no side effects. The results last for a few months.  
  • Thread lift: This method is a little invasive in a way that the surgeon places a fine threat into the skin and pulls it back. This lifts the skin and tightens the face. Nothing else is injected or removed from the skin. The threads are dissolvable and dissolve in some time.
  • Fat injections: This is a little invasive procedure as fat cells are extracted from another body part that is then cleaned and processed for injecting into the face. There is a downtime for some months but the results after complete recovery are permanent.
  • Laser treatment: A laser device is used to treat the skin which is known to tighten the pores and give a glow to the skin. It also improves the texture of the skin.
  • Chemical peels: This is a completely non-invasive procedure as nothing is injected into the skin. It improves the overall texture of the skin and is known it get rid of large pores on the skin.

Aftercare and Recovery:

To heal, a person needs as little downtime as possible. They must, however, relax for a day or two, although there are no substantial constraints on their activities. If you experience noticeable swelling or redness, you may wish to take a few days off work, although most people’s symptoms go away within a week. Some folks may stay at home till the swelling goes down. Because non-surgical cosmetic procedures are so individualized, everyone’s recovery period is different.

Side Effects:

  • A person can have an allergic reaction
  • May experience swelling for a few days
  • Temporary results, so the individual will have to under the procedure again to maintain the look
  • If performed by a non-experienced individual, the results may look unnatural
  • Can cause redness on the face


The cost of the Non-Surgical Facelift in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED to AED. The actual cost of the treatment will be decided by the surgeon after an initial discussion with the patient. As for each patient the treatment is different depending on their requirements and current conditions.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of the procedure may last from a few months to some years depending on the type of methods used in face lifting. As each procedure have a different life span, some may last long while others do not so much require a retouch.

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