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Penile Girth Enhancement With Dermal Filler

Men who have a penis less in girth and circumference do not need to worry about it as the Penile Girth Enhancement With Dermal Filler in Abu Dhabi will help them get their desired shape and size. This specific treatment is for the increment in the girth of the penis. Instead of painful surgeries and knives, you only require some dermal fillers by which you can achieve the width you want. These are injections that contain the essential substance for adding volume to the penile region. Know about the procedure in detail and get the treatment from our expert andrologists. 

Quick Facts:

Results: 1-inch increase.

Duration of Results: 1 to 2 years.

Type of Procedure: Non-invasive.

Risks: Redness and swelling.

Fillers required: 5 to 15 injections.

What are Dermal Fillers?

To add volume and stoutness in different areas of the body, these fillers are used. The procedure has been used to increase the size of various regions of the body, also, the sensitive ones including the penis. This dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid that causes enhancement of the penis. Hyaluronic Acid Penile Injection are applied in the upper layer of the skin. There are different dermal fillers that can be used. 

How they are Used for Penis Girth Enhancement?

Men who feel a sense of insecurity and inadequacy go for the treatment because they desire to satisfy their partner with a thicker penis. The injectable will insert the volume into the penis and causes the hydration as well as maintains elasticity. This increases the appearance of the male genitalia in a natural way.  


When the patient goes for the Penile Girth Enhancement With Dermal Filler in Abu Dhabi an increase of around 1 inch is achieved. How much the filler is used and the need of the patient decides the overall increase in the penis. Expertise of the doctor plays an important role in the final outcomes of the process. 

How Long Do the Outcomes Stay?

The outcomes of the treatment will stay there for around 1 to 2 years after which the patient will need to obtain the maintenance sessions. This isn’t the exact time for which the results stay because the body type of each person varies. 


There are many benefits of the penile enlargement procedure. These are the ones:

  • Eliminates the bumps on the penis 
  • Corrects the penile curvature 
  • Size and length of the male part increases 
  • Ejaculation time boosts up 
  • The glans of the penis improves 
  • Immediate results 
  • No recovery is required

Who Should Get the Treatment?

People who want to receive the treatment should have the following:

  • People who are in good mental and physical health 
  • Have a realistic approach to the process
  • You want a non-invasive cure for your girth increment
  • Penis that is of small or average size
  • Not satisfied in the sexual life


Usually, it takes half an hour to complete the process.

Although it is advised to refrain from sexual activity and strenuous exercise for a few days, the majority of individuals can get back to the daily chores right away after the procedure.

Using an enzyme called hyaluronic, generally, the dermal filler's results can be reversed.

For optimal results, the method can be combined with additional procedures like penis lengthening surgery or erectile dysfunction therapy.


  • Before the procedure, you need to consult your doctor and should discuss the complications with them.
  • Eliminate the use of blood thinning medicines such as aspirin. 
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated 
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol consumption as they can delay the recovery 
  • Shave your area around the penis where the injection will be applied

What is the Procedure?

To carry out the methodology, your doctor will apply anaesthesia which will numb the area so that the patient can not feel any sort of discomfort. 

Then these dermal fillers are injected under the skin of the penis in the form of injections. The fillers are inserted into the penile regions which improves the appearance and shape of the penis. This non-invasive procedure is safe and can be done in a day. The overall process time required is half an hour to an hour. For the shaft, the injections are applied a little deeper. The outcomes of the method are natural, smooth and firm. 

After Care:

  • After the procedure, do not do sexual activity for a few days
  • Use ice packs and cooling pads in case of any burning or swelling sensation 
  • Use painkillers if you feel any pain 
  • Eliminate blood thinners
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects

Are there any Side Effects?

There are no severe side effects of the strategy, the patient will only feel redness, swelling or irritation in the start that can be treated within one or two days by the doctor’s prescription. 

What Material is Used Inside the Injection?

Fillers like Hyaluronic Fillers are inserted into the targeted area. These fillers include Juvederm, Restylane and Defyne. Most ideal fillers are used by our experts in our clinic to provide you with the best possible outcomes. 

How Many Fillers are Required?

There are a number of fillers required for penile girth enhancement according to the longings of a person. In general, the patient requires around 6 to 15 injections to achieve the desired increase in the penis. Around 20% to 30% of the width improves. 


The cost for Penile Girth Enhancement With Dermal Filler in Abu Dhabi variates depending on different factors. These factors can affect the price of the treatment are: 

  • Number of injections that are used
  • Quality of the fillers
  • Sessions required for an individual 
  • Location of the clinic
  • Condition of the patient 

The price of a specific treatment can not be told directly by the website as the complications in different cases are different which means that the efforts and the charges will be different too. 

Experience the Newer Confident You!

Enfield Royal Clinic with its best andrologists is here to help and will assist you in getting the desired size. Our doctors will first examine you and will then tell you the suitable treatment for you. If you have problems with penile measurements then you can go for the Penile Girth Enhancement With Dermal Filler in Abu Dhabi. To get the procedure complete the form that is pre

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