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Facial Scar Revision

Facial Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi

Scarring is an unavoidable result of the healing process, whether it is from trauma or surgery. The most significant criterion for judging surgical success is the visual look of a lesion. Having a scar particular on the face is a real issue for some people. The scars on the face have very definite implications that are different as compared to scars on any other part of the body.  These are in terms of self-confidence and self-image. It may also affect the ability of a person to interact socially. These implications, though not life-threatening, still impact a person’s life. A person can now hide these scars through Facial Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi.  The goal is to make the scars unnoticeable on a person’s face and make it more tolerable.   

About Treatment:

This is reconstructive surgery for people who have facial scars. This treatment is all about hiding them. Even though facial scars are permanent and cannot be completely removed or erased, they can be made comparatively unnoticeable. There are a number of ways these scars can be taken care of.

Scars along the wrinkle lines are less noticeable than the ones perpendicular to the wrinkles. The perpendicular scar is noticed more easily due to the tension in the skin which also results in its stretching. The surgeon hides the defect in the skin by making it less noticeable using the knowledge of re-approximating skin edges making it parallel to the resting skin tension lines.   


The patient should have realistic expectations of the results of the treatments. This is because the scar cannot be made to disappear one hundred percent. It is just made to be way less noticeable to the naked eye. The scar stays under the skin.

Facial Scar Revesion Clinic in UAE Facial Scar Revesion in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain facial scar revesion in Abu Dhabi


  • Smooths out the facial skin
  • Improves the skin tone and texture
  • Helps to raise a person’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Provides fullness to the skin and evens out the scarring.
  • Reduces the appearance of the scars
  • Stimulates the natural healing process  


In the initial consultation, the doctor discusses the treatment goals with the patient with a prominent facial scar. The patient is made to understand that the scar is made better or hidden with the treatment but cannot be erased and that scars are permanent.

Then the surgeon analysis the type of scars that needs to be treated. He checks the type of scarring, its direction, whether it is parallel to the resting skin tension lines, or if it is depressed or flat i.e. same as skin surface.

Apart from the physical assessment, the surgeon also takes the medical history of the patient to make sure that there will be no complications during and after the procedure.   


There are a number of procedures that are applied for the Facial Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Some of these are

  • Primary repair: This avoids the formation of scars. Treatment is done right after an injury in such a way that there is no formation of scars on the face. This may help a person avoid having scar revision later on. One of the key factors is to preserve natural landmarks and boundaries of the face so that the person gets the best healing
  • Scar repositioning: The scar is slid around and repositioned by bringing the edges of the scar together in a different way. It is made to fall within the skin tension lines to make it less noticeable than before.
  • Replacement of scar: An old scare is totally removed from the face and the fresh one is closed with great care and precision making sure it reduces in size and is comparatively acceptable.
  • Dermabrasion: In this technique, the topmost layer of the skin is removed and is replaced with new skin. It smooths out the skin and reduces the appearance of facial marks.
  •  Laser technique: Laser therapy is used to remove the outermost part of the injured top layer of skin when scarring becomes permanent. They essentially soften the skin in addition to enhancing its texture and look. 
  • Z-Plasty: Z-Plasty is a cosmetic procedure for enhancing the aesthetic and functional look of scars. With this treatment, the alignment of the scar is improved and made with the resting skin tension lines.
  • Skin grafting: In this process, skin from another part of the body is taken and placed on the scarring. The method is used when a substantial quantity of skin has been lost and the aim is to improve the function rather than appearance.  


A scar can be revised using both non-surgical and surgical treatments, which can be used alone or in conjunction. In order to get an appealing result, a scar revision specialist selects when and how to act and what sort of procedure to apply. Each of these procedures and treatments is different for individual patients. The surgeon determines which procedure will best work for each patient.

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the procedure, the patient needs to rest for several days. Scars normally appear worse when they start healing, and the color will start to recede when the first healing is complete. This procedure takes multiple months to finish. Throughout the first healing period, pain relievers can be taken to alleviate any pain, and individuals should carefully follow any directions and restrictions issued by their doctor.  The individual need to be patient as the healing process of the treatment is long.

Ideal Candidate:

  • An individual with a mature scar with enough tensile strength to undergo the procedure is an ideal candidate
  • A person with a realistic expectation of the procedure
  • A person with a well-balanced diet so that the wounds can be healed properly after the treatment
  • A medically fit and mentally prepared person with a facial scar that they want to make better

How does it Work?

It works by covering up the scars and making them look acceptable. It enhances the facial appearance of a person by making the scars less visible to the naked eye.  


The cost of the Facial Scar Revision in Abu Dhabi is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation. It depends on the treatment required by the patient for their scar removal.

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