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Surgical Scar Revision

Best Surgical Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Cost Price

The body when healing any type of an injury or a big wound may leave behind a scar. Scars do not appear when the wound is small and the inner tissues of the skin are not damaged.  These are permanent unless treated. Some people may opt for home remedies and expensive skincare products to get rid of these marks. This is a slow process and may take a long time before the results start showing. These however do not remove the marks completely though they may lighten them. If a person wishes to get rid of the scars completely they can go for a surgical procedure. The Surgical Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain removes any type of scars completely leaving behind smooth and clear skin.

Essence of Treatment:

The treatment aims to remove the scars caused due to any disease, injury, surgery, etc. All kinds of scars are treated whether big or small, pigmented or hollow. The skin becomes clear and scar-free after the procedure when the treated area is completely healed.


The procedure results in the reduction of otherwise permanent and stubborn marks. The appearance of the scar is reduced and the skin is left clean and smooth after the treatment. Different methods of treatment have different lengths of downtime before the results start showing. Some can also show immediate results.  Final results are visible once the recovery is complete.

Surgical Scar Revesion in Surgical Scar Revesion innAbu Dhabi & Al Ain Surgical Scar Revesion innAbu Dhabi


  • The appearance of scars is reduced making them less visible to the naked eye
  • Enhances a person’s confidence by addressing their insecurity due to the presence of the scar
  • Improves the appearance of the skin making it look clear and smooth
  • The surgeon customizes the treatment plan according to the patient’s requirement, current condition, skin type, expectations from the treatment
  • Several treatment methods may be combined to achieve desired results
  • Treatment is very effective in reducing the scars
  • The procedure is very safe to perform

Ideal Candidate:

  • A candidate needs to be physically healthy and mentally prepared for the treatment
  • Somebody with a visible scar
  • An individual concerned with the visibility of their scar
  • A nonsmoker as smoking can have adverse effects on the treatment and its results
  • A person with the realistic expectation from the procedure
  • A person who does not suffer from any serious skin disease


During the initial consultation, the doctor and the patient have a detailed discussion about the problem areas and the expectation of the treatment. The surgeon takes a physical exam to check the type and size of the scar. Medical history is examined and blood work may be suggested to make sure the patient does not have a history of any serious skin disease or some medical condition that may be affected or could affect the treatment and its results.

Once the checkup is complete the surgeon plans a customized treatment according to the individual. A list of instructions is then given to the patient to follow to prepare for the procedure. The patient is to avoid any blood thinners and sun exposure as it can affect the healing process and the results.


Several methods can be adopted by the surgeon for Surgical Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi. The method chosen depends on the type of scars and the skin type of the patient. It also depends on the expectation of the patient from the procedure

Chemical Peels:

This is a non-invasive and in-office procedure carried out by a skincare specialist for mild scars. Special acidic solutions are used in this method to remove the outermost layer of the skin. The inner new layer replaces the older skin. This skin is comparatnhggggggively clearer with less scarring.

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy can be used to treat scars. The damaged skin on the affected area is removed to reduce the appearance of scars. It also works to restore the damaged skin cells by the production of new cells. This makes the scars less visible and treats some types of scars. The surgeon tells whether this treatment is effective for the individual.   


This is procedure is carried out in a clinical setting. It is an invasive procedure carried out by an experienced surgeon to surgically reduce the visibility of the scars. Though the procedure does not completely get rid of the scars but it changes the way they appear making them less visible to the naked eye. This procedure is suggested for a specific types of scars. The raised scars are not preferred to be treated with this method. The irregular or pigmented marks are treated. It is carried out under local anesthesia to minimize the discomfort. The swelling and discomfort take about 2 weeks to fade away. The healing process takes some weeks. Once healed, the scar fades away with time.


This method is used to treat raised scars that result from the healing of chronic wounds or surgical procedures. The skin tissues overgrow and form a keloid. It is best to treat the keloid days after the surgery. This method uses radiation energy to target the cells of the scars to stop their overgrowth by damaging them.  


The surface of the scar is removed using a special device. The marks caused by acne, some kind of disease, and surgical scars are treated by this method. The scars that result from the healing of burns are not as effectively treated using this procedure.


This treatment reduces the appearance of scars by the method of freezing. It reduces the appearance of scars making them less visible.

Aftercare and Recovery:

A bandage may be applied to the treated area to reduce the risk of infection. 

  • Until the surgeon says to remove it, the bandage is to be changed and the wound cleaned daily.
  • In the case of sutures, if removable, they are removed in a few days otherwise they are dissolved naturally.
  • The treated area may be itchy; it is a normal process of healing.  It is not to be scratched as it will affect the healing process and the results of the treatment.
  • To protect the treated area from tanning permanently, high SPF sunscreen is to be applied and sun exposure is to be minimized.
  • Until the healing process is complete the patient is advised to avoid stretching as it can widen the treated scar.

The duration of the healing process and complete recovery depends on the method of treatment chosen by the surgeon. With some treatments, the patient can go back to work and their daily routine almost immediately while others may require some extra days off work for recovery.

Side Effects:

The procedure has some minor and temporary side effects. These include

  • Bruising and swelling in the treated region
  • Some changes in the sensation of the skin in the treated region
  • Risk of infection
  • Bleeding on the site of treatment during or after the surgery


The average cost of Surgical Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 999 to AED 6999. The actual cost depends on the complexity of the procedure and the number of sessions required. The final cost is determined by the surgeon after the initial appointment.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of the treatment are permanent and last for a lifetime. The scars are permanently removed leaving the skin clear and smooth. However, a new scar can still be formed due to any reason which can then be treated again with the surgical procedure.

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