Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi Al Ain

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi

Everyone has the right to look perfect with their beautiful and shiny hair. Sometimes, loss of hair leads to baldness and reduces the personality glam. People with such problems questioned themselves and become insecure about themselves. Are you facing the same problem? No worries at all. You get the right website to know about your present issue. Our blog on Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi is all for your convenience. You can have a look at them as they are mentioned below.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Any therapy related to the conversion of baldness or thin hair to thick ones without utilizing surgery is called preoperative hair replacement. Treatments utilizing shampoos and oil, and reducing hair loss, are all involved in non-surgical hair replacement. This treatment is cheap and also available for most people. This is best for people who are scared of surgeries and don’t want to use medicines. Non-surgical hair replacements are FDA-authorized. The medications involved in these treatments are:

  • finasteride
  • Minoxidil


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain involves the layering of polyurethane ( termed fluid skin) as an additional layer on the scalp tightly. Hair from the hair viscous areas is picked up and used to hair-covered the layer added on the original one. The area demanding hair treatment evolve into an excellent fit and the patient becomes successful in restoring the hair growth. Membrane being porous enables breathing and a clean epidermis. The attached hair is tidied after a few weeks. This technique is unpaired as it is in combination with authentic human hair color and consistency.

Types of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement:

Three distinct types of therapies can be done non-surgically:

Wigs and Toupees:

These wigs and toupees having hair contain strings that make them adjustable on different scalps. Many people go for it as they don’t opt for surgical cures.

Synthetic Hair Replacement:

Acrylics and nylon fibers are used for making completely manufactured hair replacements. These are not fascinating to a lot of people as they are not that natural.

Scalp Micropigmentation:

This procedure is also non-surgical. In this small hair-like tattoos are done on the scalp also called pointillism.

Benefits of Non-surgical Hair Replacement:


  1. implantable hair replacement is an inexpensive cure
  2. No medications needed
  3. Instant hair gain right on the location.
  4. Increase in self-reliance
  5. Painless method

Ideal Candidate:

Genders who want to stop their medicines as their consequences are so intense and, are facing baldness problems will opt for this type of cure. Patients who had an experience of treatment but want to get the best results as well as women who have to conceive will be good nominees for this method.

Any Risks Related to the Cure?

There are no serious outcomes or risks of implantable methodology. Although, the patient might feel numbness after it. By following all the protocols for the remedy there are no risks left.

The Span of the Procedure:

About 35 to 40 minutes are required for the whole process. During this time, our well-educated staff treats you.

Why Select Us?

Enfield Royal Clinic has a remarkable experience in non-surgical hair treatments. Patients leave reviews of their satisfaction and happiness. Best services are available at our clinic. Our work is recognized worldwide. We follow all the precautionary rules as well for the betterment of our patients. Our doctors are pleasant and make sure that patients get comfortable with them.


This Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Abu Dhabi gives you the best results. You can check out this information on our website. Learn more!

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Fatima AlBarashidi
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The nurses are so welcoming! Love coming to the clinic. The girls at the reception and all the nurses are lovely, its not only the attitude, also the services' quality.
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Extremely safe and professional environment. Competent doctors and staff. Do give it a try for amazing budget-friendly prices n services.
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Shahzeb Zaidi
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I recently got my hair transplant done from Enfield Royal in Abu Dhabi. I must say that the team of technicians were highly skilled and comforting. I would like to thank Joan and Maryam for the great hairline and grafts that they implanted.


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