Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi | 1000 AED

Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi

Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi

Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi

Are you baffled about undergoing exosome therapy pondering on the fact whether it is cost-effective or not? Give a quick read to know the Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi. 

We are introducing a promising regenerative therapy to help you unlock your body’s revitalization potential at very affordable prices. It gives you a profitable result by revitalizing your body. It contributes to bringing an end to your growing vexation which is increasing due to the formation of wrinkles, spots, aging signs & rapid hair fall. 

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: begins from 1000 AED 
  • Outcomes: enduring 
  • Back to work: within a day 
  • Duration of Therapy: 30 to 40 mins 
  • Type of Process: non-surgical  

What are Exosomes? 

Exosomes act as restorative agents that are generated by stem cells that possess the ability to communicate. It can modulate transmission between cells creating a connection between cellular & psychological processes. It directly stimulates the rejuvenation process.

What is Exosome Therapy?  

It is a revitalization process that is responsible for stimulating the process of transmission among cells & psychological processes. It contributes to skin Rejuvenation by eliminating wrinkles, spots, blemishes & saggy skin. It also helps to regenerate lost hair eliminating bald patterns in both males & females. Exosome therapy not only adds to the aesthetic beauty, but it also aims to regenerate & repair tissue for instance, it can reduce the pain & swelling in the injured areas.

How does Exosome Therapy Contribute? 

It is a quite restorative therapy that serves in various ways; 

  • Adds to the aesthetics 
  • Eliminate wrinkles, blemishes & dark spots
  • Dehydrates skin 
  • Increases skin elasticity 
  • Regenerates & repairs tissue 
  • Modulate the immune system 
  • Lowers inflammation 
  • Eliminates pain & bump of injured parts 
  • Regaining lost hair 
  • Enhances hair growth 
  • Eliminates fine lines 
  • Prevents the skin from sun rays 
  • Accelerates the healing process 
  • Eliminates aging signs 

Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi: 

The cost of exosome therapy begins from 1000 AED. The cost of the procedure is not the finalized cost as it fluctuates depending on various factors. Various factors cause variations in the cost of exosome therapy such as; 

  • Locality: The locality of the facility causes fluctuation in the cost of the procedure. 
  • The reputation of the facility: The reputation of the chosen facility matters a lot when it comes to the evaluation of the cost. A well-reputed facility will charge more for the same procedure as they provide more promising results. 
  • skills & expertise: The skills & expertise of the service provider cause deviation in the cost of the procedure as more expert & skilled dermatologists will charge high fees. 
  • Quality of equipment: The quality of the equipment works side by side with the reputation of the facility. Highly reputed facilities will have more advanced & high-quality equipment which result in fluctuation in the price of the process. 
  • Desired outcomes: The desired outcomes play a pivotal role in increasing the cost of the procedure. 
  • Condition of the patient: The patient’s condition matters a lot when the cost of the therapy is evaluated if the patient’s skin condition is worse then the cost will be decided accordingly. 
  • Additional services: If a patient demands to have additional services, the prices of those additional services will be added to the total cost. 
  • Type of therapy:  The kind of procedure undertaken for the treatment brings variation to the cost. 

Ready to Begin! 

If you are ready to embark on the journey of revitalization, then quickly grab this opportunity by booking an appointment at Enfield Royal Clinic to evaluate the Exosome Therapy Cost in Abu Dhabi as per your requirements. 


No, it deviates based on various factors like desired outcomes, the condition of the patient & type of therapy that best suits the patient’s condition. 

They are generated from stem cells of an individual’s body. 

Yes, the results of the therapy are permanent but it requires maintenance sessions to maintain the results.

No, there are no side effects as exosomes utilized in this therapy are generated from an individual’s own body. 

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