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Colorectal Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Cancer that gets develops in the rectum and colon is called colorectal cancer. The colon and rectum are the parts of the large intestines. When the normal cells around the rectum and colon lining get abnormal it stimulates abnormal cell production leading to tumor formation that becomes cancerous afterward. Colorectal screening is important as the disease does not show any signs before getting spread totally. So patients should be careful if there is any issue with the rectum or colon. When a person has developed colorectal cancer he/she should go for Colorectal Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

What is Colorectal Cancer?

A disease in which the cells in the rectum and colon starts growing abnormally and turn into colon cancer cells. These cells from polyps. These polyps are of different types. Screening done for the colorectal area helps in determining the signs of cancer cells. This way early diagnosis of the disease happens and helps in saving a person’s life. This cancer is the most common cause of death in men and women. So the treatment for the disease is effective when the patient is in the early stages. 

Types of Colorectal Cancer:

Cancers for colorectal are of different types. These are written below:


This type of cancer arises from the prostate glands, lungs, and colon. The cells in the rectum and colon form polyps. These polyps spread into the lining of the large intestine. This cancer can be treated if detected on time by your doctors.  

Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors:

Cells that are involved in the production of hormones and then their release in the bloodstream develop these cancer cells. This cancer spreads slowly and does not show symptoms at the start. The tumors that develop are also called neuroendocrine tumors. The main types of these gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors are signet ring cell carcinoma and mucinous adenocarcinoma.

Causes of Cancer:

The actual cause of colorectal cancer is not known. But there are some habits that can develop cancer cells. These are the ones present below:

  • With aging, you can develop the risk of the colon cancer
  • History of cancer 
  • When you have inherited cancer issues
  • Individuals with perineal chron’s disease 
  • Fat people
  • Candidates who smoke
  • Less physical activity 
  • Bowel diseases

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms:

Colorectal cancer does not show symptoms and signs in the early stages. These symptoms get visible in the last stages of cancer. The signs are as follows:

  • You feel full even after excretion
  • Fatigue issues 
  • Rectum bleeding 
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Vomit 
  • Nausea
  • Pain in your stomach 
  • Weakness and weight loss
  • Stool color changes

Colorectal Cancer Treatment:

Depending on the stage of cancer, your doctor will use a specific technique. There are different treatment options. These are the ones present below:


The treatment is designed to make the immune system of a person strong enough to fight cancer cells. Immune therapy is further of two types. 

Active Immunotherapy:

This is a natural enhancement of the immune system to treat cancer cells. Immunity is boosted by the help of vaccines, medicines, and immune therapies. 

Passive immunotherapy:

This is the insertion of antibodies into the body of the patient by preparing them in the laboratory. This therapy provides immediate strength to the immune system of a person. The therapy provides a quick response to the developing cancer cells. 


This is a surgical method of removing cancer cells from the body. The treatment withdraws as many cancer cells as possible. Surgery for cancer is commonly performed with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, and radiation. 


Radiotherapy is used to treat cancer cells with the help of radio waves such as X-rays. These rays destroy the cancer cells. Doctors are trained specially to perform the process. 


The treatment of cancer with the help of pills and medications. These are injected into the patient’s body with the help of IV drips and are sometimes given orally to the patient. This therapy is advised when the disease is spread to other tissues. 

How the Diagnosis is Done?

Colonoscopy:  Using a camera, the rectum and colon condition are examined. This helps in treating colorectal cancers. 

CT Colonography: In this procedure, the doctor uses a CT device to take visuals. The colon is made empty before the procedure. 

Imaging Test: Using ultrasound or MRI to detect whether the cancer is spread to other parts or not. 

Blood Stool Test: This test will identify if blood is present in the stool or not. 

Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Radiography: An X-Ray to check the rectum and colon of the patient. The doctor inserts a tube with an injection into the rectum. 

Fight Cancer With Us!

We at Enfield Royal Clinic are passionate to treat your medical issues that can be fatal in the future and can take your lives. By doing a diagnosis on time and getting the best Colorectal Cancer Treatment in Abu Dhabi, you can eliminate the chances for colorectal diseases. To schedule, your appointment with our doctors fills out the form that is present below.

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