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Splenomegaly Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Say goodbye to splenic issues, and hello to a better you!

Having a large spleen is really a common issue these days. The condition of having an enlarged spleen is splenomegaly. Any infections, blood issues, and metabolic disorders can cause the problem at any age. There are different techniques to check the condition of the spleen. Your doctor will check the spleen condition first for proposing a specific treatment. If you have been diagnosed with this issue you need to get the Splenomegaly Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Read below to know the details. 

What is Splenomegaly?

The spleen is an organ present at the upper left of the abdomen involved in the removal of waste from the body. It produces white blood cells army against invaders and protects the spleen from infections. When infection occurs in the spleen or infected blood passes through it, the spleen gets swelled and large which causes a condition called splenomegaly. The normal spleen is 12 cm long but when it gets enlarged it gains a size of 18cm to 20cm. 

What is Splenectomy?

Laparoscopic splenectomy is a minimally invasive procedure in which your doctor will make some small incisions on the abdominal region to insert a tube with a camera on it. Through the camera, the doctor will locate the spleen and other parts. Through other holes, the doctor will insert more instruments to eliminate the spleen. The procedure is also a cure for spleen tumors, cysts, and injuries. The treatment needs to be done by an expert doctor because it is a sensitive procedure. 


There are many causes for the disease. These are the ones present below:

  • Individuals who have blood infections
  • Liver disorders can apply pressure on the spleen 
  • Cancer, immune disorders, and metabolic complications also affect a normal spleen 
  • Malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV 
  • Cysts and tumors can cause splenomegaly 

Symptoms of Splenomegaly:

Whether your spleen is large or not can be found without proper analysis. To know if you have the issue, look up the following symptoms. The symptoms are:

  • If you are facing pain in the upper left side of the abdomen
  • The spleen can be felt with a hand as it gets swelled
  • You feel weak and tired
  • Weak immunity with more chills 
  • You may feel stomach pain 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Infections 

How the Diagnosis is Done?

To check the health of the spleen, your doctor will perform a physical exam in which the size of your spleen will be detected. Sometimes, the spleen size is not properly known. So different tests are done including blood tests, MRIs, and ultrasounds. 

  • Doctors do blood tests to check the number of red blood cells, white cells, and other platelets quantity 
  • Ultrasounds are done to analyze the spleen size
  • To check the blood flow MRIs are done 
  • Bone marrow is taken from the patient’s body to check the blood cell range 


Before the Splenomegaly Treatment in Abu Dhabi, the patient needs to do the following pre-care:

  • Avoid sports and hard exercises before your treatment 
  • You need to tell your medical history to your doctors
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol consumption
  • Tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking 
  • Get vaccination before the treatment 

How the Treatment is Carried Out?

Treatment for the disease depends on the cause of the problem. There are conditions in which the patient shows a large spleen in diagnosis but does not show any signs of the disease. In this case, your doctor will suggest waiting and observing yourself for some time. 

Surgical Process:

When a patient has a spleen that is larger than normal size because of infections or some unidentified reason, your doctor will go for this surgery. In the process, the doctor will make small incisions to remove the defective spleen with the help of cameras. The openings are closed with sutures at the end.


This therapy is done to shrink the spleen by providing radiation energy. Doctors prefer this treatment after knowing the cause of the disease. 


When the patient is suffering from spleen cancer chemotherapy is an option to treat it in which different drugs are used to treat the disease. Through the treatment, the spleen is first made to shrink and then removed from the body. The treatment prevents the disease from getting spread to other organs. 

What is the After Care?

Depending on your condition, your doctor will prescribe you a specific aftercare plan. You will  need to do the following:

  • Use medicines prescribed by the doctor to prevent pain or aching
  • Do not lift up heavyweight 
  • Eat healthy for around 2 weeks

You will get recover from the surgery within 14 days. After this time you will feel the way you want. 

When is the Right Time to Visit a Doctor for Slenomegely? 

When you feel pain in your abdominal region near the upper left corner. You feel pain in the shoulders while breathing and face bleeding on small ruptures. Treating the issue at the start and on time will help you better relieve the issue and the need for surgery is prevented. 

A note from us!

If you are feeling pain somewhere in the upper corner of your tummy, it might be your spleen hurting. So, you need to go for a checkup and receive the splenomegaly treatment there. Because swelling in the spleen and ignoring it, affects your overall health and living style. Enfield Royal Clinic with its best doctors will treat you with its most effective treatments and saves your spleen from permanent damage. To get the treatment here, fill out the form present below!

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