Liposuction Cost UAE | Starting from 16000 AED in Abu Dhabi
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Lipouction cost uae

Liposuction Cost UAE

You want to improve your contours without making a burden on your pocket. If you are feeling conscious about the charges of this minimally invasive technique then you are at the right place. Liposuction Cost UAE is here to assist you with the most affordable body contouring procedures that are suitable to your budget and tailored to your goals. Read below to learn all the cost details of this technique!

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Starts from 16000 AED
  • Results: Permanent
  • Back to work: After a few weeks
  • Duration of Treatment: 3 to 4 hours


Liposuction is a reconstructive surgery that aims to refine the body contours by eliminating localized fat deposits. This is the perfect and minimally invasive approach for individuals demanding targeted fat reduction. Liposuction has no major complications because the surgeon works efficiently by making small incisions and utilizing anesthesia to ensure the reliability of the individual.

This approach operates through a straightforward process. The surgeon creates small incisions in the targeted area and inserts a thin tube to remove unwanted fat. Once the necessary steps are completed, the incisions are closed with stitches, and the patient is closely monitored for optimal recovery.

Liposuction Cost UAE:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the charges of liposuction rely on each body part. The average cost is explained in the below table for optimal understanding:

Single area liposuctionfrom 16,000 AED 
Abdomen flanks Liposuctionfrom 20,000 AED 
HD liposuction abdomen flanksfrom 23,000 AED 
Arms liposuctionfrom 16,000 AED 
Thighs liposuctionfrom 20,000 AED 
Back liposuctionfrom 18,000 AED 
Double chin liposuctionfrom 10,000 AED 
lipo 360from 25,000 AED 

Factors affecting the cost:

The below factors affect the cost of treatment:

Treatment Area:

The parts of your body you want to target with liposuction play a big role in the total cost. If you’re looking to treat larger or multiple areas, it might take more time and resources, affecting the overall price.

Procedure Complexity:

How complicated the liposuction procedure is can influence the costs. More intricate cases, like dealing with stubborn fat deposits or combining liposuction with other surgeries, may need extra expertise and resources.

Facility Charges:

Where you have the liposuction done can impact the overall cost. Things like the quality and location of the facility, as well as the amenities it offers, can affect the pricing.

Pre and Post Care:

The care you receive before and after the surgery, including consultations, follow-up appointments, and any medications or garments you might need, can also affect costs. Thorough care is crucial for the best results but it contributes to the overall investment in the procedure.

What is included in the cost plan?

The following services are included in our plan:

Anesthesia Charges:

Anesthesia charges include the fees for the anesthesiologist, the anesthesia medication, and continuous monitoring during the surgery to ensure the patient’s comfort and pain-free experience. All these services are available in our plan.

Compression garments:

Compression garments are crucial to support the healing process and all the bills of these garments are included in our plan. The clothing minimizes bruising and swelling, promotes overall healing, and helps the treated areas take on their new shape.

Surgeon Fees:

Surgeon fees pay for the surgeon’s training, experience, and time. It comprises the actual surgical procedure,  pre-operative consultations, and any follow-up appointments that may be required to assess concerns and track progress.

Post Operative care:

Postoperative care encompasses all required follow-up appointments for monitoring recovery, stitch removal, and answering any queries or concerns the patient may have. The price of the post-operative clothing and instructions for at-home care may also be included.

Choosing the best liposuction in Abu Dhabi:

Liposuction comes in different forms that are based on the type of technologies and procedure. The following steps are crucial for choosing the best liposuction according to your unique demands:

  • Rely on modern techniques and technologies.
  • Choose the best liposuction surgeon.
  • Understand your body and fat condition.

Shape your Body with us!

Achieve your desired body goals by booking a consultation with us. Our experts will guide you through each phase of Liposuction Cost UAE. Fill out the form below and get started now!


In general, it's critical to maintain adequate hydration, eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet, and refrain from using too much salt, all of which can exacerbate swelling.

The surgery results in minimal scarring because of small incisions. These scars are temporary and they dissolve on their own. 

Yes, liposuction is a perfect treatment for gynecomastia because it helps to reduce excess breast tissue and achieve a more masculine chest contour.

There are no age restrictions for liposuction because it depends on the patient's condition. However, children and aged individuals are not suitable. 


Explore our Comprehensive Guide to Liposuction Surgery in Abu Dhabi for more information. 

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