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Weight loss for some people is not an easy process. Often people are left with stubborn fats in certain parts of the body and lose fat from areas they do not want to.  These are unwanted fats in different parts of the body. It can be on the arms, legs, back, or even neck.  Such people can now take these unwanted fats and place them on the parts they actually want to be fatty through the procedure of Fat grafting. It is basically Fat Transfer Surgery in Abu Dhabi in which fat cells are transferred from one part of the body to another. This is purely an aesthetic procedure and it enhances the body figure by effectively contouring it. In this procedure, no foreign implants are put into the body making it a very natural process. It helps a person reinvigorate a person’s body. These fat relocation procedures become very common in recent years. Many people go to the doctor to get a better shape for the body.

About Treatment:

The fat is transferred from one body part to the other by moving fat cells to the region that the person wishes to be thick. These cells are then made to thrive in the recipient region. 

This is done by harvesting fat from the donor area. This fat is processed and the fat cells are separated. These cells are then injected into the recipient area using fine cannulas. The cells are to be evenly spread out for them to have enough space to thrive. In this way contour irregularities are also avoided.  

Sometimes the procedure needs to be carried out more than one time. For example, 2 or 3 separate procedures may be needed separately for effective results. The main reason for this is that the recipient area can only expand to a certain amount.

This treatment cannot be carried out on people who have little to no body fat at all.


It is important that the candidates have realistic expectations when it comes to this procedure. The goal is to have a lot of fat stay and to survive long term. This is best achieved by having the cells spread out in the recipient area.  About 50 to 70% of the transfer of fat is effective. The rest is usually absorbed by the body in a time span of about 6 months. The final results of the procedure can be seen after 6 months.


Duration of Results :

In the initial six months, some amount of the fat is absorbed by the body and breaks down. However, after this process, the remaining cells stay in the body permanently thus making it a relatively permanent treatment.


  • Nothing foreign is put into the body and the body’s own cells are used so no chances of rejection
  • It gives natural-looking and good results when carried out by a skilled and experienced doctor.
  • It saves a person from implant-associated complications
  • It is a safe, effective, and easy procedure to carry out
  • Certain deformities can be filled with the fat grafting procedure. For example, certain deformities of arms, legs, skull or face, etc are corrected
  • The procedure can be carried out for breast or buttocks augmentation as well
  • It is not a painful procedure

Ideal Candidate:

  • A person who wishes to contour their body to their liking is ideal for the procedure.
  • A person should have a moderate-sized body with enough body fats to transfer from one place to another
  • A person has enough skin on the area where they want the fat to be transferred. For example, people who previously lost weight. In such people, the transfer of fat is not intense
  • The individual should be in good health with no serious medical condition. In case a person suffers from any kind of medical condition, their doctor is consulted first before the procedure.

How Does it Work?

In Fat Transfer Surgery in Abu Dhabi, fat cells are taken from one part of the body and placed on another. These fat cells then grow and thrive in the recipient area causing it to become fatty. In this way the part of the body that does not have enough fat gains it and the part where the body has extra removes it. 


  • First of all, individuals need to have enough fat cells in their body, to begin with, the procedure. In the case of skinny people, they may be asked to gain some weight before the treatment.
  • Before the surgery, the patients are advised not to eat for 7 or 8 hours and not to drink for around 6 hours.
  • The individual should not use any lotion, makeup, or moisturizer as well before the procedure.
  • The clothing should be comfortable and lenses and dentures removed.
  • The individual may also be advised to stop smoking for a week or so before the procedure.
  • If the doctor suggests any medication before the surgery, take those according to the prescription.
  • All the other instructions given by the doctor should be followed by the patient before the procedure.


  • The treatment starts with a traditional liposuction procedure in which the fat is extracted.
  • This fat is then first processed by washing it with antibiotics and then straining it to make sure pure fat is being injected no extra fluid is incorporated.
  • This gives better and more predictable results and it is seen to be a true fat volume that is injected and not volume just from the fluid. 
  •  After that, the recipient area is marked where the fat cells are to be injected.
  • These cells are then injected in very small amounts and put in many different locations in the recipient area based on the markings.
  • By spreading the fat cells in many different areas, there are better chances of survival of fat cells resulting in better results.
  • The fat is placed above the muscles for safety reasons.
  • The doctor can carry out the procedure under general or local anesthesia.


The patient is given a compression garment to wear. This is to be kept on for about six weeks. This is worn so that the body does not swell too much and to control the shape of the body. This also pushes in the skin of the donor part of the body so that the skin shrinks in that area from where fat is taken.

In the recipient area, the fat is to be kept in place and not to be moved around a lot. This helps control the results and maximizes the survival of the fat that is moved over.  

The patient, if possible, should avoid sleeping on the area where fat is transferred so that this part does not undergo a lot of pressure.   


For the first few couple of weeks, the donor and recipient region is swollen. The first couple of days the swelling increases and then in about six weeks it recedes. The bruises may fade away in a week or 2.

Depending on the removed volume of fat from the body, a person can go back to work in about 2 to 15 days. However, intense activities are to be avoided for the first 3 weeks.

In the first 3 to 6 months, some of the fat goes away and is absorbed by the body. The fat cells that remain after six months are permanent as till then the body incorporates those cells and feeds them and keeps them alive for a long term.


The cost for Fat Transfer Surgery in Abu Dhabi from one part of the body to another ranges from AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 depending on the type of surgery. The doctor determines the cost of the procedure after the initial consultation.  

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