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Bikini Laser Hair Removal Costs in Abu Dhabi


Bikini Laser Hair Removal Costs in Abu Dhabi

Repeating the same process again & again has absolutely made you bored. Also, it is hectic to carry out the hair removal process by using creams. This laser hair removal is the solution to all this unwanted grind. Also, you will get an aesthetic smooth skin for a lifetime. The process requires some sessions to solve the problem once and for all. Your triangle pubic area will get clean and there will be no hair on your V-line after this process. Before going for a treatment a candidate always wanted to know about Bikini laser hair removal costs in Abu Dhabi! Here is the detailed blog on it.

What is Bikini laser hair removal?  

The procedure that removes the hair from your V area forever also enhances the appearance of your pubic part. The melanin present in that area will get tackled by this process. In this procedure, the laser will be applied to the triangle area. The hair removal will be done for the pubic part as well as from the labial region. This is overall a short treatment that helps eliminate all the hair.  This treatment always requires more than one session to achieve the results.


The outcomes that are gained by the Laser treatment are as follows;

  • Thinner and light-toned genital area
  • Hair reduction permanently
  • The smooth silky triangle area

The results will get prominent after one or more sessions and depending on the skills of the doctor.


The advantages that can be achieved by Bikini laser hair removal are mentioned below:

  • Your skin will get smooth and flawless
  • Unwanted hair will get eliminated once and for all
  • Safe procedure
  • No downtime needed
  • Painless treatment
  • You do not need to remove your hair again and again
  • Better quality of life

Who is the Ideal Nominee? 

People who want to get the treatment should have the following goals:

  • Want to get rid of the hair once and for all
  • Have thick hair in the V line and desires to make the pubic area light
  • A woman who has a realistic approach to the treatment
  • Patients who need to get the pigments out of their genital part
  • If you do not have any major skin issues or sensitivity
  • No bacterial infections 


When the process gets started the doctor will clean the area to make the skin disinfected and will apply anesthesia to the patient’s pubic area so that the process goes conveniently. A device will be used that will apply high energy laser to the skin area which goes deep into the roots. The procedure will need different sessions to get completed. 

After Care:

You may feel irritation in the triangle region after getting treatment but it can be solved by applying cold compresses or cool pads. You have to keep the treated area dry and the candidate must not get exposed to sunlight. After one session the patient may feel that she needs to do a razor or remove the hair but it is restricted to removing the hair. Wait for the next session.

Are there any Side Effects of Bikini laser hair removal?

No there are no risks related to the treatment but you may feel certain redness, tenderness, or blistering in the area. But these will go away after some time. 


The price of the Bikini laser hair removal is AED 200 per session. The cost depends on various factors like the 

Location of the Clinic:

The site where the clinic is present decides the charges for treatment. 

Services present at the Clinic:

Expenses of the procedure depend on the facilities available at the clinic. More services will cost you accordingly.

Qualification & Expertise of the Doctors:

If the doctor is really qualified and has a lot of experience in the field then the professional will charge respectively.

Number of Sessions:

Sessions involved in the treatment tell about the overall process expense.

Treatment Type:

Depending on the kind of treatment the doctor will tell you the cost.

The demand of the Doctor:

The price depends on the standard of the medic too.

The final cost will be chosen by the physician when the patient will visit the clinic.

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