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Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Injections Cost

The use of Hyaluronic acid injections for increasing the size of the penis is becoming popular day by day as this is a non-surgical procedure and men choose confidently this particular way to enhance their genital size. Through injecting these injections into the penis tip both the head & the girth muscles growth improves. Men who want to please their partner & are not happy with their current genital size undergo androfill injectibles. One of the best qualities of the method is its less downtime and no effects. You can also do your penis enlargement treatment by Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi!

How Does it Work?

In this procedure, the medic applies shots filled with hyaluronic acid directly on the skin of the dick. The acid work by enhancing the growth of blood vessels & tissue fostering. This way the penis not only becomes large but also gets thick, also its girth, escalates.

The rate of satisfaction related to the process has made it a popular one among individuals additionally this is a safe process and gets its job done without causing side effects.

Components of the Girth Injections:

The material which is present inside the androfill injection is as follows:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Gel consistency


The outturn related to the procedure is permanent & wanted. These outcomes are a large size penis with the characteristics & look a man was desiring for. How perfect result depends on the expertise of the sexologist.


Different sorts of advantages can be gained by the Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. These benefits are all you want:

  • elevate the female partner’s sexual arousal
  • The bigger measurement of the penis
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Thick and wider male genital
  • More sensitive intercourse
  • Man becomes more confident and mentally stable

The Number of Androfill Injections Required?

This question is very common and the man asks about how many injections they will need to improve their appearance. A loyal answer to this there is no perfect number for any individual as this variates according to the condition of the patient depending on the difference in the desired size from the already present penis measurements.

Some patients give androfill reviews and said that they only get 10ml of filler & obtain the wanted size others desired to have 20ml to own the required stretch in the penis dimension. It fluctuates according to the needs & wishes of the patient.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Being an ideal nominee for the Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi you should have the above-mentioned symptoms:

  • Man who is not satisfied with their penis size & want to gain volume
  • Who desires to satisfy their partner
  • Have a penis that is thin with less girth
  • Remain underconfident because of this issue
  • Not being able to please a lady


To get this treatment a man should know about the risks and complications if any related to the procedure. The doctor will provide enough information about the procedure to the patient in the first consultation period. To check the immune system & the internal conditions different tests will be done on the patient such as tests regarding SITs. Analysis for blood and diabetes will be done. The individual will need to get clean and remove hair before the treatment. It is advised to stay healthy by eating food high in nutrition. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption for some days prior to the treatment. Also , to buy androfill is a part of the preparation for this treatment.

The Strategy of the Process:

When the doctor will start the process local anesthesia should be provided to the patient to make them numb. This is a really sensitive part and the patient should not feel pain. Then to make the penis part visible the doctor will wipe the area and then the numbing cream or anesthesia will be applied. When the specific part will become numb the insertion of the fillers will be done. The injections will be applied at different points by making small incisions. After all the puncturing activity, the doctor will do plaster for them, and then the recovery process initiates. The overall procedure time is around half or a complete hour.

Recovery Phase:

If you want to enjoy the results of the procedure to its full then you should do proper care and follow all the steps as prescribed by your doctor. After the Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi have been applied you should not do:

  • Any sexual activity for almost 2 weeks
  • Do not do hard exercises and activities
  • Restrict pools and warm baths for a few time
  • Pain related to the procedure is minimal and it will vanish after 3 days
  • Try not to masturbate during this healing period
  • The impact of the process remain there for almost one to two years

What is Plurvel injection?

Injecting hyaluronic acid injections into the dick of a man by self to treat erectile dysfunction is plurvel injections. They are first times injected by the gynecologists and then the patient will be taught accordingly so he can continue further by himself.


The fee for the Androfill Injections in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 20,000 to AED 39,999. The fee relies on the number of injectables utilized to treat the patient, the standard of the clinic, the price of the anesthesia, the requirement of the doctors, the expertise of the doctor, & the condition of the applicant. The final cost for the treatment will be decided by the doctor after the first appointment.

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