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Short Scar Breast Augmentation

Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Implant Cost

Women are always more concerned about their breasts as compared to other body areas. As having perfect shapes and measures of the chest enhances the personality of a lady. Also, obtaining such breasts, a lot of surgical procedures are present for many years but individuals get afraid of these as there are large cuts and incisions involved in this process. This problem is mitigated by the introduction of Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi which will now do amendments according to your choices in the chest area without leaving any marks or cuts. The incision that can be the result of this surgery is so small that they are not even visible and get hidden under the breast muscles. No one can judge if the patient has undergone such treatment.

Aim of Treatment:

As compared to traditional breast surgery which causes a large cut around the breast area which is prominent enough to show that a woman has undergone breast surgery the reason behind the formation of this procedure was to provide the same treatment to women with less visible scars or marks that can be hidden under the breast area. The technique that is used in the process is the utilization of a small tool (Keller Funnel) that will create a little-sized incision which will be a maximum of 3 cm. The cause of the Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi is the choice of women to reverse the effects of pregnancy, aging, and weight gain.


The results related to the treatment are firm and lifted breast area. Acerola of the breast area will be enhanced after the process. The impacts will remain prominent forever. How well the procedure has been carried out depends on the expertise of the surgeon. That’s why whenever opting for a treatment a woman should consider the best surgeons that are available.

Benefits of Short Scar Breast Augmentation:

The advantages that are achieved by the implementation of these implants are as follows:

  • Enhanced breast shape and cleavage will get better by the grafting techniques
  • The scars that occur as an outcome are almost unapparent
  • No effects on breastfeeding after childbirth
  • No extra pressure on the implants 
  • Chances of infections are less as compared to the customary surgery
  • Saline and silicone implants can get inserted by this procedure
  • The recovery rate of the treatment is short
  • Due to less risk of biofilm production on the implants, capsular contracture will not occur

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Women who want to make their breasts enlarge & wanted to improve their shape should opt for the treatment. Especially women who have anxiety regarding the large cuts and scars. The best candidate for this type of surgery is the one who has a saggy breast or the breast which has fewer muscles. Women who have good mental and physical health and bear a realistic approach towards the procedure. No medical history and being a non-smoker you become the perfect candidate for the treatment. You should be an adult to get benefited from the procedure.

Short Scar Breast Augmentation n Abu Dhabi Short Scar Breast Aumnentation Clinic in Abu Dhabi UAE ShortScar Breast Augmentatuion

Precautions Before the Treatment:

When you have your Short Scar Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi ahead you should start taking a good diet and nutrition to boost your immune and to get able to bear the surgery. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption prior to the surgery. Commencing a healthy lifestyle including exercise will help you get a smooth therapy. Do not take medications that cause blood thinning as it will cause more bleeding in the treatment.


The doctor starts the process after applying the anesthesia to the patient breast area to make it numb after this specific markings will be done with proper measurements and after that, the medic will use a Keller funnel to make small incisions on the breast area. These incisions are made in the area to create a proper space for the implants to be inserted. With the aid of a funnel, the implants will be injected into the breast. In this surgical procedure, the cuts that come out at the last of treatment are almost non-visible and small. Then the incisions will be closed with the help of sutures with the application of creams on them to start the healing process.

How to Get Rid of Scars from Breast Augmentation?

When you are done with your surgical time period you need to take care of yourself to eliminate the short scars made from the therapy. These will take some time to completely heal, and for this, the physician will prescribe some medications and routines which you need to follow to get healthy. Also, by using silicone bandages you can recover. Do massage and use ointments that help in healing. This will swift up the recovery time and your scars will change from reddy to healed ones. The overall healing period of the patient is around two to 3 months. Do not hurry to get healed as it is a time taking process otherwise it will make your scars appear worse. 

Difference between Short Scar Breast Augmentation and Traditional Breast Surgery:

The main difference between both surgeries is the length of their scars. These scars are around 5 to 7 cm for traditional breast surgery and it’s about 3 to 4 cm for the short scar surgery. Therefore the healing time for both the treatments are different. More sutures in the case of customary augmentation will take emore time to heal. 


The price for the treatment fluctuates between the AED 17999 to AED 25000 depending on the number of sessions involved, the number and kind of implants that are inserted. Also, the services of treatment, expertise of the doctor and the site of the clinic.

Why Choose Enfield Royal Clinic?

Enfield Royal Clinic is providing a treatment that will enhance the appearance of your breast and will lift them up without causing a scar that appear clearly. Our surgeons are working day and night to make you look the way you want. We offer services that make you feel comfortable and relax. Our staff is friendly with you and you do not need to pay extra  money for your first consultation as our first appointment is totally free when you get to know about your issues and understand which treatment is best for you. 

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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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