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Chin Liposuction Cost UAE

Chin Liposuction Cost UAE

Are you dreaming of getting a curvy jawline but worried about the expenses of these aesthetic procedures? You can get rid of your double and fatty chin by having a look at our Chin Liposuction Cost UAE. This nonsurgical fat-eliminating technique will contour the lower regions of your face without any complications. Get ready to uncover all the facts of this lipo technique and get a complete understanding of the cost by reading below!

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Starts from 10,000 AED
  • Results: Permanent
  • Back to work: After a single day
  • Duration of Treatment: 2 hours

About Chin Liposuction:

Chin Liposuction is an advancement in chin reduction that precisely removes undesired fat from facial contours using minimally invasive techniques. Also referred as facial liposuction because it controls fat bulges from every side of the lower face. For troublesome fat deposits that may not respond to diet or exercise, chin liposuction is especially useful. 

The procedure works using a simple phenomenon in which the doctor makes tiny incisions beneath the skin and eliminates unwanted fat using traditional liposuction or laser techniques. The submental region, or under the chin, and the jowls are common targets. Individuals can get their required facial aesthetics in a short period.

Chin Liposuction Cost UAE:

According to the estimations of our experts at Enfield Royal Clinic, the average cost of chin liposuction starts from 10,000 AED. You can get the most accurate cost plan by having a meeting at our facility. We will understand your goals and then develop the most perfect treatment and cost plan. 

Cost Factors:

The following factors are responsible for the alterations in cost:

  • Complexity of Liposuction:

The complexities of this treatment increase when detailed sculpting or anatomical changes are required. This complex demands more time from the practitioner so it causes a raise in the cost plan. 

  • Goals of the individuals:

Before undergoing chin liposuction individuals demand about their certain goals. This kind of dramatic transformation influences the complexity as well as the price of the treatment. 

  • Demands of the surgeon:

The demands of the surgeon are their charges. The skills, reputation, and experience of the surgeon increase the charges of their services so it automatically causes a rise in the bill. Choosing a qualified surgeon is crucial to get an optimal procedure. 

  • Type of technique:

Various techniques are used in liposuction which also includes laser. Each technique has its technologies so the utilisation of advanced technologies is associated with higher expenses. 

  • Additional factors:

Additional factors include the need for multiple sessions or procedures like neck lift surgery. These services maintain the laxity of the skin after fat transfer but these combinational procedures require additional resources and take higher charge. 

Services in our cost plan:

Our cost plan covers all the charges for the following services:

  • The surgeon’s expertise and services are provided throughout the chin liposuction procedure.
  • Utilization of the surgical facility, including the operating room, equipment, and support personnel.
  • Expenses generated as a result of administering anesthesia during the procedure.
  • Initial consultations and assessments are conducted to determine candidacy and to discuss the procedure.
  • Follow-up appointments, postoperative medications, and any recovery aids required.
  • Using advanced technologies or specialized techniques to perform precise and efficient liposuction.

Results after investing in Chin Liposuction:

Double chins affect everyone’s facial appearance, so they are a serious concern for both men and women. However, the procedure redefines your slender appearance and contours. One gets a more contoured and sculpted appearance after the fat cells are removed. People feel more assured in their contoured appearance after therapy. Furthermore, you need not be concerned about sagging skin beneath your chin. Because the treatment kills the fat cells, the effects last a long time. In conclusion, the outcomes are worth the investment.

Take your affordable appointment! 

Reach out by making an appointment with our dedicated team. Your journey will start with an initial consultation at our clinic. Our staff will welcome you in a warm environment and they will define each phase of this journey including Chin liposuction cost UAE. Visit us and unlock the best version of yourself!


Maintaining skin elasticity is key; adopting a healthy lifestyle, including proper hydration and skincare, can contribute to effective skin tightening.

You can usually apply makeup once the incisions have fully healed. The time is usually within a few days.

It's recommended to stick to a balanced and healthy diet before and after liposuction to promote overall well-being.

While complications are uncommon, there's a slight risk of swelling, bruising, or infection. Adhering to post-operative instructions helps minimize these risks.


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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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