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Dr. Luiz Toledo

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Louis

Years of
Experience 35

English, French, Italian, Spanish. Portuguese.

Doctor's Bio

Experience the Artistry of aesthetic transformation, enhance your beauty and begin your journey to timeless beauty!

At Enfield Royal Clinic, Dr Luiz Toledo is a renowned and well-respected plastic surgeon, a pioneer in the field of surgical rejuvenation, an educator, and an author. He is in demand as a plastic surgeon because of his high global profile, extensive surgical experience, and artistic sensitivity. 

He has assisted thousands of his patients in feeling better and looking younger. In 2020, he moved with his family to Lisbon, Portugal, where he worked at Hospital Saint Louis. In 2022, he moved back to Dubai and now works at Enfield Royal Clinic.

About Dr Luiz:

Dr Toledo is a well-known Brazilian plastic surgeon who completed his plastic surgery residency in So Paulo more than 30 years ago, giving him the credentials to join the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society as a fully active member. He began his career as a surgeon, working at a public hospital and specialising in the treatment of skin cancer. He practised both aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

He was an innovator of a new technique of Liposuction called Liposculpture, a gentle removal of fat cells using a syringe, meaning these cells could be re-injected giving volume where volume is lacking. Dr. Toledo started injecting small volumes of fat in the face and breasts more than 30 years ago, this led a few years later to the development of the procedure known today as the Brazilian Buttock Technique widely adopted around the world.

Dr Toledo is a sought-after lecturer who is invited to share his experiences and expertise with upcoming surgeons in addition to his job as a surgeon and the care of his patients. In addition to aiming for natural outcomes and a secure recovery period, his objective is to enhance surgical techniques to make Plastic Surgery safer in the operating room.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aesthetics Surgery.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Reconstructive Surgery


  • He was the ISAPS Course Director for seven years, organizing courses all over the world. 
  • He developed and directed the ISAPS Public Information Committee for six years. 
  • He was ISAPS National Secretary for Brazil for 4 years and was ISAPS NS for the UAE also for 4 years.
  • He was the scientific director of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society for six years, organizing monthly meetings and Annual Congresses of the EPSS for the local plastic surgeons. 
  • He organized the first ISAPS International Course in Dubai in January 2014. 
  • He worked out of his clinic, Shape Medical Centre, and operated at Dubai London Clinic Speciality Hospital in Jumeirah, Dubai.


  • Plastic Surgery Societies including the American ASAPS
  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery – SBCP – in 1976. 
  • International ISAPS, where he was one of the scientific directors, among others, 


Dr Toledo has many scientific publications in the field of Plastic Surgery, both in journals and textbooks. 

  • His book “Refinements in Facial and Body Contouring” was released worldwide by Lippincott-Raven and subsequently translated into several languages.  His two books with Springer-Verlag were important milestones in explaining new techniques.
  • The refinement of traditional Liposuction, “Superficial Liposculpture” was considered one of the more important textbooks of the ’90s. 
  • Circumareolar Techniques for Breast Surgery explain the limits of this important technique.
  • Dr Toledo, over the past nearly 30 years, has been involved in lecturing and teaching around the world. He has written and edited 14 general books and 16 Plastic Surgery textbooks.
  • Published more than 70 scientific papers and guest-edited editions of Clinics in Plastic Surgery. 
  • He has given teaching courses on his face and body contouring techniques at the ASPS and ASAPS congresses for 15 years.


Contributions to the International Plastic Surgery Community:

  • Dr Luiz contributed countless chapters to other surgeons’ books and published more than 70 scientific papers in Brazilian and International publications. 
  • He has given 120 teaching courses and organized 25 international congresses and symposiums.
  • A popular television talk show guest, Dr. Toledo has appeared in the USA, Brazil, Europe and Dubai. 
  • He has been featured in magazine articles throughout the world including American, Brazilian and British Vogue, Elle, and Allure and recognized twice in Tattler’s annual Best Plastic Surgeons publication.
  • Dr Toledo was elected and has held, for the past 6 years, the position of Scientific Director for the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society – EPSS – bringing the Plastic Surgeons of the region together to share their experiences through bi-monthly meetings and annual congresses in Dubai.
  • Dr Toledo is now working at MMC AESTHETICS with an expert team of doctors, nurses and technicians.


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