Tooth Extraction Cost UAE | Starts from 599 AED
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Tooth Extraction Cost UAE

Tooth Extraction Cost UAE

Understanding tooth extraction cost UAE is a crucial factor in maintaining your oral health because the bacteria in one tooth impact the entire dental part. Tooth extraction is key to taking control of various concerns including the elimination of a painful tooth, creating space for a harmonious smile, or addressing other dental woes. The cost in investing this treatment is a budget-friendly path to a brighter grin. Read the blog to get an optimal cost understanding and get ready to invest in yourself through the ways of your smile! 

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Starts from 599 AED
  • Results: Permanent
  • Back to work: Same day
  • Duration of Treatment: 1 hour

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction is a technique to remove a damaged tooth directly from its roots. This procedure is a hope when all other treatments fail to treat bacteria and pain in teeth. Tooth extraction provides instant relief for the patient suffering from persistent pain. 

Tooth extraction is performed using two techniques based on the specific condition. A simple technique involves removing a tooth from its roots with the help of anesthesia. On the other hand, surgical tooth extraction is a more intricate procedure, especially suited for damaged or broken teeth. Surgical extraction results in stitches but they are temporary. In essence, tooth extraction is the most traditional and valuable approach to maintaining oral health.

Tooth Extraction Cost UAE:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost of tooth extraction for a single tooth starts from 599 AED. This is an estimation and the exact cost will be decided after a meeting with our dental team. Visit us to get the most accurate cost plan according to your concerns.

Factors affecting the cost:

The cost varies according  to the following factors:

Extraction Technique:

The technique is chosen according to the tooth condition of the individual. Simple extractions result in lower expenses but surgical and complication procedures demand more time and resources so they result in higher bills.

Tooth Location:

The specific tooth location is a very crucial factor in designing the treatment and cost plan of the procedure. The complexity of accessing and extracting teeth in specific locations can contribute to variations in cost.

Number of Teeth:

The cost is directly impacted by the number of teeth involved, as extracting multiple teeth requires additional time and resources. Taking multiple extractions in a single session can lead to cost savings compared to extracting each tooth in separate sessions.

Single tooth extraction599 AED
Double tooth Extraction900 AED
Wisdom Tooth Extraction1500 AED

Additional Procedures:

Additional procedures are required to ensure an optimal experience. These procedures include bone grafting, bone grafting, or other supplementary measures. Additional procedures are tailored to patient needs and they are also linked with costs.

What is included in the cost plan?

The following services are included in our plan:

Consultation and Diagnostic Tests:

The plan includes initial discussions with the oral surgeon to assess the need for extraction. During these consultations, the surgeon performs diagnosis and x-ray tests to evaluate the surrounding structures.

Anesthesia Charges:

Anesthesia is a major factor in this treatment because tooth extraction is a painful process. Anasthesia ensures the comfortability of the procedure and our plan includes all the charges of anasthesia. 

Prescription Medicines:

Medications are essential to manage pain and bacteria before and after the procedure. All pain relievers and antibiotics are included in our plan to support the healing process. 

Post-Extraction Care:

The cost plan covers all the plans after the treatment. These plans include hygiene guidelines, post-meetings, and precautions during recovery. Post-meetings are crucial to monitor the healing process. 

Let us bring your healthiest teeth! 

Get the solution for all of your dental problems by booking a consultation at our clinic. Our expert team will provide you with complete guidance on tooth extraction costs UAE.  Visit us to get optimal details of this technique and start your journey.


It is advisable to skip smoking after the treatment because it impacts on healing process. Smoking also causes infections so avoid it during the recovery phases.

Tooth extraction is a very safe procedure it may cause some temporary risks like swelling and bleeding but the risks are temporary.

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