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Perianal Crohn’s Disease

Perianal Crohn's Disease in Abu Dhabi

Are you suffering from a condition with swelling and itching in your anus and the digestive tract? This could be a difficult situation for you. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Advancements in the medical field have made it possible to treat your Perianal Crohn’s Disease in Abu Dhabi efficiently. The disease starts in your mouth and passes through the whole digestive tract and is chronically affecting around 17% to 44% of people. But the best thing is that most people get their treatment with successful outcomes. Read more to know more about the disease and its cure. 

What is Perianal Crohn’s Disease?

Perianal chron’s disease is a condition in which the anal part gets swell and the disease travels to other parts of the GTI and digestive tract. The tract starts getting painful and the anus as well as the rectum ache & make it difficult to pass stool. In the disease, chron inflammation produces sores that lead to fistula formation. 

Causes of the Disease:

There are many reasons behind the disease. These are the ones present below:

  • Due to the formation of an abscession in the gland
  • Infection in the anal fissure
  • When the intestines are affected due to a medical reason
  • A sebaceous cyst in the perianal area
  • A condition called perianal hidradenitis cause abscessions around the anus

Symptoms of Perianal Crohn’s Disease:

When a person has perianal chron he/she will show the following symptoms:

  • You are having pus and pain in your anal area
  • Patients who have constipation issues
  • Pain while pooing 
  • A lump or pimple around the anus which is red, painful, and swollen
  • People with pain in their lower abdomen
  • Blood from rectum 
  • Itching 
  • You feel urgent need to poo
  • Ulcer, fistula and abscess formation

What are the Treatments?

First of all, your doctor will do some medical examination for Perianal Crohn’s Disease in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and then will prescribe specific treatments:

Hemmarhoids Surgery:

 Swollen and inflamed veins in rectum and anus are removed by the process. How the technique is carried out depends on the severity of the condition. Eating healthy food will help in eaing the after effects of the surgery. 

Prolapse Surgery:

A surgery that is done to treat the pelvic organs such as the uterus, bladder , vagina and rectum. The prolapse surgery relocates the organs. Before the surgery, you need to discuss the risks of the therapy with the doctor. 

Anal Fissure Surgery:

People with chronic anal fissures are treated by the surgery. Surgical treatments involve lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS) and anal advancement flaps. 

Fistula Surgery:

An abnormal connection is sometimes form between the organs and vessels of the body. This fistula surgery removes the abormal cells from the fistula parts using different surgical techniques such as laparoscopic surgery,robotic surgery and the open surgeries. 

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery:

Pilonial sinus is an organ which get swelled and infected due to reasons like aging, eating habits and cyst formations. This pilonidal sinus surgery helps in treating this effected pilonidal. 

Laser Tx:

This treatment involves the use of laser beams for treating a variety of issues. The high intensity laser are directed on the targeted areas. When the therapy is done, the inflammation of the anal area is reduced and cell growth increases. 

How the Disease is Diagnosed?

For the analyisis of the condition, your doctor will do physical examinations and will discuss medical history with the patient. Discussing symtoms and your diet will help the doctor in better analysing the situation. People having loss of appetite, stomach swelling, paina nd incontinence are likely to have the disease.

Some imaging tests will be done by for the better analysis of the rectum, anus and vaginal areas. Doctors do endoscopy and colonoscopy for the treatment. 

How the Recovery is Done?

The time required for the recovery depends on the severity of the disease and the type of treatment by which the disease was treated. There are some surgical ways that needs long recovery time periods while there are some in which the rehabilitation period is short. 


Anal gland that is affected and clogged cause Perianal Crohn’s Disease in Abu Dhabi  which is really painful and cause irritation. Fortunately, the disease can be treated now because of the introduction of technology. People with some medical conditions have greater chances of developing the complication. If you face any of the symptom that is mentioned above , you should consult your doctor and get treated right away. To schedule your treatment with our expert Dr Kadir Koray you need to complete the form that is present below.

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