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A person may experience some type of growth under the skin. This is due to the extra growth of cells.  It is basically fats and has no purpose. These growths are often not even harmful to the individual despite being known as tumors. However, they may appear abnormal if it grows big. These are known as Lipoma. They are hard to be concealed as they remain projected on the body and ruin one’s appearance in public and private spaces.  Although harmless, the lump could affect one’s outlook. Therefore, harmful or not, it’s always beneficial to get them removed.

In order to get rid of this extra growth and make a person’s skin appear even, there are clinical treatments to address this. A simple surgical procedure could get these outgrowths removed from the body and help a person look normal. This procedure of Lipoma Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain helps get rid of these growths.  

Aim of Treatment:

The extra mass of the fatty tissues, under the skin, that may form lumps on the skin are removed through the treatment. The treatment is basically a clinical procedure in which the surgeon performs a small surgery to extract the mass from the skin. This makes the surface of the skin flat. If the mass is not painful it is not important to remove it and can be left alone. However, if it becomes painful, it is important to get it checked. Other times, patients may also want to get it removed due to aesthetic concerns. No matter the reason, the treatment can get a person rid of this extra weight.  


The procedure results in the flattening of projections on the skin. It smoothens out any growths on the body and gets rid of the benign tumors. The incision made is usually very small resulting in small scar formation which is not much pain when healing. It can take months to heal due to the slow natural healing process.

In rare cases, when the growth is big and the extraction is a lot, the incision will be accordingly. The underlying factors that result in the formation of a lump the first time, if not treated, may cause it to reappear.

Lipoma Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi Lipoma Treatment Lipoma Tretament in Abu Dhabi


There are a number of benefits of the procedure

  • It levels the surface of the skin
  • Gives the person liberation to wear whatever clothes they want
  • It makes a person more confident with themselves
  • It contours the part where there was initially fatty growth
  • The treatment is also known to improve the self-esteem of a person
  • It is a very effective procedure giving guaranteed results
  • It relieves the person from the pain that may result from the growth
  • It results in the patients being comfortable with their selves

Ideal Candidate:

The perfect candidate for the treatment is:

  • Somebody who is medically healthy and fit and not suffering from any serious condition or disease
  • A person with medical clearance from the doctor to carry out the surgery in case they suffer from any medical condition
  • An individual with any type of growth(s) under the skin
  • Anybody who is not happy with the existence of growth(s) under the skin
  • Somebody who suffers pain due to the growth(s)
  • A mentally prepared person for the procedure, aftercare, and the healing process

How Does it Work?

Lipoma Treatment in Abu Dhabi works by removing the extra mass from the surface of the skin and leveling it. It is done by either making an incision or by sucking the fatty tissue out using a hollow tube.

Difference between Lipoma and Liposarcomas:

It is important to differentiate between the types of growth before starting the treatment. This is because, with different types, the treatment procedure also changes.

One major difference between the two is that one is cancerous and dangerous for the health of the individual. The other is just the accumulation of fatty tissues under the skin. There are a number of ways to differentiate between the two.

The surgeon carries out a physical examination to determine the kind of growth. However, to confirm other tests are also carried out like X-ray, CT scan, etc.


In the initial appointment, the surgeon discusses the concerns and expectations of the patient from the procedure.  Then after proper examination of the growth(s) and thoroughly examining the medical history of the patient, the surgeon suggests the best possible procedures and treatments remove it.

According to the method of treatment, the surgeon gives a list of instructions to prepare for the procedure. One main pre-requisite for any kind of treatment is to avoid smoking and blood thinners for days before and after the procedure. It can affect the healing process and also cause complications during the treatment.


The treatment is either carried out under local or general anesthesia depending on the type of lipoma. In the case of small growths, it is treated with local anesthesia and for large growths, general anesthesia is required.

The methods of treatment are mentioned below

  • Liposuction: In this procedure, the fatty tissues are removed by puncturing the growth and extracting the fat using a hollow tube. After this, the patient has to wear a compressing mask to reshape the area of the body.  
  • Surgical procedure: In this treatment, the surgeon makes a cut, which can be small or big depending on the growth, and removes the mass. It is then stitched back together with either dissolvable or removable stitches.
  • Injections: To remove the growth, injections may also be used. These are steroids that work by dissolving the mass and reducing its size naturally without any surgical removal.   

The surgeon after discussing with the patient decides on which method to use for the removal or elimination of the mass.

Do these go Away Without Treatment?

In order to get rid of the growths, it is important to get treatment. Without it, they do not go away. The kind of treatment an individual gets depends on their choice and also the kind of growth. The surgeon suggests the types of procedures a person can opt for after thoroughly examining the lump under the surface of the skin.

Aftercare and Recovery:

The post-care of the treatment depends on the type of procedure the surgeon opts for the removal of the mass. In case of an incision, the post-care would be like a normal operation but with a much smaller cut. If the patient goes through the procedure of liposuction, the after-care would be accordingly.

The surgeon gives post-care instructions that are to be followed for proper healing and desired results.

Side Effects:

There are some side effects of the treatments like

  • Minimal scarring on the region of the surgery
  • The growths may reappear if the underlying cause is not treated properly


The cost for Lipoma Treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 8,000.  It depends on the size of the mass to be removed. The total cost of the procedure is determined by the surgeon after a thorough examination of the area to be treated.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of the treatment are usually long-lasting and permanent. On the part of the skin from where it is removed, it is unlikely to appear again. However, the treatment does not ensure that the person will not get it on any other part of the body ever. If it appears again on another part of the body, it is to be treated again.

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