How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost in Abu Dhabi?
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How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost?

How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost in Abu Dhabi

How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost?

The best method for Jawline contouring is by jawline fillers. If you want to know How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost? Carry on reading the blog. Through this cosmetic procedure, the plastic surgeon reshapes the jaw by adding volume to it. This treatment is free from side effects and is done to give endurable results. So what are you waiting for sign up now!

Quick Facts: 

  • Cost: Starting from 699 AED
  • Target: Chin and jawline treatment
  • Results: Youthful restoration of jawline
  • Gender: Equally beneficial for both genders
  • Exercise: Restrain from strenuous exercises
  • Full recovery: Within 1-10 days
  • Downtime: For almost 1-3 days
  • Back to Work: Within 1-5 days
  • Duration of Treatment: Approximately 30-60 minutes
  • Type of Procedure: Surgical, and non-surgical 

Jawline Contouring:

The jawline contouring is aimed for cosmetic purposes only. The surgical or non-surgical procedures are arranged depending on the need for the jawline treatment. To restore the youthful profile, the jawline is completely treated. From the reshaping of bones, and filling the skin, to reducing and aiming for a slimmer jawline.  

How much does Jawline Contouring Cost?

The cost for the jawline treatment, with the help of injectables, is mentioned below.

Treatment Cost 
Botox jawline Starting from 1,799 AED to 1,999 AED
Jawline filler Starting from 699 AED1,200 AED per 1 ml
Texas jawline 999 per mlBefore 1,200 AEDAfter 999 AED

Elements causing fluctuation in it:

Below is the explanation of the elements causing the fluctuation in the cost.

Type of procedure:

The type of procedures selected and combined for the treatment also cause a change in the overall cost of the treatment.  

The intensity of the treatment:

The intensity and need of the treatment to restore the jawline are involved in fluctuating prices. Even, the existing conditions of the jaws also result in inconsistent prices. 

Components and devices used:

Another reason for diverging the overall cost of the treatment is the components used within the fluids of injectables. While maintaining the cosmetic essence, the apparatus used during the surgical and non-surgical procedures is also well-maintained to avoid negative outcomes.  

Number of sessions:

While considering the above-mentioned circumstances, the number of sessions is decided accordingly. The total number of sessions arranged also takes part in diversifying the cost.

Special offers:

However, from time to time, special discount offers are also offered on different treatments. By timely availing them, the individuals are less likely to pay a heavy bill. But for it, all you have to do is keep an eye on our website and receive notifications of the clinic’s social media accounts. 

Services charges:

If the clinic is providing comfortable, professional, and up-to-the-mark facilities. Then the fee for the treatment will be charged accordingly.

Clinic reputation:

It matters as the clinic’s reputation from which you are getting treatment because it plays a significant role in treatment. To maintain the standard, the clinics provide FDA-approved treatments and facilities. 

Make your jawline sharp!

If you want to make your jaw more defined and prominent then you can freely contact our clinic. Here, the best professionals in the world are at your service and will provide you with the best jawline treatment. So make your jawline more symmetrical with Enfield Royal Clinic. All of our treatments are top-rated and FDA-approved. After the treatment, your jawline will be according to your desires. So make sure that you are grabbing the treatment on time. 

Grab an appointment!

To get the treatment at a reasonable price with us come meet our professional and leave the tension How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost? We are offering a reasonable consultation to you all. To get the appointment you need to fill out the form that is present below!


No, dental contouring is a separate process and is not connected to this treatment. 

Yes, you can follow your skincare routine after consulting the specialist.

For this, you have to receive a personalized response from the specialist, but normally non-surgical treatments do not affect the functioning of the jaws.

From immediately to almost 2 weeks after the treatment, the outcome will start to show up.

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