7 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Abu Dhabi
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7 ways to prevent Hair Loss in Abu Dhabi

7 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is an important aspect in shaping personality and boosting the aesthetic beauty of an individual. If you are caught in vexation due to alopecia and rapid hair loss problems then you don’t need to worry anymore. Instantly visit our facility and explore 7 ways to prevent Hair Loss in Abu Dhabi. Unlock the secret of regaining your hair back by giving a quick reading to the blog. 

Quick Facts:  

  • Cost: starts from 300 AED
  • Results: enduring 
  • Downtime: varies according to the treatment 
  • Back to Work: fluctuates 
  • Duration of Treatment: Varies
  • Procedure: minimally invasive 

Understanding Hair Loss Problem: 

It is an unwanted condition which which individuals start noticing a lack of hairs in their heads. People suffer from multiple hair loss problems like baldness, alopecia & constant decrease in volume.  The problem of hair loss is increasing day by day in both males and women. There are various reasons responsible for hair loss such as; 

  • Lack of nutrients 
  • Irregular pattern of sleep 
  • Stress 
  • Genetics 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Thyroid 
  • Cysts 
  • Hormonal imbalance 

Hair loss in Females: 

We not only witness the issue of frequent hair loss in males but in fact, a constant increase is witnessed in females as well. Hair texture and growth have a profound impact on the aesthetic beauty of women particularly. Usually, women face the issue of hair thinning or baldness in different patches. We offer different techniques to prevent the issue of hair loss for both men and women. 


Our clinic offers such individuals different procedures to rejuvenate the hair follicles for regrowing your hair. The treatment aims to regain your lost confidence by restoring your growth. The procedure delivers a naturalistic touch to your hairline making it impossible to recognize transplanted & natural hair for anyone. Visible results can be seen within four months.

7 Ways to prevent Hair loss: 

Various ways to prevent the issue of hair loss are explained below; 

  • Medications: 

Initially, doctors prefer to settle the issue of hair loss with different medications if the patient is at the initial stage or going through thinning of hair. However, it can be only treated with medications if a patient is at the initial stage. 

  • FUT Strip Hair Transplant:

This process of hair regaining is usually known as a strip procedure. To carry out transplantation, a hair-bearing strip is taken from the backside of your head by turning it into hair grafts. Later on, these grafts are then transplanted into the areas where you need more growth. It ultimately gives a boost to growth. However, the process leaves a mark of the scar behind the skin. 

  • FUE:

In this method, instead of removing strips for hair transplant, individual grafts are extracted & then hair follicles are implanted into the recipient area from the donor area. Unlike FUT, it doesn’t leave a clear scar. The process contributes to providing a more defined and natural-looking hairline. 

  • Stem cell Treatment:

In this treatment, stem cells are used to restore hair. It is an innovative approach utilizing tissues to generate hair growth. It aims to restore hair offering a more naturalistic look to an individual. Stem cells are extracted from the body of an individual and then injected into the scalp along with hair grafts leading to an increase in the growth of hair follicles resulting in restoration of hairline. 

  • Scalp reduction:

It aims to minimize the bald area of the scalp, particularly in the case of those who are going through alopecia. In this treatment, the scalp is repositioned. 

  • Laser therapy: 

In laser treatment, a device emits a concentrated amount of beam light which is targeted on the scalp upon the weak hair follicles encouraging hair growth. 

  • PRP hair therapy 

PRP hair treatment is one of the advanced hair loss techniques used to restore hair growth and cure alopecia. In this process, blood will be drawn from the patient’s body and processed to extract platelets-rich plasma which will be then injected into the scalp. It aims to stimulate the natural hair growth of an individual.  

Why choose us?

We have come up with a solution to your problem. If you want to step up to eliminate your frustration we are here to help. We offer you to achieve the best results with the help of qualified surgeons at very affordable prices. Visit Enfield Clinic Abu Dhabi, to get a permanent solution to your problem. 

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We are delivering you 7 ways to prevent Hair Loss in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices.

Don’t be late. Quickly grab the chance to enhance your self-esteem by regrowing your hair. Book an appointment today to unwrap the opportunity to get your lost confidence back. 


FUE is far more better than FUT as it doesn’t leave a clear scar behind. 

The outcomes are enduring. 

Yes, PRP is an efficacious method that aims to provide a naturalistic look. 

The number of sessions varies relying on the condition of an individual’s hair. 

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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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