Gastric Banding in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | lap band surgery
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Gastric Banding in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain lap band surgery

Obesity is one of the major issues across the world. People of every age group are concerned about their increased weight. However, the solutions are either temporary or useless. In this regard, Gastric Banding in Abu Dhabi is an effective and safer technique to prevent someone from excessive eating. In this kind of treatment, a silicon band usually referred to as the lap band is placed around the stomach. Resultantly, the capacity of the stomach is reduced and it also slows down the flow of food into the stomach. Cumulatively, it contributes indirectly toward the loss of weight. This technique is also relatively safer as it is reversible and adjustable.

Aim of Treatment:

The primary purpose of this treatment is to prevent a person from excessive food intake that in turn leads to the condition of obesity. This is achieved using reducing stomach capacity and slowing down the passage of food through and into the stomach.


  • This technique is comparatively more useful and effective for the following reasons:
  • The results produce are extraordinary, given the time and resources involved,
  • The process is reversible as the band can easily be removed any time after the surgery,
  • The capacity of the stomach could be adjusted over some time depending upon the overall condition of a person, and finally,
  • It doesn’t divide the stomach into compartments as is the case in other similar surgical procedures and thus involves very few complications.


This technique has proved to be very effective as it reduces 40 percent of the total weight in two years. That means if a person is overweight by 200 pounds, he’s likely to lose 80 lbs. Results can vary from one person to another depending upon the lifestyle and eating habits of a person.

Gastric-Banding-in-Abu-Dhabi-Al-Ain Gastric-Banding Gastric-Banding-in-Abu-Dhabi

Ideal Candidate:

Gastric Banding in Abu Dhabi can be suggested if a person:

  • Has a high BMI (of 40 or more), the score in this range usually indicates obesity-related health issues.
  • A person is healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure.

How Does it Work?

The upper stomach is banded by the surgeon to form a little pocket that can contain food. By making the recipient feel full after consuming little portions of food, the band restricts the portion size a person can eat.


An initial consultation is the first step in preparing for a gastric bypass to see if a person is a good candidate. After that, the individual must consume only the number of calories the doctor has prescribed. For several weeks before the therapy, the patient is to refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking.

Additionally, the person might have to stop taking some drugs, such as blood thinners, before the treatment. To have good surgery, the patient should make to adhere to all of the doctor’s directions.


Anesthesia is administered to the patient. A closed surgical technique called laparoscopic is used. The band is applied to the abdomen by a few little cuts in the skin. By moving forward via the incisions, it is positioned a few inches forward of the intersection of the esophagus and the stomach.

The band on the stomach is then tightened. The stomach’s band-separated region receives the food that has been swallowed. The food from this area slowly and infrequently moves into the remaining stomach.

In conclusion, the tape’s compression of the stomach’s entry area aims to give the patients a longer-lasting sense of fullness. Additionally, because the transit of food through the residual portion of the stomach takes longer, digestion will also take longer.

Aftercare and Recovery:

A list of proper post-op guidelines is provided to the patient to pace up the process of recovery and avoid any type of complication during the healing period. The patient is to follow the instructions strictly to get the best possible results of the surgery.

Side Effects:

Normally, it’s quite a safer technique to deal with the problem of obesity. However, it could involve some minor complications. For example, it could result in occasional nausea and vomiting. Also, it could lead to frequent constipation because some people struggle to ingest fluids after this surgery.


The average cost of Gastric Banding in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 24,999 to AED 34,999. Several factors define the cost of the procedure. These are all taken into consideration by the surgeon when deciding the final cost of the surgery.

How Long do the Results Last?

The gastric band lasts for as long as it is not removed by the dermatologists. It is advised to be removed after approx 10 years as otherwise, the removal process can become complicated.

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