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Laparoscopic Surgeries in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain laparoscopy cost

If you are struggling to weight loss and none of the usual technique, exercise, and diet, is working, you should try any laparoscopic surgery. While many people can maintain their optimum BMI using regulating their eating habits and daily exercise, many of us struggle to lose excessive weight and face constant psychological and physical challenges. However, there is good news that you can get this treated with little to no risk. Many surgical techniques are available that can contribute to the loss of excessive weight. These are cumulatively called laparoscopic surgeries. They may appear different in terms of the operating procedure, but they have one thing in common: they involve a keyhole-sized incision in the area around the stomach and don’t require an extended cut that allows the doctor to observe and operate the area of the stomach. Besides this, the ultimate effect of all the surgeries is similar: to reduce the capacity of the stomach so that less food is ingested.

The Essence of Treatment:

The primary purpose of these sequences of surgeries is to indirectly trigger the loss of weight through a surgical procedure that involves very lower risk and is relatively more useful. These techniques also aim at faster recovery and fewer chances of infection.


These surgical procedures are beneficial for the reasons mentioned below. Firstly, they don’t involve a serious incision in the stomach thus leading to less scarring and smaller wounds that are to be healed. Secondly, the person operated on experiences less pain and spends fewer days in the hospital. Thirdly, it’s cost-effective in comparison with other techniques available. Finally, it involves faster post-surgical recovery.


The procedures result in a reduction of all the excess weight from the patient’s body in the months following the surgery. The treatment is very effective in providing desired results that leave the recipients happy and satisfied. The results are permanent but they can be reversed by the surgeon after some time.

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Ideal Candidate:

If you have excessive fats beneath your skin and you have an increased ratio of BMI (more than 40) and none of the normal ways is working in your favor, you are an ideal candidate for these kinds of surgical treatments.


During the first consultation, the patient’s problem regions, concerns, and expectations for the procedure are discussed. To ensure that the patient has no major medical conditions that could be impacted by or potentially affect the therapy, the surgeon reviews the patient’s medical history and does a physical examination.

Following the initial examination, the individual is given a list of directions for getting ready for surgery. The patient must give up smoking and any blood-thinning drugs or supplements since these might lead to problems during and after the treatment.

Methods used:

The following weight loss techniques are carried out by the surgeon using laparoscopy

Gastric Banding:

The surgery is approved by the FDA and it begins with a few tiny abdominal cuts. To shrink the size of the tummy and to encourage eating less, a silicone band is wrapped around it. The band can remain over several years and aid in controlling your diet.

Mini Gastric Bypass:

The mini gastric bypass procedure starts with the physician creating several tiny abdominal incisions. One of these cuts is used to insert a laparoscope into the body. The top portion of the stomach is split into two by the surgery using staples.

The small intestine is joined to the pouch-like top portion of the stomach. Due to the tiny size of the stomach, the person eats less and absorbs fewer carbohydrates and calories. Less than two hours are needed to complete the surgery

Duodenal Switch:

In comparison to the other possibilities, it is more challenging. Sleeve gastrectomy and intestinal bypasses are also included. Since the person takes a lesser quantity of calories and glucose absorption is considerably reduced, the weight reduction is amazing with a smaller stomach and small intestine split into two pieces.

Aftercare and Recovery:

The person needs to relax a lot after the treatment. To make sure they recuperate from the treatment correctly, they will most probably spend several nights at the clinic. The patient will initially only be able to eat liquids and semi-solid foods. they won’t be able to resume eating solid foods for a long. All the guidelines provided by the doctor should be strictly followed by the patient to pace up the recovery period. 

Side Effects:

One of the benefits of these treatment procedures is that it doesn’t involve a very higher risk of post-surgical complications. wounds are smaller, thus lowering the probability of any infection. In rare cases, it could result in temporary vomiting and nausea or a hernia.


The average cost of the surgical procedures ranges from AED 14,999 to AED 39,999. The complexity of the operation, the person doing it, and the clinic’s level are all factors that affect the cost. The person can only receive a precise estimate from your surgeon based on their unique requirements.

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The greatest dermatologists and physicians in Abu Dhabi may be found at the Enfield Royal Clinic. They employ contemporary methods and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best and safest therapies. The customers and patients are delighted since these therapies ensure positive outcomes. The clinic’s skilled team ensures that patients are at ease and comfortable both before and after operations. The patients are our top priority thanks to our patient-centric approach. All Covid 19 protocols are still in place and are closely adhered to since the security of this group is taken extremely seriously.

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