Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi | Starts from 4000 AED

Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi

Saxenda injection price in abu dhabi

Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi

Say goodbye to the discomforts of traditional weight loss procedures and hello to a precise technique called saxenda. You must be curious about Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi. The price of this treatment is the most interesting fact because it is available at a very affordable rate. Our skilled surgeons are here to assist you with all the cost facts that will help you to make an informed choice. If you are looking to make your weight loss goals a reality then continue reading and book an appointment with us right away!

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 4000 AED to 6000 AED
  • Results: last up to 1 to 2 months
  • Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: non-invasive

Understanding Saxenda Injections:

Saxenda injection serves as a tool for weight control, aiding individuals in their efforts to manage weight effectively. It is administered as a subcutaneous injection once a day.  Saxenda facilitates the reduction of calorie intake, encourages adjustments in portion sizes, and promotes healthier food choices. When combined with a low-calorie diet and increased physical exercise, these injections not only contribute to sustained weight loss but also have the potential to alleviate health issues associated with obesity in the long term.

Saxenda provides gradual outcomes but they are long lasting. It takes approximately 8 weeks for candidates to observe a noticeable weight reduction. Initial results become visible within the first 14 days, with 2 to 4% weight loss in individuals.

The major perk of Saxenda is its simple procedure. Before starting the procedure,  the expert will clean the site with an alcohol swab and then apply a numbing cream to make the candidate comfortable. After that, the injection is applied by using a pen, with the dosage adjusted by turning the knob. 

Some treatment areas of saxenda are:

  • Abdomen.
  • Thighs.
  • Upper arm.

Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the average cost of the method ranges from 4000 AED to 6000 AED. It’s important to note that this is not the final cost, as several factors can influence the actual price. Therefore, candidates are advised to consult with the physician to determine the ultimate cost.

Cost Affecting Factors:

Numerous elements will influence the cost of the injections. These factors include:

Dosage  required:

Saxenda is available in multiple dosage forms; the price may vary depending on the prescribed strength. Higher-dose and lower-dose options may have different prices.

Area of the clinic:

The cost of the injections may vary depending on the clinic’s location. Factors like regional pricing disparities, medical facilities, and cost of living can all have an impact on the overall cost.

Skills of the Doctor: 

The fees of the doctor vary as a result of the doctor’s varied training, experience, and credentials. The higher the fees, the more skilled the physician.

Services or Support: 

A few medical professionals might include extra assistance or services in the Saxenda treatment regimen. These extra services could be included in the total price, such as consultations, follow-up appointments, or access to weight management programs.

Quantity and Treatment Duration: 

The total quantity of the injections prescribed and the duration of treatment can affect the general cost. A longer treatment duration results in higher fees.

Book us to Redefine the Possibilities to Manage Weight!

Weight management can be a challenging journey for many individuals, but if you are seeking extra support in this situation then visit us. Our skilled surgeons conduct this treatment in a welcoming setting.  Book your appointment by completing the form below. We guarantee to provide you with optimal and desired results with the most budget-friendly Saxenda Injection Price in Abu Dhabi.


The typical starting dose is 0.6 mg, which is gradually increased to the maintenance dose of 3 mg based on individual response.

Saxenda may interact with certain medications, so make sure you tell your doctor about everything you're taking.

Saxenda does not cause any complications after surgery. But,  it is crucial to discuss this with your surgeon and doctor before taking this treatment.

Saxenda should not be used while pregnant, and using it while nursing should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

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