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PRP Knees Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

PRP Knees Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

PRP Knees Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi

Boost your Health & Say Goodbye to Pain with PRP!

What is PRP?

An individual’s own blood is utilized to create PRP. It is a concentration of platelets in plasma that is injected into the injured area to assist in healing. Many candidates have been seeking to get the treatment of PRP to avoid the need for surgery. To know more about the treatment of Cosmetic Injectable & affordable PRP Knees Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi, keep reading the complete blog!

What is the Purpose of PRP Knee Injections?

Knee discomfort, osteoarthritis, and other knee disorders are all treated with PRP injections. The objective is to lessen inflammation & assist the body in the healing of injured tissue.

Quick Facts

  • Procedure: Non-surgical.
  • Source: Own blood of the candidate.
  • Goals: Promote healing & reduce pain.
  • Duration of the process: 30 to 45mins.

What are the Results of PRP?

The outcomes of PRP knee injections are variable from candidate to candidate and are dependent on the particular issue being treated. Anyhow, there are many candidates who observe a reduction in pain & inflammation, enhanced joint function, and degeneration of joint tissue are slowed and assist to avoid the need for surgery.

How Long will the Injections of PRP Last?

The Results of PRP injections, which include pain reduction and increased function, may stay for several months or longer. In some cases, further injections might be required to maintain the effects.

Are the Injections Safe?

Because PRP is created using the patient’s own blood, it is thought to be safe & effective. However, there are minimal side effects & will subside in a few days such as puffiness, bruising, or little discomfort.

How Many Injections of PRP are Required?

Depending on the severity of the condition being treated & the particular response of the can to treatment, a different number of injections may be required. Typically, a course of 3 to 5 shots is recommended.

What are the Benefits?

A number of benefits are linked with the injections of PRP, some of which are as follows:

  • No major risks.
  • Effective & reliable.
  • No need for any cuts.
  • Boosts damaged tissues.
  • 85% improvement observed. 
  • Reduces pain & enhances functions
  • Stimulates the growth of cells & promotes healing.

What is the Process of PRP?

PRP is prepared by taking a sample of the blood of the candidate and then processing it to concentrate the platelets in a machine known as a centrifuge, and then re-injecting the concentrated solution back into the body of the candidate.

What is the Cost of PRP Treatment?

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost of the injections starts at just AED 650 per session. However, this is not the real cost of the following treatment as the process is variable on various factors. Thus the actual cost will be decided at the first meeting with the expert at our clinic.

Factors of PRP Knees Injections Cost:

  • Usage of injections.
  • Location & name of the clinic.
  • The surgeon’s experience & skills.
  • Type of equipment used & facilities provided.

Boost Healing & Revitalize your Body!

Are you aware of the most reasonable PRP Knees Injections Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain that is offered at our clinic? Then hurry up and fill out the form below to have mesmerizing results. Anyhow, if you have any further concerns then have a word with our experts. We are here to provide you with the best treatment!

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