Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi | Starts from 45000 AED
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Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi

Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi

Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi

Maintaining an ideal weight is an important aspect of self-care. Sleeve Gastrectomy is emerging as a new hope for individuals desiring to get rid of their undesired weight. The decision to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy is a significant step toward reclaiming your health, confidence, and overall well-being. As you embark on this transformative journey, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the costs associated with the procedure. In this blog, we will give you complete details about Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi. Read below to make an informed choice!

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: 45,000 AED to 50,000 AED
  • Results: Significant weight loss
  • Back to work: 2 weeks after treatment
  • Duration of Treatment: 2 to 3 hours
  • Type of Procedure: Surgical


Sleeve gastrectomy is a transformative invention in the field of Bariatric surgery. A  portion of our stomach is removed in this technique. The stomach is configured in a slim tube form after this procedure. This procedure is primarily designed to aid individuals in achieving weight loss by reducing the stomach’s capacity to hold food, thereby promoting feelings of fullness with smaller amounts of food. The surgery also brings about hormonal changes that can impact hunger and appetite regulation, contributing to reduced food intake and weight loss.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi:

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the estimated expense of sleeve gastrectomy ranges from 45,000 AED to 50,000 AED. The actual cost will be evaluated after a consultation at our clinic.

Factors of Cost:

The below factors are responsible for the variance in cost:

  • Clinic Reputation: 

Because of the high standard of care they offer, highly regarded clinics and hospitals with specialized equipment and skilled medical staff frequently charge more for their services.

  • Surgeon Fees: 

Surgeons with a history of successful procedures and excellent outcomes frequently charge extra for their services. The experience and expertise of the surgeon performing the treatment can affect their prices.

  • Home Medications: 

Following surgery, patients might be given prescription drugs to control pain, stop infections, and hasten recovery. The price of these medications may go toward the overall cost.

  • Period of Hospital Stay: 

The price may vary depending on how long you need to stay in the hospital after the treatment. Longer stays, particularly in private rooms, may result in higher total costs.

  • Separate Room: 

For more comfort and privacy, some patients may choose a private or separate room during their hospital stay. The cost of choosing this option is typically higher.

  • Additional Garments: 

After surgery, patients might require specialized clothing or compression gear. These clothes can help with edema control and the healing process and they may range in price. 

  • Type of Anesthesia: 

Costs may vary depending on the type of anesthesia utilized during the surgery. Local anesthetic is typically less expensive than general anesthesia, which puts the patient unconscious.

  • Post-operative Testing: 

Follow-up tests and appointments after the surgery are essential to monitor recovery progress. These tests can include blood work, imaging scans, and consultations with medical professionals.

  • Other Medical Services: 

Depending on your medical condition and needs, there might be additional medical services required, such as nutritional counseling, psychological evaluations, and support groups. These services can add to the overall cost.

Book us right away! 

If you desire to get a permanent aesthetic figure then book a consultation at Enfield Royal Clinic. Our friendly staff will guide you through the appointment scheduling process, ensuring that you’re accommodated with Sleeve Gastrectomy Price in Abu Dhabi. Your concerns are our goal and we ensure the proper accommodation of your objectives.


Yes, follow-up appointments are crucial as they help to maintain permanent outcomes and the doctor notices the changes in your body. 

There are minor complications including redness or swelling but these are temporary and they reside after a few days of the treatment. 

Dietary and nutritional changes are crucial for optimal health. Skipping supplements without medical guidance can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Yes, portion control, nutrient-rich foods, and proper hydration are vital for success. In the initial stages, you'll follow a liquid diet and then transition to soft foods.

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