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Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi khalifa City Cost Price

Excess fat on the face, especially on the cheeks, can make people look fatter and older than they are. Facial liposuction involves surgically removing fat, but not facial liposuction. The reason for fat on the face is not always being overweight. Some people have more oily facial features and may have prominent cheeks despite being thin. However, the procedure to remove the fat packs on the cheeks is not liposuction, and it is called Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi.

Essence of Treatment:

It is a procedure of fat removal applied to the cheeks, and it can be performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation within 60 minutes. Fat pads are removed from that area with an incision made in the mouth. Buccal fat pads in the cheeks enlarge as you gain weight. As a result, the cheeks of the person appear fuller and plump. It is impossible to burn these fats with diet and exercise. Thanks to the cheek fat removal, the buccal fat pads are pulled out, and permanent thinness is provided on the patient’s face.


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • It refines the chubby cheek appearance on the face.
  • It creates a Hollywood cheek effect by defining the cheekbones.
  • Jowl liposuction thins the cheek appearance concentrated on the jawline and represented the Jawline line.
  • Since the surgical incision is opened through the mouth, it is an entirely scarless facial aesthetic.
  • Filling and Botox applications after cheek fat removal create more effective results on the face.


The results are slender, beautifully contoured cheeks with high cheekbones. Together with his plastic surgeon, the patient can choose the percentage of fat pad removal. It is definitely a permanent procedure since the inner cheek fat sac is removed and cannot be there again.

Buccal Fat Removal C;linic in Abu Dhabi Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi


Excessive cheek fat can contribute to excessive fullness in the lower cheeks, giving the face a round appearance. As a bonus, it reduces the amount of highlight on your cheeks.

The treatment allows us to correct your lower face, giving it a more defined and contoured look that is typically desired. Most applicants believe they have too much fat on their face or have a round or baby-like face and want more definition in their face and jawline.

To identify the cheek fat pads after being put to sleep, an incision is made in your mouth through the inside of your cheeks, and the cheek fat pads are manually located. When buccal pads are found, the surgeon or assistant pulls them from your face. After the operation, which takes 30 minutes or less, there is no noticeable scar.


The healing processes differ according to the technique applied in removing fat from the cheek and the general skin structure of the person.

It may take several weeks for the final results of the procedure to appear.

The results of the fat removal process from the cheek are permanent. For this reason, before deciding on the operation, outstanding research should be done, and detailed information should be obtained from the plastic surgeon about the whole process.

Although the recovery period is shorter in cheek fat removal than in other surgical techniques, there is still a need for a certain recovery period.


The cost of Buccal Fat Removal in Abu Dhabi can range from AED 7,999 to AED 10,000. The price is impacted by several factors, including the amount of fat removed, the face shape, the desired results, the doctor’s experience, and the clinic level. The doctor will determine the actual cost of each treatment after the initial consultation.  

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