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Night Guaard Splint in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Night Guard Cost UAE

Grinding teeth oversees to situations related to the oral cavity. This can be a source of disturbance to somebody who sleeps with you & are your companion, during day time too. Some people have the habit of clenching teeth so hard that this becomes the source of teeth loss and dislocation of teeth. Also, teeth fall occur if this habit is not stopped. To stop teeth clenching people need some help to avoid it. The Night Guard Splint in Abu Dhabi will definitely be the helpers that will abolish this grinding habit. These are the preferable tools as they are usable at night time while sleeping.

What Actually is a Night Guard  ?

These are specially designed according to the measures of the individual who is achieving the treatment. Proper measurements of the candidate’s teeth are taken and the particular ocular splint is prepared.

The hard plastic is utilized to form a molded splint so that the patient can cover their teeth with it.  This work as a protective layer for teeth that shields the crowns, teeth, and coverings from gripping. The teeth prevent cracking after this also the teeth breakage controlled.

Outcomes of the Treatment:

The Occlusal splint gives you protection from injuries because by grasping, the individual can hurt its jaws & muscles present inside the mouth. After applying this, now you have the resistance to grinding which will save you from other problems & complications like the tearing of teeth. The teeth will not loosen after this.


A variety of benefits are attached to the application of a nightguard. The advantages are mentioned below & everybody can have a look at them:

  • No clinging & grasping
  • Saved teeth
  • Shield you from teeth impairment
  • Eliminate jaw & head ache
  • Enhance the quality of teeth
  • Teeth pain will be eliminated
  • The patient will stop snoring
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Cheap process

Types of Occlusal Splints:

There are two types of these guards:

Hard Night Guards:

The night guard is made up of Hard acrylic material. This will feel hard in the mouth and  individual can face some difficulty while moving of jaw. This is hard to wear but is perfect to cure severe grinding & clenching disorders. The mentioned guards are more expensive than the softer ones.

Soft Night Guards:

The components used to build this night guard is actually smooth and flexible. The people who do not have severe grinding disorders but do simple clenching are usually prescribed the treatment. This is a reasonable tool as compared to the hard one but treats simple cases.

Upper Nightguard or Lower Nightguard?

Depending on the choice of the patient night guards are selected If we talk generally the upper dental splint is recommended by the doctor as they give strong connectivity to the teeth despite the lower ones are soft and slightly liable than the upper night guards. These are comfortable for a patient to wear.

How to Wear the Splints?

When the splints are applied in the mouth then you must not eat. These are usually worn at night and people get treated without a hurdle but sometimes the doctor advised to wear these night guards at day time too, to fasten the recovery process. You own to join the upper & lower jaw to obtain results.

Consequences of Avoiding Night Guards:

When candidates avoid  night guards the chance for teeth damage increases & the enamel exposes the inner components of teeth due to complete breaking and will acquire a dental veneer treatment. You may sense head pain repeatedly & your jaw will ache.

The teeth will get loose and can fall down from the enamel resulting in loss of teeth and you will then be required to obtain treatment for fake teeth restoration.

So, to avoid severe conditions individuals are advised to get treated at a right time.

A lifetime of the Nightguard?

A Night Guard Splint in Abu Dhabi remains working for almost a year or more after that they will be changed. The lifetime of a mouth guard depends on its use of it. There can be hole formation and in it can lose its flexibility or strength.

It is recommended that a dental splint must be changed after an average life period.

What is the Care procedure?

To protect the teeth and the night guard from different bacterial invasions the cleaning of night guards is necessary. To clean them warm water should be utilized to remove the bacteria & virus. Do not place them in the sun’s rays as it can affect their quality and working phenomena.

When the night guards are dried they become hard and tight, it will be solved by soaking them in the water.

Place these dental splints into a case box to protect them from outside bacterial invasions.

How to Adjust a Nightguard?

For proper adjustment of the mouthguard, it is first soaked in water and then get molded after inserting into the sufferer’s mouth. After that, the night guard will adjust itself on the teeth of the patient when he will apply pressure to them.  This is the simple and effective method of applying these night guards.

Dental Splints Side Effects:

When talking about a treatment it holds some pros but it may have some side effects as well. The after effects connected to this treatment are negligible. These are as follows:

  • Disturbance
  • You might feel your teeth stiff at the start
  • Interruption in speaking at the start

These are all minimal effects of these splints and will be sorted out after 3 to 4 days. So, patients don’t need to worry about these.


The cost of the Night Guard Splint in Abu Dhabi is AED 900. This price tag depends on the quality of the guard and the type. The doctor’s demand and the level of the clinic also decide the fee factor.

The final cost will be told by the doctor after the first consultation.

Why is Enfield Royal Clinic A Number One Choice?

To eliminate your bruxism and to get a normal life in which there is no extra craving for biting the teeth you have to acquire the Night Guard Splint in Abu Dhabi. We will deliver you with your desired dental splints & with a quality that will not affect your mouth muscles.

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