Cost Guide to Vitamin B12 Test Price in UAE & Abu Dhabi
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Vitamin B12 Test Price in UAE

Vitamin B12 Test Price in UAE

Vitamin B12 Test Price in UAE

If it is crucial to understand your health condition. This diagnostic test holds the power to evaluate our deep health condition. Invest in the cost of this test to understand the unique story of your body. If you are considering the expenses of this approach then you don’t need to worry because vitamin B12 price in UAE is available at a very affordable rate at our Clinic. Read on and discover the most affordable treatments with us! 

Quick Facts:

  • Price starts from 230 AED
  • Provides exact results
  • The patient can immediately return to work.
  • Treatment takes 20 mins.

About Vitamin B12 Test:

A vitamin B12 test is an approach to evaluate the levels of Vitamin B12 in our bloodstream. Measuring this vitamin is a crucial factor in monitoring our internal health. Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of red blood cells, nervous system preservation, and DNA synthesis.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like weakness that could point to a lack of Vitamin B12, your healthcare provider might suggest getting a Vitamin B12 test.

The test is conducted through our blood sample and it measures the level of vitamin B12 in picograms. Abnormal results indicate a deficiency and deficiency can lead to serious health conditions. Taking the test at the right time can prevent severe health complications for the individual. A detailed consultation with the health care professional will provide expert advice and the importance of this test.

Vitamin B12 Test Price in UAE:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost of a vitamin B12 test is very reasonable and it starts from 230 AED. This cheapest price motivates our clients to monitor their health without any financial considerations. Sometimes, the price varies because it depends on the patient’s objectives and other factors. An initial consultation will help you to get the cheapest cost plan. 

Factors of cost:

The cost of this test varies due to the following factors:

Doctor Fees:

The practitioner plays a major role in the treatment and its cost. A highly skilled practitioner ensures the most smoother user experience but they charge higher fees according to their skills. 

Testing Method:

Various methods are available to examine Vitamin B in our body and all of these methods have different costs. The selection of the specific method contributes to the variations in total cost. 

Frequency of Testing:

This test is conducted in various frequencies and it depends on the patient’s condition. If the test is conducted multiple times then it causes a rise in the overall treatment plan. 

Medical facility:

The qualities of the medical facility are significant cost considerations. Clinics with the best location, skilled staff, and technologies may charge more for their services but they ensure the most effective treatment. 

Our Cost Plan:

The cost plan of our Vitamin B 12 test includes the following services:

  • Laboratory fees: Our plan takes the charges of the complete examination of blood samples to measure levels. It includes all the technologies to concentrate the blood.

  • Consultation Fees: The cost covers all the consultations that are conducted before and after the tests to ensure patient satisfaction and proper analysis.

  • Facility fees: We provide the best services at our facilities including consultation and hospitality and the charges for all these services are included in our budget plan.

  • Additional services: Depending on the patient’s condition, additional services are available in our plan. These services include assessments and recommendations for medications to manage health.
Fuel your health with us! 

Taking an appointment for this step is a very simple step but it helps you to detect any complications in your health. Choose to book an appointment with us and get the assistance of our expert team to monitor your vitamin levels. Get a proper breakdown of Vitamin B12 Test Prices in UAE.


The timing of the test is evaluated on your healthcare provider's guidance. In most instances, it can be conveniently done during a routine visit.

Complications are generally minimal. Some individuals may experience minor discomfort or bruising at the blood withdrawal site, but serious complications are rare.

Yes, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals can undergo a Vitamin B12 test because a deficiency of vitamin B can affect the baby's health. 

Upon receiving abnormal results, the initial step is to consult with your healthcare provider. They will offer recommendations for suitable treatments for your specific situation.

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