Breast Lump in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Breast Cyst Treatment Cost
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Breast Lump in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Breast Cyst Treatment Cost

These cysts or lumps develop occasionally in the breast area & irritate. The pain factor can or can not be associated with the lump formation but the production of these packs is usual. Mostly, they are normal and are painless but it is not good to ignore them. You should immediately get checked. But how would you know whether a mass is dangerous or not? For this, there are options of physical examinations in addition to screening tests to check out their nature. The lumps in the breast are treated by the Breast Lump Treatment in Abu Dhabi so that women can get rid of this pain! Scroll down the page given below!

How to Define a Breast Lump?

Breast bump appearance and structure depend on its severity level. Most breast lumps are casual and they are non-cancerous. These gatherings are sometimes stiff and otherwise soft. These breast lumps if left untreated or gets avoided can transform into a cancerous mass. These are rounded in shape & appear different from other breast tissues. These types of packs occur in the armpit or the main breast area.

Breast Lump Causes:

There are many reasons beyond breast bulge formation. Sometimes they are not dangerous but they can even be alarming. So it’s important to consult a physician to know the reason for the bump formation. The source of these lumps in the breast can be:

Non-Cancerous Tissue Widening:

Sometimes a mammary duct called the ectasia becomes wide & thick making the blockage of milk. This condition feels like some sort of lump or stiff clump inside the breast but this is completely normal. This is non-cancerous tissue broadening.

Breasts Cysts:

Liquid packs at the moment accumulating inside the breast grounds blister formation. These blebs are often normal and casual but not always. These cyst form due to hormonal changes and feels stiff. There are states in which the multifarious lumps develop in the breast & then they are treated by the Breast Cysts Treatment.

Breast Cancer:

When a tumor cell is in the shape of a lump made inside the breast of a woman it leads to the shape of breast cancer.


A rigid lump which is constituted in the breast, non-cancerous type. These lumps contain less growth & contain calcium deposits. They are not dangerous.

Symptoms of Breast Lump:

The manifestation regarding breast lumps are as follows:

Breast tissue that appears and feels lumpy:

When some sort of masses appear in the armpits & in the breast area. You need to get examined immediately. These may stimulate aches & appear abnormal. Our Enfield Royal Clinic doctors are doing this for a long time and you can consult them to get a free consultation.

Nipple Inversion:

When your nipple gets inverted & appears reddy & you feel pain then it might be a sign of the formation of a breast lump.

When any of the mentioned signs occur then you have to get a piece of advice from an experienced doctor to get your particular treatment.

How Examination for Breast Lump?

To be confirmed the type of lump and to know if they are dangerous or not, our professionals conduct some special tests. These tests can be MRI, Ultrasonography, mammograms, BSE(chest self-exam), or breast oncology physically.

Breast Lump Treatment:

The Breast Lump Treatment in Abu Dhabi is mentioned below:

Through Antibiotics:

To treat a breast lump different antiseptics can be used. Cephalexin and dicloxacillin are used to treat these masses inside the breast. This method is effective and most of the time doctors go for this method.

By Drainage:

When a lump in the breast that hurts forms inside the breast, it is withdrawn from the breast by drainage. In this process, the fluid is extracted out of the lump. These lumps may present inside one or both breasts.


Extraction of a tissue or a bump from the breast area of the woman for its analysis is a biopsy. The sample probably is withdrawn with the help of a needle or through surgery. It is a simple process and no special prep is required.

Radioactive Treatment:

Radiation therapies are used to treat breast lumps. When these lumps are removed from the breasts the risk for breast cancer decreases. This procedure is usually used to treat the alarming signs of breast cancer. This makes the malignant cells stop spreading.

Recovery Phase:

The recovery time for most women is short and they become normal after that certain period. If a woman is feeling any severe pain then she can use medicines for that. The downtime depends on the type of lump that is removed If a tumor is eliminated from the breast then the woman needs some extra days to recover. Take rest as much as you can as this will help in recovery. Avoiding stress when the procedure completes as it is important. The nutritional diet should be carried out to obtain swift healing.

Breast Lump in Men:

There are situations when men develop bulges too in their chest. The circumstance in which the nodes are created in the men is gynecomastia. In men, this also occurs due to some hormonal imbalances or as a reaction to a specific medicine. There is the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Abu Dhabi who treat the lumps in man.

Price :

The cost of the treatment may vary from AED 10,000 TO AED 25000. The price for the therapy depends on the location of the clinic, level of the services, staff qualifications, number of sessions accomplished, experience of the doctor & the demand of the doctor. The final fee will be decided by the doctor after a patient meets up with our professional.

Meet Our Best Breast Surgeons!

Enfield Royal Clinic is providing treatments related to your breast problems for almost 10 years so that you can solve your genital issues. We have the best surgeons from around the world, these are well qualified and well-experienced. We know that any issue related to the breast area of a woman can be a source of mental disturbance and anxiety for this we are here to help you So that you can get your related treatment as soon as possible with the most cost-effective results. Get our Breast Lump Treatment in Abu Dhabi to solve your mental and physical issues. To grab the free appointment option fill out the form given below!

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