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Hydrogel Buttock Injections in Abu Dhabi


Hydrogel Buttock Injections in Abu Dhabi

These days buttocks are a center of attraction as everyone wants to have a perfect body shape and the butts play a significant role in determining the overall look. Sometimes due to reasons like aging skin starts sagging and ultimately lose shape. To regain the shape and size of the butts you have to undergo treatments like Hydrogel Buttock Injections in Abu Dhabi which is the best ever procedure to revive the butt appearance. If you want to get the therapy with Enfield Royal Clinic continues reading the blog!

What are Hydrogel Buttock Injections?

These are utilized to do tissue repairing. As hydrogel fillers are utilized for face and lips their use for reshaping butts has also begun because of its amazing effects in that body area too. These provide long-lasting cosmetic results. Hydrogel is an important element in plastic surgery as it enhances the shape and appearance of different facial parts. This gel increases the size of hips by itself. You get healthy as well as get aesthetic looks.

How it Operates?

Hydrogel works by itself. It does not make other tissues expand instead its component get inserted into the body increasing the volume. It gets dissolve in the body and give natural look. It is free from any sort of micro particles causing the buttocks augmentation by its consistency. This gel when remains in the butts makes its way itself to the immune system. 

Components of the Hydrogel Injection: 

The elements of the hydrogel injections are the following:

  • Almost 98% of the water is present in the injection
  • 2% to 3% of polyacrylamide available in filler
  • Juvederm treatment
  • Restalyne

These are different forms of hydrogels and it helps in removing wrinkles, reducing lines, and cause improvement in the butt area. This material is natural and work by natural phenomenon too that why it is a safe process. 


The medic will apply apply anesthesia first to the body of the patient to make the skin numb of individual so that the candidate do not feel any pain. After this the area will be cleaned properly with wipes to make the area clear. A dermatologist will do some markings where injection has to be applied and then with help od an injection hydrogel will be inserted under the skin od butts and upper area of thigh. The number of injections that has to be injected depend on the need of the patient. Finally the incisions will be be cleaned with a wipe.

Hydrogel Injections Side Effects:

The risk related to the treatment are minimal as it is done through injections and hydrogel is a natural element which is harmless so you do not need to worry about the side effects. The side effects of the procedure are as:

  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Redness

Is it Different from Dermal Fillers?

These hydrogel injections are not like the dermal injectives because the hydrogel works with its consistency and make the volume improved due to itself and the result stay there for more than year and more while in case of dermal fillers the elements cause the collagen production to boost up and elevate the body reactions to enhance the buttock look. However, the procedure time for both the injectables are almost half an hour.

How Long the Effect Lasts?

The outcomes regarding the Hydrogel Buttock Injections in Abu Dhabi are immediately visibe and remain there for a long time. The average years for which the results lasts are upti four years. After this, the patient has to undergo another hydrogel injection therapy to maintain its buttock look.

Hydrogel Injections Cost:

The fee factor for this treatment depends on the quantity and the quality of the injection. The average rate for the procedure is AED 3000 TO AED 3500. Other terms which decides about the treatment are the brand of which the injections are being used, sensitivity level of the procedure, expertise of the doctor and the services provided by the clinic.

Why Enfield Royal Clinic?

We are here in Abu Dhabi for you assistance so that you can solve your appearance disorders and get aesthetic charming look. For this we have high quality Hydrogel Buttock Injections in Abu Dhabi which will improve your buttocks. To grab a free consultation with us contact Enfield Royal Clinic by filling the form given below!

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