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Clinical Dietitian in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Enfield Royal Clinic UAE

A clinical dietitian in Abu Dhabi is a professional in the healthcare setting, especially with patients having underlying medical conditions, and designs a dietary routine for them by their physical condition. This is directed to maintain and improve the health of patients using dietary changes. Their role could short term as well as long-term depending upon the severity of patients’ condition. A patient recovering from an accident might need a clinical dietician for a relatively shorter period until he/she is healed whereas a person suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes will require long-term assistance with their dietary needs. A clinical dietician works at the center of the patient-doctor interaction and creates a balance between the doctor’s prescription and the patients’ dietary needs.

Who is a Clinical Dietician?

A dietician is an expert in human anatomy and physiology who studies it in relation with the role of nutrition and dietitian in maintaining and improving the optimal functioning of the human body. They work in clinics, hospitals, or other public healthcare settings. Their role is to work with patients to design diet plans for them for their specific needs.

What Do they Do?

The role of a clinical dietician is to complement the ongoing treatment of a patient through dietary changes. They work with the doctor and patient together to customize a dietary plan that is suited to the needs of the patient as well as goes well with the doctor’s treatment.


As mentioned earlier, this is a complementary procedure and its outcome depends on multiple factors: failure to treat the primary health condition i.e. working of an organ could seriously hamper the positive effect of diet. Besides this, this is a long-term process that gradually unfolds itself. Also, the outcome varies from one patient to another depending upon the physical condition of an individual.


This kind of supplementary treatment is beneficial for multiple reasons

  • For minor problems, such as accidents or infections, it helps you recover faster and get your wounds healed quickly, 
  • For chronic health issues, it could either prevent the disease by building immunity or it could improve the condition of a patient that has already suffered from a disease. 
  • Besides this, a healthy diet plan helps you maintain the normal functioning of the body under the supervision of an expert.

Methods of Diagnosis:

The following testing methods are adopted by the Clinical Dietitian in Abu Dhabi to examine the current condition of the patient and then advice suitable treatments

Hormone Test:

The optimal course of treatment may occasionally need the patient to undergo a few hormone testing. The majority of hormones may be found in the blood. A blood test can be ordered by a doctor to examine the individual’s thyroid and the quantities of estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol in the body.

Food Intolerance Test:

The goal of testing is to find food ingredients that negatively impact the body, are poorly digested, and result in symptoms like typical allergies. After the patient gives blood from a vein, the biomaterial is tested using an enzyme immunoassay. Its foundation is the identification of certain antigens that trigger an immunological response. Their presence can help in estimating how intolerant someone is.

Genetic Testing for Weight Management:

Genetic markers in numerous genes that are involved in various metabolic regulation processes are examined by DNA testing. The DNA test alone does not aid in weight loss. People might lose weight by taking decisions that are informed by the results of the genetic test. Genetic information won’t be useful to those who aren’t dedicated to making the necessary lifestyle changes, including changing their diet and exercising more.

When to Consult one?

Ideally, a clinical dietician is to be consulted to prevent yourself from any disease. However, if you are diagnosed with a disease and are undergoing treatment, you’ll be asked to consult an expert dietician who could customize a dietary plan for you. A dietician is not only responsible for the designing of a dietary plan but also to enforce the compliance and to continue overseeing the progress.

What Services do they Offer?

The dietician offers services that are personalized to the needs of an individual. If you’re a healthy person at the time of consultation, a dietician would examine your body by running different tests and would devise a plan that helps you prevent any dysfunction. On the other hand, if you are already suffering from a disease and undergoing treatment, a dietician would consult with your doctor after examining your body to design a plan that is aimed at complementing the ongoing treatment and the recovery of the patient.

Besides this, a clinical dietician helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they devise a plan but they develop mechanisms through which they force your compliance.

Best Clinical Dietician in Abu Dhabi:

The most skilled and qualified medical professionals and dieticians in Abu Dhabi work at the Enfield Royal Clinic. They provide the required and assured results by using the most recent techniques and approaches to diagnose the root cause of the problem. They are equipped to manage any situation or emergency thanks to their professionalism, intellect, and tenacity. They take their time to speak with the patients, look over their medical history, and identify any issues they may be having. 

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