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Bariatric Revision Surgery

Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai Abu Dhabi Revision Bariatric Cost

Many people struggle with excessive weight even after they have undergone a round of Bariatric surgery. This could occur due to multiple reasons: a lifestyle that doesn’t complement the loss of weight or eating habits that are unhealthy. In that case, another course of surgery is needed is known as  Bariatric Revision Surgery in Abu Dhabi. It could also be carried out in cases in which a gastric band or silicone band is ruptured or its normal working is halted. Similar to normal surgery, revision surgery involves fewer complications and is cost-effective.

Aim of the Treatment:

The primary goal of revision bariatric surgery is to complement or correct the results of primary bariatric treatment. Its exact nature depends upon the type of primary procedure. For example, if gastric banding is done in the first place, revision surgery is carried out either to remove or adjust the band.


The revision treatment provides guaranteed desired results to the patients. The weight loss experienced after the surgery is more effective and optimum. The results may take some weeks to be visible depending on how well the patient follows the aftercare guidelines and instructions of the surgeon. The results are however permanent but can be reversed by the surgeon.

Bariatric- revesion Surgery-in-Abu-Dhabi-Al-AinBariatric Revison Surgery ClinicaBariatric Revison Surgery Clinicin UAE


There are many advantages of Bariatric Revision Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain which are given below:

  • This kind of surgery is beneficial for the following reasons
  • It complements previous surgery carried out to trigger the loss of weight;
  • It is also a key to correcting any damage to the accessories that are implanted during the primary surgery;
  • This treatment could expedite the loss of weight;
  • The procedure is cost-effective and safe to carry out

Ideal Candidate:

if an individual has not lost the desired amount of weight or primary surgery has gotten to a point where serious complications have emerged, the person will be advised to undergo revision surgery. The difficulties related to digestion, or heartache/heartburn are another cue to get a revision surgery.

How Does the Surgery Work?

The revision treatment is usually non-surgical and takes less time to perform than compared to normal surgical procedures. The capacity of the stomach is further decreased thereby limiting the food intake of the individual even more. This causes a further reduction in the person’s weight at a greater pace. 


Customers can pick from four revision operations to receive the best outcomes from an unsuccessful or unanticipated bariatric surgery they previously underwent:

Gastric Bypass:

In individuals who have not been successful in achieving their weight loss goals following gastroplasty, Vertical gastric banding, stomach stapling, or laparoscopic flexible gastric banding, gastric diversion is a frequently chosen modification operation. Often, the prior technique can be modified to become a gastric detour. Laparoscopic surgery may very possibly be used, and a fourteen-day recovery period is typical. Following a gastric detour modification treatment, the success rate for weight loss is often excellent.

 Mini Gastric Bypass:

Individuals who have previously undergone a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy yet have not significantly lost fat or gained it back after beginning weight loss may be candidates for a scaled-down bariatric diversion. Once more, laparoscopic surgery can be used to carry out this procedure. By combining the malabsorptive component into the universally accepted restrictive technique, weight loss is achieved.

Sleeves Gastronomy:

It removes a significant portion of the stomach, reshaping the remaining portion to appear as a tube or sleeves. Individuals experience a greater sense of fullness and less appetite as a result, which typically leads to weight loss and improved health. The technique has a reduced chance for complications than gastric bypass surgery and is often less invasive than many other weight-loss surgical treatments.

Gastric Banding:

An inflated silicone prosthetic device that is wrapped around the upper portion of the stomach is known as a moveable gastric band. Some individuals who have previously undergone stomach stapling, gastroplasty surgery, or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery but have regained weight may benefit from this treatment as an adjustment strategy. The technique is normally carried out laparoscopically, but in a tiny percentage of cases, past surgeries may have resulted in significant scarring, necessitating an open surgery.

Side Effects:

This procedure doesn’t involve any serious complications, however, in some cases, it could result in scarring, infection, or hernia. In comparison with other types of treatment, recovery is faster.


The average cost of the revision procedure ranges from AED 17,999 to AED 27,999. Several factors define this cost, for example, the techniques adopted by the surgeon, clinical level and location where the treatment takes place, the kind of equipment used by the doctor, expertise, and experience of the surgeon.

The total expense of the surgery is determined by the surgeon after considering all the factors that impact the cost.

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The Enfield Royal Clinic offers one of the best and most effective aesthetic treatments in Abu Dhabi. Our experienced, highly qualified and specialized professionals and doctors make use of contemporary methods and the latest technology. The success rates of our treatments are very high which leaves the patients satisfied and happy with the results. If you are experiencing any type of problems with the previous treatments, visit our clinic to get the best revision procedures to get rid of any type of issues and problems. The client and patient-centric approaches of our clinic make us the best option for quality and price.

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