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Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi


Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi

A lot of people regret that they have tattoos on their skin as these restrict them from getting a new job or due to some memories associated with those. For this reason, they go for the tattoo removal. But they think that these treatments will cost them a lot and will be really cruel to their wallet but this is not the reality. The actual cost of the treatment is affordable and people can get their tattoos removed once and for all. Fortunately, there are various treatments available at our clinic that can withdraw the tattoo from your skin. Before opting for the strategy know the laser tattoo removal cost in Abu Dhabi!

Aim of Treatment:

This approach is a safe and effective one designed for people who really like to get rid of their old marks. Most individuals who bear tattoos on their skin get bored after a specific moment from the same look & desire to remove the old one. After removing a tattoo and undergoing this treatment you can receive another body art with a gap of 6 weeks.


The advantages related to the treatment area are as follows:

  • There will be no scars on your skin after the treatment
  • The system is really effective and reasonable
  • The downtime is short and does not require any longer recovery spans
  • The method is properly safe & effective
  • You will get rid of your old tattoos

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Somebody who wants to go for laser tattoo removal should have the subsequent characteristics:

  • They should be in good health because for laser treatment your immune system must be strong and efficient otherwise your body art will not be removed efficiently.
  • If your medical history is clear and you are not suffering from any dangerous disease or issue.
  • Women who are not pregnant & are not breastfeeding their child
  • The skin of the individual must be clear from infections and allergies
  • When you are not taking any kind of medicine such as antibiotics and retinol because these can make your skin sensitive.
  • Your skin on which the body art is present must not be injured or damaged
  • If the woman is menstruating then she should not go for treatment as in the menstruation period the estrogen is so high and the pain balancing hormone is not managed.


When the laser is applied on the skin bearing tattoos the high energy beams of the laser will act on the ink particles present deep in the skin. Black tattoos will absorb the wavelengths of the laser light and will get converted into a color that is easy to deal with. Maybe the laser that is applied to the tattoo will hurt the person but pain intensity will be low as compared to the pain which occurs while getting the treatment.


The laser tattoo removal cost in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 500 to AED 3000. However, the expenditure alters with different factors like the

Dimensions of the Tattoo:

The measurements of the tattoo decide the cost of treatment. If the art size is larger more sessions will be required.

Number of Tattoos:

The digit of design will significantly determine the price of a policy. The greater the number of these patterns the more it will cost.

The numeral of Sessions:

When more tattoos are present on the body then more sessions will be required which will affect the fee of the therapy.

Type of Device:

Depending on the sort of device which will be utilized in the process the charges may fluctuate. Some of the tools are more costly than others.

Qualification of the Physician:

The credentials and expertise of the doctor determine the expense of the therapy. The medic who is more experienced will cost more.

Site of the Clinic:

The establishment of the hospital will contribute to the price tag. As our sanitarium is present in Abu Dhabi the clinic expense are more in this commercial area so the treatment will also be more costly.

Remove Your Memories and Old Tattoos with Enfield Royal Clinic!

At our Enfield Royal Clinic, we are providing diverse laser techniques that will help you remove your tattoos. If these body arts are a source of sad memories for patients & they want to eliminate them permanently then to our clinic & get to know the laser tattoo removal cost in Abu Dhabi!

Get a Consultation!

Enfield Royal Clinic are offering free appointments to our patients for the first time you can get to know the laser tattoo removal cost in Abu Dhabi in this consultation!Fta

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