Wegovy Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi | Starts from 1800 AED
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Wegovy Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

Wegovy Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

Wegovy Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

Ready to discover the long-term success of weight loss injections but concerned about wegovy injections cost in Abu Dhabi?  Curious about the battles of wegovy against obesity and fatty diets? We are here to sort out all of your concerns related to wegovy injections, their associated charges, and their working phenomenon. So, if you are tired of hectic diet plans and their fleeting results then save your time!! Just read on the blog or book us right away to take control of your body mass!

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: Starts from 1800 AED
  • Target: Weight loss
  • Results: Long-lasting
  • Gender: Both male and female
  • Exercise: Weight loss exercises
  • Full recovery: Within a day
  • Downtime: No
  • Back to Work: Right after the injection
  • Duration of Treatment: 10 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: Nonsurgical

Wegovy Injections:

Weovy is an underskin injection that controls the specific areas of the brain to regulate hunger hormones and manage the chronic weight of an individual. This injection is prefilled with a dose compromised from semaglutide peptide. Wegovy is considered the best weight loss injection because it was the first medication to gain FDA approval. The major reason for the success of wegovy is its approval for managing heart strokes and other cardiovascular conditions. 

Working Phenomenon:

Wegovy is not an insulin and it is taken as a weekly dose. When it is injected into the body, it regulates appetite, and cravings and slows down the speed of food leaving the stomach. When you take this injection every week, you will feel fuller the whole day and consume fewer calories. As a result, you will experience significant weight reduction. 

Wegovy Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi:

The cost of wegovy injections depends on the amount of dosage and the cost for 0.5 mg of injection is about 1800 AED which comes with 4 needles and a personalized diet plan. Cost also depends on other factors that are presented below:


The dosage of wegovy can specified by the specialist and can affect the general expense. These are normally distributed onetime weekly.

Service Duration: 

The length of the procedure will impact the pricing plan. People may require long-term treatments to achieve and maintain considerable weight reduction.

Additional Features:

Extra services, like medications and over-the-counter products, are recommended with surgeries to improve results. This usefulness may result in increased pricing.

Treatment specifications:

The number of needles selected by the expert affects the overall pricing. A considerable frequency of resources may result in a higher cost.

Consistency of Injections: 

Typically, an injection will be administered once a week. The frequency of injections required during a certain period might influence the overall price.

Break Down of Cost:

The cost breakdown of wegovy injections at Enfield Royal Clinic is presented below:

Wegovy Injection PlanOriginal PriceOffer Price
1 Pen ( 0.25mg/0.5mg) + 4 needles + personalized diet plan + follow-ups1800 AED1800 AED
1 Pen ( 1mg) + 4 needles + personalized diet plan + follow-ups2000 AED2000 AED
1 Pen ( 1.7mg) + 4 needles + personalized diet plan + follow-ups2500 AED2300 AED
1 Pen ( 2.4mg) + 4 needles + personalized diet plan + follow-ups2800 AED2500 AED

What is Included in the cost plan?

The following services are included in our cost plan

  • Wegovy medication
  • Administration of injections.
  • Follow up appointments
  • Monitoring of progress.
  • 4 needles.
  • Personnalized diet plans.

What is not included in the cost plan?

  • Additional supplements.
  • Medical tests.
  • Over-the-counter products.

Join us to trim down!

If you are ready to achieve your weight reduction goals then do not wait further and book us right away. Our experts will sort out all your queries related to wegovy injections cost in Abu Dhabi. To have a meeting with our experts you have to book the consultation form presented below.


Use of Wegovy during pregnancy is not prescribed. It is important to consult with your healthcare professionals for proper guidance.

If you miss a dose then take it as soon as you remember. Otherwise, skip it and take the next dose. 

it is advised to skip alcohol because it may interact with the medication.

Some mild effects like nausea occur during the initial period. biy if any severe side effects occur immediately contact the doctor. 

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