Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Price & Cost
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Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Price Cost

Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Have you ever wondered if it can attain an aligned, lifted, and definitive nasal with no incisions made? Here at our clinic, we are presenting Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi process to attain an accurate nose through a non-surgical process to enhance the nasal.

What Is Hico Nose Thread Lift?

Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi is a non-surgical way that assists clients to augment their nasal. This process is less invasive and a non-surgical method, resulting in effectively and safely getting a higher, straighter, and well-defined nasal.

All You Need to Know:

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, the method utilizes tiny threads that are absorbable to restore collagen to enhance the look of the nasal. The thread lift help the tip of the nose to be sharpened and straighter

What are the Consequences?

Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain gives a long-term outcome that is natural. The method will result in a higher nasal bridge, and a sharper & lifter tip of the nose. The outcome will be seen immediately, as soon as the restoration of collagen is activated fully. The individual can expect a complete outcome in 30 days to 60 days after the augmentation of the nasal. The outcome will stay for 1 to 3 years, due to the refreshing of the collagen.

How Long will the Method Take?

The method usually takes about half an hour and requires only a single session. If you are willing to the best consequences then you might need to follow up an appointment after a year. A little permanent lifting can be seen with continuous restoration and the formation of collagen in the nasal.

Quick Facts!

  • A safe process.
  • Stay for a year or two.
  • 94% rate of satisfaction.
  • Less pain.
  • Less invasive.
  • No downtime.

What is the Method?

The method includes the below steps:

  • The nasal and nearby regions of the nose are cleaned by eliminating any dirt or makeup. The expert will utilize Lodine & chlorhexidine are utilized for infertility.
  • Local anesthesia is penetrated at the top of the nasal, with the dorsum of the nasal through the septum of the nose.
  • As soon as the bone of the nose is numbed, threads are put inside through the tip of the nose & by the bone of the nose horizontally, below the soft tissue of the nasal. Usually, 5-7 threads are put inside with the bone of the nose to attain the appealing elevated nose and its definition.

Is there any Recovery Period?

The good news to all the clients going under the method is that they can get back to their daily chores and can apply cosmetics instantly after the process.

What are the Advantages?

  • Lifted & aligned nasal bridge.
  • Pointed & better definition of the nose.
  • Pointed and slimmer nasal.

Are any Side Effects Linked to the Process?

Some minor puffiness will be caused which will be subsided in a little span of time but no major side-effects of Hico Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi. A little injury near the nasal bone will be observed which mostly subsides after a couple of days. Moreover, as experts apply local anesthesia, the contenders do not observe any pain. A few other minor risks involve:

  • Infection on the skin.
  • Erosion of thread that is unintended.
  • With the nearby skin, the undercutting of thread.

Recommendation to Put under Consideration:

If the individuals have gone through the fillers of the nasal before & are not satisfied due to the side effects, short durability, and increased dimension of the nose, then a Hico thread lift is a great option for such individuals.

Look After us!

Get the method done at Enfield Royal Clinic, if you are considering opting for the method then consult our experts to know about the process. Hurry up and fill out the form below!

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