Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi Before & After | Nose Job
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Rhinoplasty Abu Dhabi Before & After

Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi Before After Nose Job

Rhinoplasty Abu Dhabi Before & After

Nose with breathing issues, shape issues, or with both the issues require some surgery to improve the mentioned two. For this purpose, doctors have designed a procedure called rhinoplasty to treat these problems. You can enhance your nose shape and make it look smart and cute with our rhinoplasty treatment. Get advice from our Enfield Royal Clinic to learn whether the process is suitable for you.

How to Define Rhinoplasty?

A surgery that enhances your nose appearance and also your breathing and illness problems. It negotiates with the cartilage or bone according to the situation. Sometimes it also works by making amendments in all three parts skin, cartilage, and bone. The purpose of the therapy is to deliver an enhanced nose to the candidate & also to resolve nasal function issues to get better quality of life. Resizing and reshaping change the general impression of the nose. The period needed for the treatment is mostly two to three hours.

Kinds of the Rhinoplasty:

Two kinds of rhinoplasty can be accomplished such as

Open Rhinoplasty:

This type is usually utilized to improve both the beauty and nose function. The effects of the treatment are far better than the closed rhinoplasty but the chances of scarring are a bit elevated. In this technique, cuts are made in the middle of and between the nostrils. But the incisions are made slight and they become negligibly observable after some while.

Closed Rhinoplasty:

The class in which small incisions are created to accurately the form of the nose is also termed endonasal rhinoplasty. In this process, cuts are made inside the nostrils. This is safer than the open one.


The astonishing results attached to the rhinoplasty treatment are:

  • Accurate nose
  • No more breathing issues
  • Boost up confidence
  • Enhanced face look
  • Better quality life

Before Rhinoplasty:

Understand the contrast between the nose before and after the treatment with  Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Before & After. Your nose may malfunction and your shape might not be the way you want it to be. Breathing issues and facial impression insecurity might be your main concern.

What to Expect After the Procedure?:

The results will be clearly visible on your face as it will either raise or reduce your nose size and will enhance your nostril shape. A consonance will be made among the nose and the remaining face structure. Your breathing problem will be resolved after rhinoplasty.

What to Do Before the Procedure?:

To be assured concerning the best effects everyone should consider all these before accomplishing a treatment.

  • To avoid any issues you will be asked for your medical history and if you are using any medications you will have to stop using that.
  • Biological studies will be done prior to the process to comprehend the system of your nose and the complexity of the muscles around it.
  • You will be told about the final results
  • To review the difference before treatment pictures will be taken


First of all, according to your therapy, your doctor will give either local or general anesthesia to make your body parts numb. Then small incisions will be made inside and between the nasal cavity. After that, the physician will use cartilage to modify the form and treat issues. This cartilage may be taken by the nose itself or other parts of the body relying on the essence of the treatment.  Finally, after adjusting the cartilage and bones the will medic will stitch the incisions in case of open rhinoplasty.

After Care:

After the surgery has been done the patient will have to do the following:

Wear a splint inside the nose for protection

The nose may have bruises, the patient will have to take care of them

Stop exercise for almost two weeks to sidestep bleeding or other issues

Why Choose us?

Enfield Royal Clinic will assist you in knowing about the Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi Before & After. Our clinic will give you the best treatment and will make sure of your safety by following the protocols regarding treatment. We try to provide inexpensive treatments with mesmerizing results.


Contact us if you want to know about Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi Before & After.

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