IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
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IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength

IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength

With time, ozone has been proven effective and beneficial gas that can provide different benefits in the medical field. If you want to build up your confidence and boost up athletic strength you need IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength in Abu Dhabi.  Through the therapy your muscle pain is decreased, recovery time boosts up and the fatigue gets reduced. Your overall health gets improved by the process. The process is affordable and non-invasive which is the reason people are attracted to it. So reach your potential at its peak through this therapy. To know more about the therapy in detail you need to read the webpage that is present below!

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a form of oxygen that is inserted into the body to treat different medical issues. The ozone when reacts with the blood increases blood circulation and boosts collagen production hence the immunity of a person boosts up and the strength goes to the next level. In the therapy, ozone is used in both forms, liquid, and gas. This FDA-approved therapy is the best process to tackle injuries occurred due to sports and weakness due to aging. 

Benefits of the Treatment:

When we talk about the advantages of the treatment these are the ones that are present below:

  • Therapy enhances the athletic performance
  • Recovery period of the patient is short
  • This therapy increases the oxygenation of the body which increases ATP production and gives energy to the body
  • Flexibility of the muscles
  • The metabolism of a patient improves
  • The procedure is a non-surgical one
  • A boost in the immune system and blood production 
  • Session is short which is around 20 to 30 minutes

Who Should Get the Ozone Therapy?

If you want to get the IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength you should have the following:

  • If you are someone who desires to get the non-invasive treatment 
  • To enhance the overall health
  • When you have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • To treat athletic injuries and wounds
  • If you have recurring inflammation, fatigue, and soreness
  • When you have a chronic pain 

About your candidacy, for the treatment, you need to consult an expert doctor. The doctor will tell you if the process is perfect for you after your analysis. 

How Does It Help in Sports Injury and Muscle Strength?

Ozone is used for different reasons in the body. For athletes, ozone therapy works to treat injury, strain, and stress which is due to their exercise and workouts. The therapy relaxes the muscles and oxygenates the blood. As a consequence, the injured site now has all the essential nutrients and gets recovered. Among the various ways of ozone insertion, patients can get the treatment by rectum where the ozone is injected by catheter to treat the problem. This is one of the quickest and most popular ways of ozone introduction into the body to improve muscle strength and treat muscle cramps. 

In an ozone sauna, ozone therapy is given by making people sit in an ozone bath where the ozone is introduced into the bloodstream by breathing which causes the production of vitamins, hormones, and defensive agents by penetrating deep into the skin layers. 

Is there any Pre-Care?

  • Before the treatment, your doctor will do some tests including blood tests so you should have enough energy to tackle the blood withdrawal. For this, you need to have proper sleep one night before the process. 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast to support the examination process
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Do not take any medicines which are not prescribed by the doctor

When you will follow the pre-care as guided by your doctor you will be able to get the results more accurately and for a long time in a safe way. 

What is the After Care?

After your process, your doctor might give you the following aftercare routine which you need to follow to sustain the outcomes:

  • Try to eat food that is high in nourishment
  • Sleep on time for around 8 hours to speed up the recovery
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol consumption
  • Avoid food that contains carbohydrates, sugar, and fatty acids
  • To stay hydrated drink plenty of water 

Is Ozone Therapy harmful?

Ozone has provided very beneficial effects on people which means that it is not harmful. The maximum ozone therapy can do is swelling and bruising. These side effects fade away within a day or two after which the patient can feel normal and can continue the daily routine. So, regarding the risks of ozone therapy, you do not need to worry as different celebrity athletes are receiving the treatment to treat their muscle injuries and wounds. 

Make Your Muscle Strong and Boost Your Athletic Power!

Our regenerative medicines treatments in Abu Dhabi are carried out by our expert doctor Dr. Hany Chadiac who is carrying out the processes for several years and know how to tackle sensitive conditions. We want you to look beautiful, satisfied, and strong from the inside. For this, we are offering you different regenerative treatments. You can choose one from the list according to your needs. To enjoy the perks of the IV Ozone Therapy Sports Injury and Muscle Strength in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain in Enfield Royal Clinic you need to complete the form that is present below!

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