Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Price & Cost
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Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Price Cost

Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Body Whitening:

The process of whitening the skin of the body is a method that is carried out by a dermatologist. The treatment is capable of enhancing the texture and tone of the skin in different ways. Furthermore, the formation of pigment melanin is lessened in the process, as it is responsible for generating color in the skin. At Enfield Royal Clinic we are offering different ways to assist our clients. 

What are the Methods Available?

There are four main types of procedures, that are:

  1. Laser Procedure: This is one of the most popular therapy, it involves administering beams that are concentrated of light energy on the skin of the individual to eliminate the layers of the skin. The powerful energy of light presented in the alteration of frequency forms heat & fixes the skin by damaging the dark patches or spots on the body. The laser treatment is proven to be highly successful in whitening the skin of the body as it allows emerge a new coating of the skin that is lighter.
  2. Injections of Glutathione: This is also a trending treatment for attaining glowing and brightening skin. The injections contain antitoxin glutathione, which is naturally available in the human body as it is formed in the liver. It enhances the color of the skin which has a high possibility of the properties of antioxidants that further promotes the immunization & detoxification of the liver.
  3. Chemical peel: The approved, reliable, and convenient way to lighten the skin of the face or any part of the body. Furthermore, acid utilized meanwhile the process of peeling will destroy the skin, which encourages the acceleration of the renewal of the cell that involves the sites of pigmentation.
  4. Dermabrasion: An aesthetic process that includes eliminating the upper layer of the skin. The action is performed on a special apparatus, involving numerous cutters that are made of materials that are abrasive.
  5. IPL- Intense pulsed light: The method is a popular way that uses light to shatter the deposits of melanin and brighten the tone of the skin. The method is a little expensive but effective.

How to Choose the Best Clinic?

We are offering Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, the individual needs to find the right cosmetic clinic in order to attain a safer and more effective experience. Below are a few tips are given by our experts, including:

  • The cost.
  • Types of equipment utilized.
  • Track record of the clinic.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • Certification of the specialist.

What are the Benefits?

Going under the method of Full Body Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi is proven beneficial in numerous ways, some of which include:

  • Lessens the content of skin’s melanin.
  • Lightening and brightening the skin.
  • The skin is evenly toned.
  • Decreases hyperpigmentation.
  • Makes dull skin better.
  • Marks of acne are removed.
  • Doesn’t cause any danger.
  • Decreasing the facial lines, marks, and spots of aging.

Be Our Happy Clients!

At our Enfield Royal Clinic, we have the latest tools and equipment that solve numerous problems of the skin & make the individual feel self-assured with the assistance of countless whitening treatments present at our clinic. So stop worrying about your complexion, as we are here with the most effective and brilliant therapy. Our experts are customer-oriented, which means we are considerate of our customers. If you have any further queries, then feel free to contact us!

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Dr. Samar Goda


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Happy Clients & Feedbacks

Fatima AlBarashidi
Fatima AlBarashidi
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The nurses are so welcoming! Love coming to the clinic. The girls at the reception and all the nurses are lovely, its not only the attitude, also the services' quality.
Rabia Adnan
Rabia Adnan
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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
Shahzeb Zaidi
Shahzeb Zaidi
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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